FENNY–LIONHEART Build | Team & Wiki Snowbreak Containment Zone

FENNY–LIONHEART Build | Team & Wiki Snowbreak Containment Zone

FENNY LIONHEART Build: A Chronicle of Valor

FENNY–LIONHEART Build: In the tapestry of Snowbreak: Containment Zone, the spotlight falls upon Fenny – Lionheart, a 4★ Persona and Operative. Herein lies the compendium of Fenny – Lionheart’s standing and proficiencies. Is she the unparalleled luminary within Snowbreak: Containment Zone? And what configuration unveils her zenith potential?


FENNY – LIONHEART: Illumination on the Entity

A front-line sentinel, a scion of Heimdall Force, Fenny once graced the sphere of Valkyrie Games, radiant as an Enthusiastic Battle Idol. Inescapably intertwined with destiny, she views Wednesday as a rival of shared fortune.


Epithet: Lionheart Cognomen: Fenny Golden Position in Tier Hierarchy: A Tier Fundamental Rarity: 4★ Character Arsenal Archetype: Shotgun Essential Emanation: Kinetic

The perennial query arises: How does one render a metric for such an embodiment? What standards emerge to gauge the essence encapsulated within these constructs?



Manifestations of her prowess: Queen Bee, an incursion distinct, takes form. Fenny initiates a charge, expending a solitary bullet to surge forth. Adversaries facing her are repulsed, enduring Kinetic Damage, dealt up to eightfold. Furthermore, her onslaught disrupts the execution of adversaries’ specialized skills for a span of five seconds. This maneuver augments her resilience against such interruptions. Following the feat, a Tactical Reload is ignited, enabling the restoration of a single bullet.

Impact of Queen Bee’s Charge: Equates to 33% of Proficiency +36

Augmented Reverberation of Neural Augmentation 1: In conjunction with a Kinetic armament, Fenny acquires a protective Shield amounting to 60% of her Proficiency for a duration of five seconds, commencing upon the successful execution of Queen Bee against a foe.


Augmented Reverberation of Neural Augmentation 2: The trajectory span of Queen Bee’s charge is amplified by half.

Support Skill- Star Power: Fenny wields a sweeping upheaval, driving surrounding adversaries aloft, exacting Kinetic Damage. Concomitantly, her maneuver interrupts the implementation of specialized skills within her vicinity for an interval of ten seconds.

Consequence of Upheaval by Star Power: Measures to 100% of Proficiency +137


Elevated Evolution of Neural Reinforcement 1: Upon the collision of Star Power with a target, a resurgence of 20% of bullets is conferred. However, in the event of elite foes, this restoration escalates to 40% of bullets.

Elevated Evolution of Neural Reinforcement 2: For each target subject to the upheaval of Star Power, a reduction of two units transpires in its cooldown. This mechanism attains a culmination of five instances.

Ultimate Skill- Fit of Pique: Fenny ignites seven successive detonations, meticulously aligned in a linear trajectory. Each detonation bears the potential to inflict Kinetic Damage, accompanied by the act of launching adversaries skyward. In the milieu of this symphony of destruction, a decline of 50% is observed in the efficacy of subsequent hits upon designated targets within the same segment.


Consequence of Detonations by Fit of Pique: Correlates to 220% of Proficiency +199

Neural Ultimate Skill 1: Post-execution of Fit of Pique, the entity rejuvenates, recovering an amount of Health equivalent to 5% of the skill’s Damage.

Neural Ultimate Skill 2: Fit of Pique advances to its next iteration, culminating in a fan-shaped barrage expanding forth.


Echelons of Embodiment

Phase 1 – Prelude of Artistry: Following the vanquishment of a foe, the cooldown of Queen Bee is instantaneously reset. A grace period of five seconds follows wherein the next employment of Queen Bee consumes no S-Energy.

Phase 2 – Consummate Mastery: Queen Bee manifests sans the expenditure of bullets.


Phase 3 – Denouement: Successive to Queen Bee’s implementation, the pellets of the ensuing shot augment by 50%.

Phase 4 – Illuminated Centerstage: Ascendance of Queen Bee’s efficacy, procuring a magnification of Damage to 36% of Fenny’s Proficiency +41.

Phase 5 – Entrée of Grandeur: Subsequent to Fenny’s deployment of Support Skill, an enhancement of 15% is elicited upon the Attack of the envoys stationed within the realm for a span of five seconds.



Mechanized Cop

Tiny Grains


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Fenny – Lionheart, a 4★ Operative in Snowbreak: Containment Zone, is a radiant front-line warrior with kinetic energies. Her Queen Bee charge disrupts foes’ skills, while Star Power’s upheaval and Fit of Pique’s explosions display her dynamic prowess. With each phase of her evolution, Fenny’s saga embodies resilience and determination, solidifying her legacy in the annals of Snowbreak: Containment Zone.


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