“Barrage” Module Loadout Build Guide In Exoprimal

“Barrage” Module Loadout Build Guide In Exoprimal

In the world of ExoPrimal, one exosuit stands out as a true embodiment of devastating power – the Barrage Exosuit developed by Avius. With its deadly rocket launcher, this assault-class exosuit reigns as the ultimate DPS (Damage Per Second) force, inflicting significant damage on foes. From generating explosive chaos to excelling in close combat, the Barrage Exosuit caters to a relentless and aggressive playstyle. Whether you find yourself in PvE or PvP engagements, this exosuit proves to be an invaluable asset on the battlefield.

Chapter 1: The Barrage Exosuit’s Rocket Launcher

At the heart of the Barrage Exosuit’s might lies its awe-inspiring rocket launcher. This powerful weapon unleashes devastation with every shot, making it a formidable choice for players who seek to dominate the battlefield.

1.1 Generating Giant Explosions

The rocket launcher’s primary function is to create colossal explosions that leave enemy forces scattered and defeated. Whether you face a swarm of hostile creatures in PvE missions or a team of skilled opponents in PvP battles, the rocket launcher’s explosions can quickly turn the tide of any engagement.


1.2 Excellence in Close Combat

While some exosuits struggle in close quarters, the Barrage Exosuit thrives in such situations. Its rocket launcher doubles as a potent close-combat weapon, delivering a devastating blow to enemies who dare to approach. This versatility ensures that you remain a formidable force at any range of combat.

Chapter 2: Versatility Unleashed – Active Skills and Gadgets

Beyond its rocket launcher, the Barrage Exosuit possesses its own arsenal of active skills and gadgets, each designed to enhance your combat prowess and versatility.

2.1 Stunning Active Skills

The Barrage Exosuit’s active skills add a new dimension to your offensive capabilities. Stun targets with precision, granting you precious moments to reposition or deliver the finishing blow. Mastering these active skills can turn the tide of challenging encounters, providing a decisive edge against even the most formidable foes.


2.2 Inflict Damage Over Time

Unleash the power of damage over time effects with the Barrage Exosuit’s arsenal of devastating abilities. Your enemies will find themselves ensnared in a web of pain, suffering continuous damage that wears down even the most durable adversaries.

2.3 Gadgets and Setup Detonators

To further augment your tactical advantage, the Barrage Exosuit offers a selection of cutting-edge gadgets and setup detonators. These tools allow you to control the battlefield, whether it’s by disrupting enemy movements or catching them off guard with strategically placed traps and explosives.

Chapter 3: Explore the World of RIGs

As you embark on your journey with the Barrage Exosuit, you’ll encounter a vast array of RIGs (Robotics Integration Gear), each offering unique advantages and augmentations to suit your playstyle.


3.1 Grenade Launchers

Equip your Barrage Exosuit with grenade launchers to further rain destruction upon your enemies. These versatile weapons can clear groups of foes, providing a deadly advantage in crowded situations.

3.2 Tactical RIGs

For players who prefer a more tactical approach, the Barrage Exosuit offers RIGs tailored to strategic advantages. Enhance your reconnaissance capabilities, lay traps, and support your team with precision and finesse.

Exoprimal Barrage Exosuit: Active skills

Barrage Build Guide

Barrage Exosuit stands out as a formidable force, armed with five devastating active skills. These skills are essential in times of chaos, providing security and clearance for both your team and other classes. Equipped with explosives, evasive manoeuvres, stunning abilities, and more, the Barrage Exosuit offers unparalleled offensive power at your disposal.


Skill 1: Skipbomber – Ignite Chaos with Ricocheting Grenades

The Skipbomber skill unleashes the might of ricocheting grenades, setting dinosaurs ablaze upon impact. This skill is particularly lethal, delivering 180 damage to both exosuits and dinosaurs alike.

  • Damage vs. Exosuits: 180
  • Damage vs. Dinosaurs: 180

Skill 2: Triple Threat – Landmines of Devastation

Deploy landmines in three strategic locations with the Triple Threat skill, each detonatable with a right-click. The detonation ignites the sites, engulfing nearby dinosaurs in flames.

  • Damage vs. Exosuits: 100 (explosion) + 21×7 (burn)
  • Damage vs. Dinosaurs: 10 (explosion) + 7×7 (burn)
  • Cooldown: 13 seconds

Skill 3: Flip Dodge – Evade with Explosive Precision

When confronted by opponents, utilize the Flip Dodge skill to execute an explosive blast, evading their attacks. Adjust your direction swiftly by keystroking [W][A][S][D].

  • Damage vs. Exosuits: 20
  • Damage vs. Dinosaurs: 20
  • Cooldown: 5 seconds

Skill 4: Stun Grenade – Temporarily Paralyze Opponents

With the Stun Grenade skill, you gain access to a powerful grenade that can stun opponents, momentarily immobilizing them and giving you a tactical advantage.

  • Damage vs. Exosuits: 48
  • Damage vs. Dinosaurs: 120
  • Stun Duration: 2 seconds
  • Cooldown: 10 seconds

Skill 5: OD: Burning Heart – Unleash Devastation on Enemies and Yourself

The OD: Burning Heart skill is a high-risk, high-reward ability that inflicts massive damage to both enemies and yourself upon detonation. Steer the explosive charge using the mouse and trigger the explosion with a left click.

  • Damage vs. Exosuits: 1000
  • Damage vs. Dinosaurs: 5000
  • Self-damage: 100 on activation, 200 on impact

Exoprimal Barrage Exosuit: RIGs

ExoPrimal offers a well-balanced progression system that divides between Exoplayer and Exosuit ranks. While advancing your profile is relatively easier, upgrading your Exosuit requires faster progress to unlock additional abilities. This journey necessitates participating in a variety of gameplay modes, which may boost your account but hinder your Exosuit progression.

Barrage Build Guide

To optimize your performance, equipping the best RIGs that complement your playstyle is crucial. However, keep in mind that you can only attach one RIG at a time to your ExoPrimal Barrage Exosuit. Below is a list of RIGs available for attachment:

  1. Blade: This RIG boasts an electromagnetic shuriken capable of paralyzing foes upon contact. A deadly weapon in the hands of skilled players, the Blade RIG provides a strategic advantage in disabling opponents.
  2. Cannon: As the name suggests, the Cannon RIG unleashes a powerful laser, dealing devastating damage to your enemies. With precision aiming, this RIG can become a game-changer in critical moments of battle.
  3. Aid: The Aid RIG launches an energy projectile that creates a small repair field upon impact. Ideal for supporting your team or ensuring your own survivability, this RIG offers much-needed sustainability on the battlefield.
  4. Catapult: For players who prefer mobility and swift maneuvers, the Catapult RIG acts as a quick boost jump in the direction you desire. Use it to gain high ground or escape dangerous situations with ease.
  5. Shield: When the defence is of utmost importance, the Shield RIG comes to your rescue. Positioning a shield in front of you, this RIG provides excellent protection against incoming attacks, allowing you to hold your ground.
  6. Drillfist: The Drillfist RIG delivers a decisive drill move that can be charged up before discharging. This powerful attack can break through enemy defences and deal significant damage when executed with precision timing.

Remember, selecting the appropriate RIG for your playstyle can make all the difference in the heat of battle. Experiment with different RIGs to find the perfect fit for your tactics and unleash the full potential of your Exoprimal Barrage Exosuit on the path to victory!

Exoprimal Barrage Exosuit: Modules

In ExoPrimal, modules play a pivotal role in enhancing the performance, stats, and abilities of Exosuits. The Barrage Exosuit, in particular, boasts three vacant slots for talents, making it essential to equip the right ones to gain a competitive edge. While there are various general talents that can be added to exosuits, specific talents are tailored for specific suits, and knowing which ones to choose is vital for success.

Barrage Build Guide

Below is the list of talents you can add to your Barrage Exosuit Module:

  1. BO1 Blast Enhancer: This talent allows you to increase the blast radius of your explosives, creating even more devastating impacts on your enemies.
  2. Regeneration Module: The Regeneration Module enhances your survivability by gradually restoring your health over time, ensuring you can endure prolonged engagements.
  3. Recovery Module: With the Recovery Module, you can reduce the cooldown time of your active skills, enabling you to deploy them more frequently and gain a tactical advantage.
  4. Reload Efficiency Module: The Reload Efficiency Module enhances your ammunition management, reducing reload times and allowing you to maintain sustained fire on your foes.
  5. HI-Xol Compression Module: This talent focuses on boosting your base damage output, making your attacks more potent and impactful against both exosuits and dinosaurs.
  6. Rig Loading Module: The Rig Loading Module enhances the speed and efficiency of switching between different RIGs, providing versatility in adapting to different combat scenarios.
  7. Crisis Module: When facing dire situations, the Crisis Module increases your attack power, granting a temporary boost to your offensive capabilities.
  8. Impact Reduction Module: The Impact Reduction Module mitigates incoming damage, reducing the impact of attacks on your Exosuit’s durability and allowing you to withstand more punishment.
  9. BO1 Impact Grenade: This talent specifically enhances the power of your impact grenades, inflicting more significant damage to your targets.
  10. Durability Module: With the Durability Module, your Exosuit gains increased resilience, ensuring it can withstand more damage before requiring repairs.
  11. System Repair Module: The System Repair Module accelerates the rate at which your Exosuit can be repaired, allowing you to get back into the fight swiftly.
  12. Crafter’s Module: The Crafter’s Module improves your crafting abilities, enabling you to create advanced equipment and gear to further enhance your combat effectiveness.

As an Exoplayer, levelling up quickly is crucial to unlock and access some of the talents mentioned above. By choosing the right modules and talents, you can significantly increase your Barrage Exosuit’s capabilities, from base explosive power to ammo capacity and more. Embrace the power of customization, experiment with different combinations, and secure your competitive edge on the battlefield in ExoPrimal!

Recommended Modules For Barrage

For the ultimate Barrage build, We recommend the following selections for Slot 1, Slot 2, and Slot 3:


Slot 1: BO1 – Blast Enforcer

The BO1 – Blast Enforcer talent is a powerful choice for Slot 1. It significantly enhances the blast radius of your explosives, allowing you to deal devastating damage across a wider area. With this talent, you can create even more chaos and eliminate hordes of dinosaurs more efficiently, bringing you closer to completing objectives swiftly.

Slot 2: B – Lingering Threat


In Slot 2, the B – Lingering Threat talent proves invaluable. This talent enhances the duration of damage-over-time effects caused by your attacks. As an aggressive player, you can leverage this extended damage to apply sustained pressure on your enemies, making them succumb to the lingering threats you pose. It’s an ideal choice to maximize your potential to eliminate opponents and dominate the battlefield.

Slot 3: B – Flare Dodge

For Slot 3, we recommend the B – Flare Dodge talent. This skill grants you an explosive blast that can be used for evasion, allowing you to quickly manoeuvre out of harm’s way while inflicting damage on your foes. In the heat of combat, the Flare Dodge can be a game-changer, helping you maintain your aggressive playstyle without compromising on survivability.


With these selected talents and abilities, your Barrage Exosuit will become an unstoppable force on the battlefield. By causing more carnage and eliminating dinosaurs efficiently, you’ll complete objectives faster and lead your team to victory. Embrace the aggressive nature of the Barrage Exosuit, maximize its potential, and witness the true power of dominance in ExoPrimal!

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