Snowbreak Character Attributes, Weapon, and Logistic Stats Guide Explained

Snowbreak Character Attributes, Weapon, and Logistic Stats Guide Explained

Enhancing Your Character: A Comprehensive Guide to Stats and Attributes

Snowbreak Character Attributes, Weapon, and Logistic Stats Guide Explained

When it comes to mastering your character’s potential in your favorite game, understanding the intricate web of statistics and attributes is crucial. In this guide, we break down the core character attributes, weapon attributes, and logistic details that shape your character’s prowess. Let’s delve into each of these elements and uncover the secrets to becoming a formidable force on the battlefield.

Snowbreak Containment Zone Basic Stats Wiki Explained

1. Critical Rate Increase your chance of landing critical hits by boosting your Shooting Crit Rate with this stat. Sharpen your precision to deal devastating blows to your enemies.

2. Critical Damage Amplifier Amplify your critical damage by enhancing your CRIT DMG Amplifier. Each critical hit will pack an even greater punch, ensuring your foes feel the full force of your strikes.


3. U-Energy Recovery Supercharge your Ultimate’s charge recovery by augmenting your U-Energy Recovery. Unleash your character’s powerful Ultimate more frequently to turn the tide of battle.

4. Stamina Manage your character’s mobility with Stamina, determining the energy required for running and dodging. Keep a close eye on this resource to maintain your agility in combat.

5. Kinetic Resistance Enhance your Kinetic Resistance to mitigate incoming kinetic damage. Bolster your character’s defenses against physical assaults from your adversaries.


6. Thermal Resistance Increase your Thermal Resistance to reduce the impact of fiery attacks. A higher Thermal Resistance will make your character more resilient against heat-based assaults.

7. Frost Resistance Elevate your Frost Resistance to withstand freezing attacks. A robust Frost Resistance ensures your character remains unfazed in the face of icy adversaries.

8. Electrical Resistance Amplify your Electrical Resistance to counter electric attacks. With a stronger Electrical Resistance, your character will endure shocking assaults unscathed.


9. Chaos Resistance Boost your Chaos Resistance to defend against chaotic attacks. Strengthen your character’s resistance to unpredictable and volatile energies.

10. Skill Haste Speed up the cooldown of your operatives’ skills by increasing Skill Haste. Reactivate your skills more swiftly to maintain a strategic edge in battle.

11. S-Energy Recovery Amplify the recovery rate of your Standard skills with S-Energy Recovery. Charge your Standard skills more swiftly to seize tactical opportunities.


12. Auxiliary Units Strength Empower your Auxiliary Units’ might by bolstering Auxiliary Units Strength. Summon auxiliary forces, such as Lyfe ravens, with greater potency.

13. Alignment Index Harness the power of the Alignment Index to reinforce passive skills. Cultivate a higher Alignment Index to unlock latent potential and excel in combat.

Snowbreak Containment Zone Weapon Stats Wiki Explained

14. Compatibility Fine-tune your weapon’s effectiveness with Compatibility. A higher percentage ensures that your attacks resonate perfectly, maximizing damage output.


15. Rate of Fire Adjust your shooting pace with Rate of Fire. Master the rhythm of your weapon to land precise shots with impeccable timing.

16. DMG Type Adapt your damage type to your current weapon’s element. Tailor your strategy to exploit your opponent’s vulnerabilities.

17. Max Range Optimize your damage output based on your distance from the target with Max Range. Capitalize on positioning to deal decisive blows.


18. Ammo Capacity Manage your ammunition efficiently by tracking Ammo Capacity. Ensure you have enough rounds to sustain your offensive capabilities.

19. Reload Speed Equip yourself with faster Reload Speed to minimize downtime during combat. Swiftly reload your weapon to maintain a relentless assault.

20. CRIT DMG Inflict critical damage based on your Character’s Crit DMG and your current weapon’s CRIT DMG. Combine these factors for devastating results.


Snowbreak Containment Zone Logistic Wiki Explained

21. Ballistic DMG% Elevate your damage from weapon shots with Ballistic DMG%. Enhance your arsenal’s impact to dispatch adversaries more efficiently.

22. Standard Ballistic DMG% Augment damage from hip firing through Standard Ballistic DMG%. Optimize your weapon’s effectiveness in close-quarters engagements.

23. ADS Ballistic DMG% Increase damage from scoped shots using ADS Ballistic DMG%. Elevate your accuracy and damage output while aiming down sights.


24. Active Skill DMG% Empower your active skills by boosting Active Skill DMG%. Unleash devastating abilities to turn the tide of battle in your favor.

25. Auxiliary Units Strength% Reinforce your auxiliary forces with Auxiliary Units Strength%. Summon units like Lyfe ravens with greater potency to overwhelm your foes.

26. Healing Effect% Magnify the healing potency of Auxiliary Units, such as Chenxing’s Drop Pod, with Healing Effect%. Ensure your team remains resilient and ready for action.


27. Reducing Target’s Resistance% Weaken your target’s defenses by employing an active skill that reduces resistance. Utilize this effect from squads like the Twilight Squad to gain the upper hand.

28. Ultimate Skill DMG% Amplify the damage of your Ultimate skill with Ultimate Skill DMG%. Unleash an unstoppable force to annihilate your enemies.

29. Increase DMG Dealt% Enhance your damage output post-ultimate by utilizing Increase DMG Dealt%. Capitalize on your powerful Ultimate skill to wreak havoc on your foes.


30. Increase Max-U Energy Expand your U-Energy capacity with Increase Max-U Energy. Amass more energy to enable prolonged and devastating attacks.

31. U-Energy Recovery% Boost U-Energy Recovery% to replenish your U-Energy reserves rapidly. Unleash your character’s potential by frequently using powerful U-Energy abilities.

32. Shield Acquisition Efficiency% Amplify your shield acquisition rate with Shield Acquisition Efficiency%. Bolster your defenses to withstand incoming assaults effectively.


33. Control Effect% Inflict additional damage on targets affected by Crowd Control effects such as Slow, Paralyze, Freeze, and Stun. Utilize this advantage from squads like the Navigator Squad.

34. Elemental DMG% Augment your character’s Elemental DMG for a more impactful assault. Harness elemental energy to dominate foes with elemental weaknesses.

35. Invulnerable Effect /s Immerse yourself in an invulnerable state against enemy attacks for the specified duration. Use this advantage strategically to avoid harm during critical moments.


Mastering the intricacies of Snowbreak’s character attributes, weapon attributes, and logistic stats is the key to unleashing unparalleled power on the battlefield. By delving into the depths of these essential elements, you can craft a formidable strategy that capitalizes on your character’s strengths and exploits your opponent’s weaknesses. With this comprehensive guide at your side, you’re now equipped to ascend the ranks and conquer the challenges of Snowbreak with finesse. Elevate your gameplay, outsmart your adversaries, and become a force to be reckoned with in the world of Snowbreak.

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