Best Armor Tier List (2023) – Smalland Survive the Wilds

Best Armor Tier List (2023) – Smalland Survive the Wilds

If you are looking for a guide to learning how to get Armor in Smalland Survive the Wilds, Then You have to come to the right place as we are going to explain how to obtain Best Armor in Smalland Survive the Wilds
Best Armor Tier List (2023) - Smalland Survive the Wilds

In Smalland: Survive the Wild, a survival game that shrinks players down to a tiny size, Where you encounter similar size animals like Ants, Bugs, Geckos, etc. Players can explore different areas, such as forests, swamps, and ruins filled up with dangerous animals and natural calamities. During exploration, players must be cautious of their surroundings and gather various materials, such as resins, wood, fibre etc. This guide provides information on acquiring the best armor in Smalland: Survive the Wild.

Best Early Game Armor Tier List in Smalland: Survive the Wilds

Smallands survive the wilds introduce and welcome you to the forest with plenty of wild animals. Our character is very small in size and all ants, spiders, cockroaches etc consider us as yummy food. Even if we just started the game but we got a big pushback from lots of enemies from different areas. It’s a bit difficult to handle Ants in the early stage of the game because they tend to attack in groups and we lack defence, protection and resistance in the early stage of the game. That’s why we need an armor set to boost our defensive stats a bit more to survive against the animals of the jungle.

We have different options of armour even in the early stage of the game. we can craft and obtain these armors from different NPCs with specific ingredients and materials. Here is the Tier List of the ARMOR in the early stage of the game.
Chitin ArmorS Tier
Primal ArmorS Tier
Backer Stone ArmorA Tier
Stone AmorB Tier
Padded ArmorC Tier
Light ArmorC Tier

Best End-Game or Late-Game Armor Tier List in Smalland: Survive the Wilds

Note- You can unlock these armor after progressing the game bit deep. You may need to unlock some quests, NPCs and specific areas for specific materials or ingredients to unlock these armors. We have generated & ranked this tier list of late-game armor based on their overall stats but still, we consider the protection level of the armor as the most valuable stat to evaluate the final ranking or tier list.

Ironwing ArmorS Tier
Bone ArmorA Tier
Silkweave ArmorA Tier
Formic ArmorB Tier
Regal ArmorB Tier

Overall Best Armor Tier List in Smalland: Survive the Wilds

Ironwing Armor – S Tier
Bone Armor – A Tier
Regal Armor – A Tier
Silkweave Armor – A Tier
Formic Armor – B Tier
Primal Armor – B Tier
Chitin Armor – B Tier
Backer Stone Armor – B Tier
Stone Armor – B Tier
Padded Armor – C Tier
Light Armor – C Tier

As we know, Smalland Survive the Wilds is a true survival game. if you manage to make more equipment and item that will allow you to perform more crafting tasks. Crafting is one of the most crucial aspects of Smalland Survive the Wilds as it provides you with more sources, abilities, buffs, and items you need to survive.


That’s all about Best Armor Tier List. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides on Smalland Survive the Wilds as well.

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