Exoprimal: All Game Modes A Comprehensive Guide

Exoprimal: All Game Modes A Comprehensive Guide

Capcom’s Latest Sensation: Exoprimal – Dinosaur Onslaught!

Capcom, the renowned game developer, has struck gold again with its latest IP, Exoprimal. This action-packed adventure thrusts players into intense war games, pitting them against an army of dinosaurs summoned by the formidable AI, Leviathan. The fate of humanity rests on their shoulders as they lead their team to victory, employing the aid of ten different high-tech Exosuit options to ensure they live to see another day.

Welcome to the World of Exoprimal

Exoprimal sets its stage in a thrilling world where ancient creatures roam freely, threatening the very existence of humankind. As a brave player, you step into the shoes of a seasoned warrior tasked with navigating this perilous landscape. Your primary objective is survival. The ferocious dinosaurs, controlled by the advanced AI, present a formidable challenge that will test your skills, wit, and courage.

Exoprimal, the action-packed adventure by Capcom, offers players an array of thrilling experiences through its two distinct game modes: Dino Survival and Training. While Training mode serves as a valuable preparation ground, the heart of the game lies within the Dino Survival mode, where players face the ultimate challenge. The true variety and excitement of Exoprimal’s gameplay emerge from the war games within the Dino Survival mode. With eleven different war games available in the selection pool, players must be well-versed in each of them to conquer the perils that await in the narrative.


Dinosaur Cull

Among the various exhilarating war games featured in Exoprimal, the Dinosaur Cull stands as one of the most common challenges that players will encounter. The objective is seemingly straightforward: defeat the indicated number of dinosaurs as swiftly as possible to advance to the next round. However, the real test lies in devising a strategic approach, both in dealing with the summoned dinosaurs and outperforming the opposing team to reach the dino quota first.

Dinosaur Pursuit

Dinosaur Pursuit, a gripping game mode in Exoprimal, lives up to its name by presenting players with a straightforward yet exhilarating task – to chase down and defeat a formidable dinosaur, such as a Triceratops or a T. rex. Similar to the Dinosaur Cull mission, players must prove their skills and tenacity to progress to the next stage. However, this seemingly simple pursuit is far from easy, as the fleeing dinosaurs are accompanied by swarms of smaller counterparts that attempt to hinder players’ progress towards their target.

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Data Key Security

Data Key Security, a challenging final-round war game in Exoprimal, puts players’ strategic prowess and combat skills to the ultimate test. In this thrilling mission, teams are entrusted with escorting a large data cube to its designated checkpoint and uploading the crucial data it contains. However, the path to success is anything but smooth, as players must fend off relentless dinosaurs and opposing teams while protecting the precious cargo.

The primary objective of Data Key Security is to safeguard the large data cube and ensure its safe arrival at the designated checkpoint for data upload. Players must work in tandem, strategically positioning themselves near the data cube while repelling attacks from dinosaurs and rival teams. Cooperation, coordination, and quick thinking are essential for victory.

Uplink Control

The objective of Uplink Control is to maintain control over the majority of the three uplink bases on the map. Through strategic gameplay and coordinated efforts, teams can initiate data transfers, contributing to their progress towards 100%. The battle for control is intense, demanding swift decision-making and effective communication to outmaneuver the opposition.


Omega Charge

Omega Charge, an electrifying war game in Exoprimal, introduces a unique and exhilarating gameplay mechanic that sets it apart from the rest. In this challenging mode, a single member of each team takes control of the powerful Omega Hammer, charging its energy to destroy the device obstructing the squad’s progress. The path to victory is paved with dinosaur kills, requiring strategic planning and precise execution. While the initial rounds feel like a PvE (Player vs. Environment) encounter, the final showdown transforms into a thrilling PvP (Player vs. Player) showdown as both teams vie to deliver the winning blow to the shared final barrier.

In the initial rounds, Omega Charge plays like a PvE-type scenario, where players focus on battling relentless hordes of dinosaurs. Teammates rally behind the Omega Hammer wielder, protecting and supporting their charge in the quest for victory. The cooperative gameplay fosters camaraderie and strategizing as players strive to secure an advantage for the final showdown.


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The primary objective of the Escort war game is to ensure the safety and successful progression of fellow Exofighter NPC as they conduct their investigations. Players must walk alongside the NPC, providing protection and warding off the incoming dinosaur hordes that pose a threat. The Escort mission introduces a fresh and immersive gameplay experience that emphasizes teamwork and vigilance.


Energy Taker

The primary objective of the Energy Taker is to collect the required number of energy sources before the enemy team. Teams must navigate the map, locating and securing the scattered energy sources to boost their stockpile. The dynamic gameplay keeps teams on their toes, continuously strategizing and adapting to changing circumstances.

Energy sources are strategically placed throughout the map, enticing players to venture into different territories to gather them. The team that gathers the target number of energy sources first gains a crucial advantage, dictating the pace and tempo of the game.

Vortex Sabotage

The primary objective of Vortex Sabotage is to destroy the vortexes that serve as the origin of the seemingly never-ending dinosaur swarm. These vortexes act as a gateway for the relentless creatures, making them a top priority for Exofighters to eliminate.


The vortexes are shielded by protective energy cylinders, making them impervious to regular attacks. To initiate the sabotage, players must first dismantle these energy cylinders. This requires a significant display of firepower and coordination among team members.

In Vortex Sabotage, teamwork is paramount for success. While some Exofighters focus on targeting and damaging the energy cylinders, others must act as defenders, holding off the advancing dinosaur hordes. A synchronized effort is essential to ensure that the sabotage mission proceeds smoothly.

VTOL Defense

The primary objective in VTOL is to protect the grounded aircraft from the relentless dinosaur onslaught. Players must unite to create a defensive line and prevent the dinosaurs from inflicting damage to the aircraft. The aircraft’s health bar serves as a critical gauge to monitor how well it is being guarded throughout the round.


Area Defense

Area Defense, a compelling game mode in Exoprimal, shares a similar premise to the VTOL Defense challenge but introduces a distinct objective for players. In this mission, teams are tasked with protecting a critical data point while remaining in close proximity to it. The data point represents valuable information, and players must unite to defend it from the relentless dinosaur onslaught. What sets Area Defense apart is the requirement to complete the indicated uplink to secure victory. By standing in the designated zone, players can accelerate the uplink process, and having more players present will further increase the speed of completion.

Neo T. Rex

While the final boss is undoubtedly a test of skill and strategy, it is the Neo T. Rex that truly stands out as the most significant combat challenge in the game. Defeating the Neo T. Rex requires a level of cooperation and coordination seldom seen elsewhere in Exoprimal.

The Neo T. Rex, a ferocious and colossal dinosaur, represents a colossal feat for players to overcome. Unlike its namesake, the standard T. Rex, the Neo T. Rex brings an entirely different level of challenge to the table. This battle is not for the faint of heart and demands exceptional teamwork and skill.


Facing the Neo T. Rex requires both teams to work together in unison. The cooperative effort is essential to overcome the might of this powerful dinosaur. Players must strategize, coordinate attacks, and communicate effectively to stand a chance against this formidable foe.

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