[Guide] How to summon a Dinosaur in Exoprimal

[Guide] How to summon a Dinosaur in Exoprimal

Exoprimal: Unleashing the Power of Dinosaurs

Capcom’s thrilling new online team-based action title, Exoprimal, immerses players in a world where they embody formidable human warriors equipped with powerful exosuits. In this high-stakes battle for survival, players must not only engage in combat against each other but also face a new threat – an outbreak of dinosaurs.

How to summon a Dinosaur in Exoprimal

The game is set in the year 2040 when humanity’s safety is jeopardized by the sudden appearance of dinosaurs. As players venture forth as brave exosuit-wielding warriors, they must confront these colossal creatures and defend humanity from the impending danger.

While a significant portion of the game revolves around eliminating these prehistoric beasts, players possess the extraordinary ability to summon dinosaurs into battle, provided they have access to the necessary items. With the right tools at their disposal, warriors can call upon these ancient creatures to aid them in their fierce battles.


Exoprimal combines the thrill of team-based action with the exhilarating addition of dinosaurs as allies or adversaries. The power of exosuits and the unpredictability of dinosaurs create a dynamic and adrenaline-pumping gameplay experience, as players strategize, cooperate, and strive to secure victory in a world threatened by the resurgence of these ancient creatures.

Use A Dominator To Summon A Dinosaur Guide In Exoprimal

In Exoprimal, a significant portion of the game revolves around players piloting powerful exosuits to confront and eliminate waves of dinosaurs, all while striving to outwit and defeat the opposing team. Among the core tactics employed to disrupt the enemy’s strategy is the ability to summon dinosaurs into battle.

To gain control over these ancient beasts, players must acquire a special in-game item known as a Dominator. These rare items have a chance of spawning during various missions, and upon discovery, players can collect and activate them to summon a formidable dinosaur to confront the opposing team.


To initiate the summoning process, players must select the Dominator just as they would with any other rig in the game, using the exosuit selection screen. Once activated, the summoned dinosaur becomes fully under the player’s control, and it can dictate its actions, directing it to engage in combat with other players on the battlefield.

The control over the dinosaur persists until its health points (HP) are depleted, giving players a limited but impactful window to unleash the creature’s power upon their enemies.

Mastering the art of dinosaur summoning becomes a pivotal aspect of victory in Exoprimal. By employing this strategic manoeuvre alongside other tactics, players can devise complex and dynamic strategies to secure triumph in the exhilarating battles of this new Capcom game.


Explore the depths of Exoprimal’s tactical gameplay, summoning dinosaurs, piloting exosuits, and outmanoeuvring opponents to emerge victorious in this thrilling world of team-based action and prehistoric encounters. Unleash the power of the dinosaurs, and let your strategic prowess pave the way to glory in this captivating and unpredictable adventure.

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