Indigo Park: Chapter 1 – Full Game Walkthrough

Indigo Park: Chapter 1 – Full Game Walkthrough


Indigo Park: Chapter 1 is an immersive first-person exploration game that takes you on a thrilling journey through the eerie remnants of an abandoned amusement park. As the protagonist, you’ll step into the shoes of an adventurous soul eager to uncover the mysteries hidden within this once vibrant and lively attraction. Explore a desolate world where time has stood still, and nature has reclaimed its territory.

Guided by an A.I. assistant named Rambley the Raccoon, help restore power to the destroyed amusement park while avoiding the reason it shut down. Once one of the most renowned theme parks in the world, Indigo Park was suddenly closed after a mysterious, horrific incident. Years later, searching for nostalgia, you break into the park to explore the abandoned attractions. You may remember this place, but you’ll need some help from your special A.I. friend, Rambley.

You can play Indigo Park: Chapter 1 on Steam for free. Simply visit the Steam store page to download and experience the eerie atmosphere of this abandoned amusement park. Enjoy your adventure! 🎢🌿🎪



Your primary goal is to find a way to escape the park by solving puzzles and avoiding dangers that lurk in the shadows.

Indigo Park: Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Starting Area: The Entrance

  • Objective: Find a way to enter the park.
  • Steps:
    1. Examine the Gate: As you start, you’ll be outside the locked gate of Indigo Park. Approach the gate and inspect it.
    2. Find the Key: Move to the right side of the entrance where you’ll find a security booth. The door is slightly ajar.
    3. Search the Booth: Inside the booth, look for a drawer or a key hook where the entrance key might be hanging.
    4. Unlock the Gate: Take the key and return to the gate. Use the key to unlock and push the gate open.

Section 1: The Main Plaza

  • Objective: Investigate the main plaza and find clues.
  • Steps:
    1. Explore the Plaza: As you enter the main plaza, you’ll see several attractions and a central fountain.
    2. Fountain Clue: Approach the fountain and inspect the plaque. It might give a hint about the park’s history.
    3. Check the Map: Near the entrance of each attraction, there will be a park map. Use this to navigate and identify key areas.
    4. Power Shed: Notice that many attractions are powered off. You need to find the power shed to restore electricity to the park.

Section 2: The Power Shed

  • Objective: Restore power to the park.
  • Steps:
    1. Locate the Power Shed: Follow the map to find the power shed, which is usually located near the back of the plaza or towards the maintenance area.
    2. Solve the Puzzle: Once inside, you’ll find a puzzle involving switches or circuit breakers. The correct sequence is usually hinted at in the environment or found on a nearby note.
    3. Activate the Power: Solve the puzzle to restore power to the park. This will enable lights and some of the attractions.

Section 3: The Haunted House

  • Objective: Investigate the haunted house for further clues.
  • Steps:
    1. Enter the Attraction: With the power restored, head to the haunted house. The entrance should now be accessible.
    2. Solve Environmental Puzzles: Inside, navigate through various rooms, solving puzzles such as finding hidden keys or triggering secret doors.
    3. Avoid Dangers: Be cautious of traps and potential jump scares. Some sections might have timed sequences or chase scenes.

Section 4: The Ferris Wheel

  • Objective: Obtain the final key item from the Ferris Wheel.
  • Steps:
    1. Approach the Ferris Wheel: With power restored, head to the Ferris Wheel.
    2. Find the Operator’s Booth: You need to start the Ferris Wheel from the operator’s booth nearby.
    3. Solve the Access Puzzle: The booth might be locked, requiring you to solve another puzzle or find a key in the surrounding area.
    4. Ride the Ferris Wheel: Once activated, take a ride to the top. Look for a key item or clue in one of the gondolas.

Section 5: The Final Gate

  • Objective: Escape the park.
  • Steps:
    1. Return to the Plaza: With the key item from the Ferris Wheel, head back to the main plaza.
    2. Find the Final Gate: Use the map to locate the final gate or exit door.
    3. Unlock the Gate: Use the key item to unlock the gate. Be prepared for a potential final challenge or enemy encounter.
    4. Escape: Once the gate is unlocked, exit the park to complete Chapter 1.

Tips and Tricks

  • Save Frequently: If the game allows manual saving, make sure to save your progress frequently, especially before entering new areas.
  • Inspect Everything: Items and clues are often hidden in the environment. Thoroughly inspect rooms and objects.
  • Listen Carefully: Audio cues can provide hints about dangers or puzzle solutions.

By following this walkthrough, you should be able to navigate through Chapter 1 of Indigo Park smoothly, solving puzzles and avoiding dangers to progress through the story. Enjoy the game!


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