“Deadeye” Module Loadout Build Guide in Exoprimal

“Deadeye” Module Loadout Build Guide in Exoprimal

Deadeye, an assault-type exosuit crafted by Aibius in Exoprimal, is a user-friendly, all-purpose exosuit that excels in medium and long-distance combat. Its primary weapon is a low-recoil assault rifle, equipped with guided sights, allowing precise hits on distant targets. Additionally, Deadeye possesses the ability to use powerful palm strikes for repelling enemies at close range.

Deadeye” Module Loadout Build Guide

Active Skills | Abilities

  1. Ravager: Ravager is Deadeye’s primary weapon, an assault rifle capable of firing in full-auto mode. When aiming down the sights, its accuracy is significantly increased, making it an effective choice for engaging enemies at medium and long distances.
  • Damage: 4-18 (based on range)
  • Falloff range: 70 meters
  1. Rifle Grenade: The Rifle Grenade equips Deadeye with a grenade round that detonates upon impact. This explosive attack deals substantial damage to enemies caught within its blast radius.
  • Damage: 150
  • Cooldown: 18 seconds
  1. Dive Dodge: Dive Dodge grants Deadeye the ability to perform an evasive roll, allowing the pilot to quickly change direction using the [W][A][S][D] keys. This maneuver proves invaluable for avoiding incoming attacks and repositioning during intense combat.
  • Cooldown: 4 seconds
  1. Thrust Attack: Thrust Attack is a potent melee skill that unleashes a powerful strike, knocking back enemies upon impact. By charging the attack, Deadeye can increase both the force and range of the strike, making it a formidable close-range option.
  • Damage: 10-130 (based on charge level)
  • Cooldown: 9 seconds
  1. OD: Cluster Salvo: The Overdrive ability, Cluster Salvo, deploys multiple heavy weapons built into Deadeye’s armor, unleashing a torrent of overwhelming firepower straight ahead. This devastating ability can decimate enemy formations or deal immense damage to high-priority targets

Exoprimal Deadeye Build Loadout Guide

Damage Chain

In Exoprimal, the Deadeye exosuit relies on the Ravager assault rifle as its primary weapon. When equipped with the Damage Chain module, the Ravager becomes significantly more potent, making it a deadly force on the battlefield.

The Damage Chain module is a unique enhancement exclusive to the Deadeye class, which boosts the base damage of the Ravager with each consecutive hit. This mechanic rewards skilled marksmanship and accuracy, encouraging players to land consecutive shots on their targets to maximize their damage output.


This powerful combination of the Ravager assault rifle and the Damage Chain module proves to be highly effective against all types of dinosaurs encountered in Exoprimal. As players maintain their accuracy and chain successive shots, the Ravager’s damage potential increases exponentially, making it a fearsome weapon against even the most formidable opponents.

Furthermore, the Damage Chain module also proves its worth in player-versus-player (PvP) situations. In competitive battles, precision and consistency in landing shots become paramount, and the Damage Chain module empowers Deadeye players to inflict devastating damage upon their opponents. With each successful hit, the Ravager’s firepower rises, providing a distinct advantage in PvP encounters.

In conclusion, the Damage Chain module significantly enhances the performance of the Deadeye exosuit’s Ravager assault rifle, increasing its damage output with consecutive hits. This combination not only proves to be incredibly effective against all dinosaur types but also elevates the Deadeye’s effectiveness in player-versus-player scenarios. Skilled marksmen who master this combination will find themselves as formidable forces on the battlefield, dominating both PvE and PvP encounters in the dynamic world of Exoprimal.


Shot Grenade

In Exoprimal, the Deadeye class possesses the Shotgun Grenade module, offering a unique enhancement to the mounted grenade launcher on the Ravager assault rifle. This module significantly improves the accuracy and performance of the grenade launcher, granting Deadeye pilots precise control over their attacks.

By equipping the Shotgun Grenade module, the projectile speed of the grenades fired from the Ravager is notably increased. Additionally, the module ensures that the grenades travel on a straighter and more predictable trajectory. This enhancement allows players to pinpoint their targets with precision, delivering maximum damage exactly where it’s needed.

The Shotgun Grenade module excels in inflicting area-of-effect (AOE) damage, making it particularly effective against groups of enemies. By precisely aiming and timing their shots, Deadeye pilots can deal devastating damage to mobs of adversaries, making quick work of large groups encountered on the battlefield.


Furthermore, the Shotgun Grenade module extends its advantages to player-versus-player (PvP) situations as well. The improved accuracy and predictable trajectory of the grenades offer a significant boost in PvP encounters, enabling Deadeye players to precisely target and punish their opponents with potent explosives.

In conclusion, the Shotgun Grenade module is a valuable addition to the Deadeye’s arsenal, enhancing the accuracy and effectiveness of the Ravager’s mounted grenade launcher. With increased projectile speed and improved trajectory, Deadeye pilots gain precise control over their attacks, allowing them to deliver maximum damage exactly where it’s needed. Whether facing hordes of enemies in PvE or engaging in intense PvP battles, the Shotgun Grenade module proves to be a versatile and powerful asset for the Deadeye class in the diverse and challenging world of Exoprimal.

Dive Dodge+

In the world of Exoprimal, the Deadeye class has access to the unique Dive Dodge+ module, which significantly enhances the dodge ability, granting the pilot a considerable advantage in combat.


The primary benefit of the Dive Dodge+ module is a temporary increase in defence during the dodge maneuver. When activated, the Deadeye gains heightened defensive capabilities, making it easier to escape from precarious situations when necessary. This added resilience allows pilots to maneuver safely even amidst a hail of incoming attacks, providing a critical lifeline during intense battles.

Additionally, the module reduces the effect of flinching, which is the disruption caused by taking damage during certain actions or animations. By mitigating flinching, the Deadeye can maintain better control over its movements, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted combat execution.

Furthermore, the Dive Dodge+ module also reduces the overall distance covered by the dodge. While this might seem counterintuitive at first, it can be advantageous in certain scenarios. A shorter dodge distance allows for more precise movements, enabling pilots to fine-tune their positioning and avoid hazards or enemy attacks with greater accuracy.


However, it is essential to note that this enhanced dodge performance comes at a cost. The cooldown for the dodge ability increases by four seconds when the Dive Dodge+ module is active. Pilots must carefully manage their dodging strategy, as using it too frequently can lead to longer periods without this crucial evasive maneuver.

In conclusion, the Dive Dodge+ module is an exclusive enhancement for the Deadeye class in Exoprimal, offering significant advantages in combat. With temporary increases in defense, reduced flinching, and shorter dodge distances, the Deadeye becomes more agile and adaptable on the battlefield. However, pilots must exercise tact and strategy to make the most of this powerful module, considering the extended cooldown that accompanies its use. Mastering the Dive Dodge+ module will empower Deadeye pilots to navigate challenging situations with finesse and emerge victorious in the ever-evolving world of Exoprimal.

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