Exoprimal Krieger Build Guide- Best Rig, Modules, Abilities & Loadout

Exoprimal Krieger Build Guide- Best Rig, Modules, Abilities & Loadout

The Exoprimal Krieger Build Guide: Dominating the Battlefield with the Ultimate Setup

Krieger Build Guide

Welcome to the ultimate Exoprimal Krieger build guide! As the game takes its leap to full launch on Steam, we’re here to equip you with the ideal setup for the powerful Krieger exosuit. This comprehensive guide will delve into the rig, modules, and everything else crucial for mastering this build and dominating the battlefield.

Before we delve into the setup, let’s familiarize ourselves with the mighty Krieger exosuit. As a pinnacle of advanced technology, the Krieger offers a balanced mix of offence, defence, and versatility. It excels in both close-quarters and long-range combat, making it a well-rounded choice for players seeking adaptability in any situation.


The Exoprimal Krieger build stands tall at the pinnacle of the tier list, offering unparalleled damage, survivability, and even paralyzing rockets that make defeating bosses or other players a breeze. Amongst the myriad of setups, we proudly present our recommendation for the ultimate Krieger build in Exoprimal.

The Best Exoprimal Krieger Build

Without further ado, let’s reveal the modules and rig that make up the best Exoprimal Krieger build:

Module 1 – Rapid Shot: The Rapid Shot module unleashes a relentless barrage of high-speed projectiles, ramping up your offensive prowess and decimating enemies with unyielding speed. Engage foes with a relentless hail of firepower, and watch them fall before the might of your Krieger exosuit.


Module 2 – Electro Missile: With the Electro Missile module, your Krieger gains access to paralyzing rockets that leave enemies stunned in their tracks. This invaluable ability provides you with a significant tactical advantage, allowing you to neutralize threats swiftly and with precision.

Module 3 – Thrust Enhancer: For enhanced mobility and agility, the Thrust Enhancer module is a must-have. It grants your Krieger the ability to move with incredible speed and finesse, outmaneuvering opponents and positioning yourself strategically in the heat of battle.

Rig – Blade: The Blade rig complements the aggressive playstyle of the Krieger, adding an electromagnetic shuriken that paralyzes foes upon contact. This tactical advantage, coupled with the power of the Electro Missile module, grants you unparalleled control over the battlefield.


Embrace the Power of the Krieger

With the recommended setup of the Rapid Shot, Electro Missile, Thrust Enhancer modules, and Blade rig, your Krieger exosuit will ascend to the apex of power in Exoprimal. Experience high damage output, survivability, and the ability to paralyze enemies, making every encounter a decisive victory.

The Exoprimal Krieger: Unleashing Devastating Abilities

As the epitome of power and versatility, the Exoprimal Krieger exosuit boasts a diverse array of abilities, making it a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. From a formidable minigun to paralyzing missiles, the Krieger is well-equipped to dominate any encounter.

K-40 Repulsor Minigun

The K-40 Repulsor Minigun is the epitome of overwhelming firepower. Unleash a relentless barrage of bullets to suppress enemies, causing them to cower under the sheer intensity of your fire. However, continuous fire heats up the minigun, necessitating periodic cooldowns to maintain optimal performance.


Stunlock Missile

Engage your enemies with the Stunlock Missile, a fearsome projectile that homes in on its targets. Upon impact, the missile paralyzes opponents, leaving them helplessly immobilized. Hold the fire button to lock onto targets with precision, ensuring no foe can escape your grasp.

Thruster Dash

Master the art of evasion with the Thruster Dash ability. Execute a swift boosting evade in a fixed direction, granting you the advantage of maneuverability. Use the [W][A][S][D] keys to select your desired direction, enabling you to avoid attacks and reposition strategically on the battlefield.

Dome Shield

For defense and crowd control, deploy the Dome Shield. This protective barrier repulses small dinosaurs, preventing them from advancing and giving you valuable breathing space. When confronted by larger foes, the shield delivers a stunning impact, momentarily incapacitating them. Beware, though, as the shield may eventually break under the assault of formidable enemies.


OD: Todesregen

The ultimate power lies within the OD: Todesregen ability. This awe-inspiring skill targets a specific area with laser precision before launching a torrent of explosives to bombard the designated zone. By pressing [Left Click], you unleash devastation upon your foes, obliterating anything caught within the explosive onslaught.

Conclusion: A Force to Be Reckoned With

The Exoprimal Krieger stands as a symbol of unstoppable might, armed with an arsenal of abilities that leave opponents trembling in fear. From the overwhelming firepower of the K-40 Repulsor Minigun to the strategic crowd control of the Dome Shield, the Krieger excels in both offense and defense.

So, embrace the power of the Krieger exosuit, wield its devastating abilities with precision, and conquer the battlefield with unmatched prowess in the thrilling world of Exoprimal!

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