“Zephyr” Module Loadout Build Guide in Exoprimal

“Zephyr” Module Loadout Build Guide in Exoprimal

Zephyr, an assault-type exosuit crafted by Aibius in Exoprimal, is a formidable and agile mech designed for high-speed melee combat. Although it possesses remarkable speed and melee capabilities, Zephyr’s light armor demands deft movement skills to ensure its survival on the battlefield. The primary weapon of this fearsome exosuit is a pair of tonfa installed in its arms, emitting razor-sharp energy waves that can slice through even the toughest dinosaur skin with ease.

Exoprimal Zephyr Build Loadout Guide
  1. Speedy and Agile: Zephyr’s defining characteristic is its incredible speed and agility. With swift movements, it can quickly close the gap between itself and its adversaries, catching them off guard and unleashing devastating melee attacks before they have a chance to react. This unparalleled speed allows Zephyr to outmanoeuvre opponents and deliver lightning-fast strikes.
  2. Melee-Focused Combat: As a melee-focused exosuit, Zephyr excels in close-quarters combat. It thrives on engaging enemies at point-blank range, where its tonfa can unleash devastating energy waves to cut through opponents with precision and force. Its proficiency in melee combat makes it a formidable opponent in battles where swift and deadly strikes are paramount.
  3. Deft Movement for Light Armor: Despite its prowess in combat, Zephyr’s light armor leaves it vulnerable to sustained attacks. To compensate for this limitation, skilled pilots must exhibit deft movement skills, evading incoming projectiles and avoiding prolonged confrontations. Expertly navigating the battlefield ensures Zephyr’s survival and maximizes its potential to deal damage efficiently.
  4. The Power of Energy Wave Tonfa: The tonfa installed in Zephyr’s arms are its primary weapons, each emitting powerful energy waves that can cut through even the toughest dinosaur skin effortlessly. These energy waves grant Zephyr the ability to pierce through enemy defences, making it an ideal choice for confronting heavily armored opponents or formidable creatures on the battlefield.

Exoprimal Zephyr Abilities

Exoprimal Zephyr Build Loadout Guide

Exoprimal Zephyr Build Loadout Guide

Module 1: Z01 Assailer

The Z01 Assailer module is a vital component for Zephyr players looking to reduce the cooldowns on their abilities, granting them a strategic advantage in combat. To effectively harness the power of this module, mastering the art of executing perfect combos is crucial. Here’s how to initiate a perfect combo with precision and unleash the full potential of the Z01 Assailer:

  1. Performing the Main Attack Twice: To begin a perfect combo, execute Zephyr’s main attack twice in rapid succession. This quick sequence sets the foundation for the perfect combo, setting the stage for the powerful strikes to come.
  2. Patience for the Suit Flash: After performing the main attack twice, exercise patience and wait for a brief moment. During this short interval, keep a close eye on Zephyr’s suit; it will begin to flash, indicating that the perfect combo opportunity is approaching.
  3. Unleashing the Flawless Combo: Once the suit flashes, act swiftly and unleash another attack immediately. This third attack, delivered precisely at the moment of the suit’s flash, completes the perfect combo. Successfully hitting enemies with this flawlessly timed sequence triggers the Z01 Assailer module’s effect.
  4. Significantly Reduced Cooldowns: Executing the perfect combo with the Z01 Assailer module activated results in significantly reduced cooldowns for Zephyr’s abilities. This reduction allows you to unleash Zephyr’s devastating kit with greater speed and frequency, enabling you to dominate the battlefield with relentless and powerful attacks.
  5. Practice Makes Perfect: Mastery of the perfect combo requires practice and precise timing. Spend time in training simulations or engage in practice battles to refine your skills and become adept at recognizing the suit flash. The more you practice, the better you’ll become at executing flawless combos during intense combat scenarios.

Module 2: Skyfall

The Skyfall module is a game-changing addition for Zephyr players, granting them the ability to unleash a powerful uppercut attack capable of instantly eliminating certain smaller adversaries. Equipping this module enables players to swiftly and efficiently dispatch smaller enemies, ensuring quick and decisive victories in any combat situation. If you seek to eliminate smaller foes with speed and precision, the Skyfall module is an exceptional choice.

  1. Powerful Uppercut Attack: The primary feature of the Skyfall module is its devastating uppercut attack. When activated, Zephyr delivers a potent and forceful uppercut, packing enough power to instantly eliminate certain smaller adversaries on the battlefield. The impact of this attack ensures that smaller foes are swiftly removed from the fight.
  2. Efficient Elimination of Smaller Enemies: With the Skyfall module equipped, Zephyr gains a strategic advantage in dealing with smaller adversaries. This module enables the exosuit to eliminate weaker enemies with efficiency and effectiveness, streamlining the process of clearing the battlefield and enabling the pilot to focus on more significant threats.
  3. Ensuring Rapid Victory: By efficiently dispatching smaller foes, the Skyfall module contributes to rapid victories in combat scenarios. Zephyr’s ability to quickly remove smaller adversaries grants the pilot more control over the battlefield, allowing them to make strategic decisions and capitalize on opportunities to secure victory swiftly.
  4. Precision in Combat: The Skyfall uppercut attack allows for precise targeting, making it ideal for handling agile and smaller enemies. This precision ensures that Zephyr’s attacks are not wasted on overkill, enabling the pilot to conserve energy and firepower for more substantial threats.

Module 3: Gust Step

The Gust Step module is a valuable enhancement for Zephyr players, significantly boosting their defensive capabilities when utilizing the dash ability. With this module, pilots can ensure their survival even in situations where they may have misjudged an encounter and need to keep their distance from the crowd while waiting for their team’s support. The Gust Step module is particularly advantageous for players who prefer hit-and-run tactics, enabling seamless combinations of swift strikes and strategic retreats.

  1. Enhanced Defensive Capabilities: Equipping the Gust Step module enhances Zephyr’s defensive capabilities when utilizing the dash ability. When faced with challenging situations or overwhelming enemy numbers, the dash becomes a vital tool to quickly create distance and avoid incoming attacks. The Gust Step module improves the effectiveness of this tactic, increasing the likelihood of emerging unscathed from dangerous encounters.
  2. Strategic Retreats: In scenarios where the situation calls for caution, Zephyr pilots can utilize the Gust Step module to retreat strategically from the fray. By dashing away from the crowd, they can wait for their team’s assistance or plan their next move while maintaining a safe distance from the immediate threat. This tactical retreat grants the pilot time to assess the battlefield and make calculated decisions.
  3. Hit-and-Run Tactics: The Gust Step module synergizes perfectly with hit-and-run tactics, a preferred playstyle for many Zephyr players. Engaging in quick strikes and then promptly dashing away allows pilots to deal damage while minimizing their exposure to counterattacks. The module’s enhanced defensive capabilities complement hit-and-run strategies, enabling pilots to strike with precision and withdraw swiftly.
  4. Flexibility in Combat: By equipping the Gust Step module, Zephyr pilots gain increased flexibility during engagements. They can adapt their approach based on the situation, knowing they have an effective defensive tool to rely on when needed. This flexibility enables pilots to make split-second decisions and adjust their playstyle according to the ever-changing dynamics of the battlefield.

Indeed, the loadout you’ve discovered for Zephyr in Exoprimal appears to be a powerful and versatile combination. Utilizing the Gust Step module for enhanced defensive capabilities during dashes, and incorporating a blade for stunning enemies, allows for effective hit-and-run tactics and prolonged engagements. This combination proves invaluable in swiftly dealing with smaller foes and even stunning certain larger adversaries.

The stunning capability of the blade provides a significant advantage, enabling Zephyr pilots to maintain constant pressure on enemies, opening opportunities for continuous attacks. Furthermore, the stun effect on certain larger enemies offers a strategic advantage, as it temporarily disables formidable foes, making them vulnerable to subsequent attacks.


With this loadout at your disposal, you will be well-equipped to conquer your adversaries with ease and finesse. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that there are numerous alternate loadout options available, allowing for personalization based on individual playstyle preferences.

As you embark on your long journey ahead in Exoprimal, don’t hesitate to experiment with various loadout combinations. Each pilot’s unique playstyle may benefit from different setups, and discovering the perfect combination tailored to your strengths will undoubtedly enhance your effectiveness on the battlefield.

In conclusion, the loadout you’ve discovered is a remarkable starting point, providing you with the tools to triumph over challenges and foes. Remain open to exploring alternative loadouts and refining your approach as you progress in Exoprimal, for it is through adaptability and skilful decision-making that true victory is achieved in this dynamic and ever-evolving world. Best of luck on your adventures, and may your Zephyr become an unstoppable force, leaving a trail of triumph in its wake!


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