Exoprimal Murasame Build Guide- Best Rig, Modules, Abilities & Loadout

Exoprimal Murasame Build Guide- Best Rig, Modules, Abilities & Loadout

If you aspire to become the ultimate blade and tank, look no further than the best Exoprimal Murasame build. While Murasame is already formidable on its own, this build will transform it into the ultimate killing and defending machine, making it the best tank for both damage and style.

Murasame Build Guide

In the heart of Exoprimal’s intense battles, the best Exoprimal Murasame build stands as the key to unlocking the true potential of this already formidable tank. With the ultimate build, you can transcend Murasame’s capabilities and transform it into the ultimate killing and defending machine, excelling in both damage and style.

Murasame Build Abilities

The Murasame exosuit, equipped with a massive blade, is a formidable force on the battlefield, using its weapon’s reach to block and counter enemy attacks. With a range of active skills at its disposal, Murasame proves to be a versatile and deadly adversary.


Kiri-Ichimonji: The Slash Combo

Unleashing the power of the massive blade, Murasame performs the Kiri-Ichimonji slash combo with precise strikes. Against Exofighters, the damage values are as follows:

  • 40 damage (from top right to bottom left)
  • 40 damage (from bottom right to top left)
  • 24 damage, 40 damage (from bottom left to top right, then back from top right to bottom left – all in one button click)
  • 48 damage (forward thrust)
  • 48 damage (from top left to bottom right)

When facing Raptors, the damage values are similar, and against Carnotaurus, the strikes inflict even more devastating damage.

Crescent Moon: The Swift Blade Draw

With the Crescent Moon skill, Murasame draws and swings its blade forward in a swift motion. Dinosaurs hit by this attack will be drawn to target Murasame. The damage values are as follows:

  • Exofighter: 100 damage (150 damage instance)
  • Dinosaurs: 50 damage (75 damage instance)

With the Decimation Module at Level 5, the damage inflicted increases, making this skill even deadlier against adversaries.

Strafe Hook: The Aerial Maneuver

Murasame wields the Strafe Hook, which can be thrown to latch onto objects and pull the exosuit towards them. This skill allows for extra jumps and falling attacks. When used against Exofighters or Dinosaurs, it delivers consecutive hits with increasing damage values, leading to a ground slam that causes significant harm.

Vajra Counter: Unleash the Energy

The Vajra Counter skill allows Murasame to guard against attacks from all directions, converting the guarded energy into a powerful counterattack executed with the Left Click. This ability turns enemy assaults into opportunities for retaliation, making Murasame a formidable defensive and offensive force.


OD: Meikyo Shisui: The Swift Cleave

The Meikyo Shisui Overdrive charges Murasame’s blades, enabling it to unleash a lightning-fast cleave against surrounding foes. By activating the attack with the Left Click, Murasame becomes a whirlwind of destruction, clearing its path through enemies.

With the Murasame exosuit and its massive blade, you command the battlefield with finesse and power. Utilizing a combination of swift slashes, counters, and overwhelming attacks, Murasame stands as a master of the blade, capable of cutting down any adversary that dares to challenge its might. In the co-op game of Exoprimal, Murasame takes its place among the elite, a true force to be reckoned with. Embrace the power of the massive blade and emerge victorious in the thrilling world of Exoprimal!

The Unbeatable Exoprimal Murasame Build: Mastering the Tank

For those seeking the most dominant Exoprimal Murasame build, look no further, for we unveil the ultimate setup:


Module 1: M01 – Radiance

Module 2: M – Steadfast

Module 3: Crisis Module


Rig: Cannon

The Murasame exosuit stands as an epitome of strength, and this build maximizes its potential to become an unstoppable tank on the battlefield.

Unleashing the Varja Counter

This Murasame build capitalizes on the Varja Counter ability, making it the centrepiece of your strategy. By utilizing this skill, you deflect incoming damage while channelling a devastating counterattack capable of taking on swarms of dinosaurs and delivering formidable blows to larger adversaries.


The Radiance Module: Expanding Your Reach

The Radiance module extends the range of your counterattack, empowering you to strike foes from a greater distance. With this enhancement, you can engage enemies effectively while keeping a safe distance, ensuring your Varja Counter ability reaches its full potential.

The Steadfast Module: Swift and Unyielding

The Steadfast module takes the spotlight in this build, reducing the cooldown of your Varja Counter ability. This augmentation grants you swift and frequent retaliation, enabling you to unleash counterattacks with unmatched speed and precision, turning the tide of any battle.

The Crisis Module: Evading Danger

In the face of overwhelming odds, the Crisis Module proves invaluable. It grants you the ability to escape from dangerous situations when your Murasame suit sustains damage, ensuring your survival even amid multiple foes in close proximity.


The Cannon Rig: Versatile Firepower

For a well-rounded offensive approach, we recommend the Cannon rig. While excelling at delivering damage from mid to long-range, the Cannon provides you with versatile firepower, allowing you to engage enemies effectively from various distances.

Conclusion: The Invincible Guardian

With the best Exoprimal Murasame build, you become an invincible guardian, protecting your team and dominating the battlefield. By embracing the Varja Counter ability and enhancing it with the Radiance, Steadfast, and Crisis modules, you rise as a relentless tank, capable of withstanding any challenge.

Triumph in Exoprimal

Embrace the power of the Murasame exosuit, equip it with the supreme build, and claim victory in the thrilling realm of Exoprimal. As the ultimate killing and defending machine, you shall lead your team to triumph and reign supreme in the competitive landscape with your exceptional skill and style.


Remember, with the best Exoprimal Murasame build, you become an unyielding force, shaping the course of battles and proving yourself as the true champion of Exoprimal. Game on and seize your place among the elite!

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