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Fenny Coronet Best Build | Team & Wiki Snowbreak Containment Zone

Fenny Coronet Best Build

Meet Coronet: The Electrifying Orange Tier Operative with a Shotgun

Introducing Coronet, the extraordinary Orange Tier Operative known for her deadly proficiency with a Shotgun. Clad in a special electricity-discharging exoskeleton of the same name, Coronet is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. This article will explore the fascinating features of Coronet’s exoskeleton, highlighting its sleek and stylish design, all tailored to meet the preferences of the enigmatic Fenny.

The Coronet Exoskeleton: An Electrifying Marvel

Coronet’s exoskeleton is a cutting-edge marvel of technology, specially designed to harness the power of electricity and enhance her combat capabilities. Key features of this electrifying exoskeleton include:

  1. Electricity Discharge: The exoskeleton is equipped with an advanced electrical discharge system that allows Coronet to unleash devastating attacks on her foes. With each discharge, she can neutralize multiple adversaries with ease.
  2. Enhanced Mobility: The streamlined design of the Coronet exoskeleton ensures maximum agility and mobility on the battlefield. It grants her the ability to swiftly maneuver in and out of combat, providing a tactical advantage.
  3. Shotgun Integration: Coronet’s weapon of choice is seamlessly integrated into the exoskeleton, granting her unmatched accuracy and firepower. The Shotgun’s raw stopping power combined with the exoskeleton’s stability makes Coronet a formidable force in close-quarters combat.

The Redesign: A Touch of Fenny’s Style

Upon receiving Fenny’s request, the exoskeleton underwent a transformative redesign, catering to her preferences for simplicity and style. The adjustments made to the Coronet exoskeleton include:

  1. Sleek Aesthetics: The redesign emphasized sleek and elegant lines, giving the exoskeleton a more refined appearance. Fenny’s eye for aesthetics brought a touch of sophistication to the already impressive design.
  2. Minimalist Interface: Fenny’s preference for simplicity led to a minimalist user interface that offers intuitive control over the exoskeleton’s functions. The streamlined controls enhance Coronet’s focus during intense combat situations.
  3. Personalized Engravings: To add a personal touch, Fenny requested intricate engravings on specific parts of the exoskeleton. These engravings hold special meaning to Coronet, instilling her with determination and a sense of purpose on the battlefield.

Coronet and Fenny: A Formidable Team

With the redesigned Coronet exoskeleton aligned to Fenny’s preferences, Coronet and her operator make a formidable team. Fenny’s expertise in fine-tuning the exoskeleton to suit Coronet’s combat style ensures a seamless synergy between operator and machine. This synchronization elevates Coronet’s already exceptional combat skills, allowing her to push the boundaries of her capabilities and emerge victorious in the most challenging missions

Fenny (Coronet) – Skills and Passive: Unleashing Electrifying Power

Meet Fenny, also known as Coronet, the electrifying Orange Tier Operative with remarkable skills and a powerful passive. Let’s explore her abilities and the manifestations that make her a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Optimal Condition – Standard Skill | Enhance

Electrical Energy Attack DMG: 100%


Shooting SPD Boost – Current Mercy: 0.6%

Duration of Crown of Thorns: 12s

Cooldown: 20 sec


S-Energy Consume: 30

In this skill, Fenny disperses a ring of electrical energy, dealing significant Electrical Damage to her targets. The damage dealt is boosted when Fenny has higher Mercy points. Additionally, her Shooting Speed receives a temporary enhancement while the Crown of Thorns state is active.

Optimal Condition – Support Skill | Enhance

Increase Shooting SPD of Operative on Field: 15% (for 8s)


Cooldown: 20 sec

S-Energy Consume: 25

Fenny’s support skill allows her to encourage her teammates, granting a considerable boost of 15% to the Shooting Speed of the operative currently on the field for a duration of 8 seconds.


Center Stage – Ultimate Skill | Interrupt

Duration of Golden Sins Domain: 10s

DMG per Time inside Golden Sins Domain: 114% of ATK + 51

Cooldown: 30 sec


U-Energy Consume: 60

In her ultimate skill, Fenny unleashes the Center Stage maneuver, creating a Golden Sins domain for 10 seconds. This domain deals with continuous Electrical Damage to surrounding targets, while also interrupting their special skills for a duration of 3 seconds.

Fenny (Coronet) Manifestation

Stage Experience: Crown of Thorns State


In this manifestation, the Crown of Thorns state no longer has a time limit. It will persist until all Mercy points are consumed, providing Fenny with an extended period of heightened abilities.

Unafraid: Enhanced Mercy Accumulation

While under the Crown of Thorns state, Fenny becomes unafraid and more precise in her attacks. Each pellet that hits an enemy target now accumulates 1.5 Mercy points.


The climax of the Show: Increased Mercy Limit

With this manifestation, Fenny’s Mercy points can now exceed their original limit, allowing her to reach higher levels of power and versatility.

Energized: Improved Optimal Condition Skill


With the Energized manifestation, Fenny’s Optimal Condition skill level is increased by 1, further enhancing her electrical energy attack and Shooting SPD Boost.

Super Idol: Amplified Electrical Damage

When Fenny’s Mercy points exceed their original limit, she embraces her Super Idol state, granting her an extra 10% increase in Electrical Damage. This makes her attacks even more potent and devastating.



Fenny, aka Coronet, is a formidable Orange Tier Operative armed with electrifying skills and an impressive passive. With her abilities to disperse electrical energy, boost shooting speed, and create powerful Golden Sins domains, she proves to be a crucial asset on the battlefield. Moreover, her manifestations provide her with unmatched control and power, making her a Super Idol feared by her enemies and revered by her allies.

Embrace the electrifying power of Fenny (Coronet) and conquer the stage of battle!

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