Fritia Ignis Best Build | Team & Wiki [Snowbreak CZ]

Fritia Ignis Best Build | Team & Wiki [Snowbreak CZ]

In the exhilarating world of Snowbreak Containment Zone, Fritia Ignis emerges as a standout character, known for her exceptional support skills and remarkable background. As the daughter of renowned scientists and a researcher at Yggdrasil Enterprises, Fritia’s journey into Academia Acropolis at the age of 14 marked the beginning of her extraordinary path. In this article, we will delve into the comprehensive details of Fritia Ignis, focusing on her abilities, appearance, and the best build to make her an unstoppable force in the battle arena.

Fritia Ignis Best Build

The Brilliant Mind with Twisted Achievements

Fritia Ignis possesses a brilliant mind, inheriting her parents’ intellect and scientific prowess. Her early entry into Academia Acropolis showcased her precocious talent and dedication to her studies. Throughout her academic journey, she achieved numerous twisted accomplishments, setting herself apart from her peers. Fritia’s determination and resourcefulness have granted her a reputation for being a remarkable presence within the Snowbreak Containment Zone.

The Supportive Savior of the Squad

In the heat of battle, Fritia Ignis plays a crucial role as the supportive saviour of her squad. With a genuine and caring nature, she is always ready to lend a helping hand to her allies. Fritia’s innate ability to solve any issue that arises makes her an invaluable asset to her team. Whether it’s healing wounds, providing strategic advice, or boosting her teammates’ morale, she excels at keeping the squad in top form during intense confrontations.


Equipped to Conquer: The Assault Rifle

To face the toughest adversaries head-on, Fritia wields an Assault Rifle, transforming her into a force to be reckoned with. This weapon empowers her with supreme control over the battlefield, allowing her to deal significant damage to her foes. Don’t be fooled by her seemingly harmless appearance; Fritia Ignis is a formidable threat to all evildoers who dare to cross her path.

A Captivating Appearance

Fritia Ignis’ appearance is as captivating as her personality. With her short, pink hair adorned with black bandages-like structures, she exudes a unique and intriguing aura. Her attire consists of a black swimsuit-like outfit that extends down to her thighs, overlaid with a fluffy, white coat reminiscent of a scientist’s attire. The combination of her big, expressive yellow eyes and small, cute face adds to her overall charm and appeal.

How to Obtain Fritia Ignis in Snowbreak Containment Zone

Unlocking Fritia Ignis in Snowbreak Containment Zone is an exciting journey that rewards dedicated players with this exceptional character. To add Fritia Ignis to your roster, follow these steps:

  1. Game Stage Milestone: Fritia Ignis can be obtained by reaching a specific game stage milestone. As you progress through the game and complete various challenges, you will eventually unlock the opportunity to add her to your collection. Keep striving and advancing to meet the milestone that grants you Fritia Ignis as a playable character.
  2. Rerolling Rewards: An interesting aspect of the game is the possibility of obtaining Fritia Ignis through rerolling. During this process, players can restart their progress to gain new rewards, including the chance to receive Fritia Ignis. While rerolling requires dedication and patience, the prospect of acquiring such a formidable character makes it a worthwhile endeavor for many players.

Now that you know how to get Fritia Ignis let’s explore the best build to optimize her potential on the battlefield.

Best Build for Fritia Ignis

Base Build

  • Best Weapon: Strawberry Shortcake
  • Best Logistics: Lissia, Titania, White Hunt

In order to unleash the full potential of Fritia Ignis, a well-optimized base build is essential. Here are the recommended choices for her weapon and logistics:

  1. Best Weapon: Strawberry Shortcake The Strawberry Shortcake is the perfect weapon for Fritia Ignis. Its unique attributes and synergies with her abilities allow for devastating attacks and crowd control. This weapon enhances her support capabilities, making her an indispensable asset to any squad.
  2. Best Logistics: Lissia, Titania, White Hunt Lissia, Titania, and White Hunt form a powerful combination for Fritia Ignis. Lissia provides healing and defensive buffs, ensuring her team’s survivability during intense battles. Titania offers strategic support, boosting the overall effectiveness of Fritia’s abilities. White Hunt complements her assault rifle proficiency, enhancing her marksmanship skills and damage output.

Best Team Composition for Fritia Ignis in Snowbreak Containment Zone

As a formidable Thermal-type character specialized in carrying out Assault Rifle, Fritia Ignis shines as a leader in the Snowbreak Containment Zone. Building the right team composition to support her unique abilities is essential to achieve victory in the game’s missions. We have crafted a strong and synergistic team for Fritia Ignis, as outlined below:


Recommended Team Composition

  • Snowbreak_Containment_Zone_Mauxir-transformed
  • Mauxir
  • Snowbreak Containment Zone Lyfe (Wednesday)
  • Fritia Ignis (Leader)

Team Dynamics

  1. Fritia Ignis (Leader): As the team leader, Fritia Ignis brings her exceptional support skills to the forefront. Her innate ability to solve any issue, combined with her Assault Refle prowess, makes her the perfect leader to guide the team to victory. Fritia’s primary role is to support her squad members, ensuring their safety and providing strategic direction during missions.
  2. Mauxir: Mauxir complements Fritia Ignis with his versatile skill set. As a powerful ally, he can engage in both close combat and ranged attacks. His agility and ability to adapt to various situations make him a valuable asset in challenging encounters.
  3. Snowbreak Containment Zone Lyfe (Wednesday): Lyfe (Wednesday) adds a significant punch to the team’s offensive capabilities. His ability to deal deep damage to enemies ensures that no foe remains standing for long. With Fritia’s support and direction, Lyfe (Wednesday) becomes a potent force on the battlefield.
  4. Snowbreak Containment Zone Mauxir-transformed: This character brings further versatility to the team. Mauxir-transformed is adept at handling sniper rifles and shotguns, making him a valuable asset in missions that require long-range precision or close-quarters combat.

Synergy and Strength

The recommended team composition for Fritia Ignis is a robust combination of support, offence, and adaptability. Fritia’s leadership ensures a cohesive approach to tackling missions, with her supportive skills enhancing the performance of her teammates. Mauxir and Lyfe (Wednesday) work in tandem to deal damage efficiently and effectively, while Snowbreak Containment Zone Mauxir-transformed provides the team with versatility in weapon choices.

Fritia Ignis – Skills and Passive

In the action-packed world of Snowbreak Containment Zone, Fritia Ignis stands out with her exceptional skills and passive abilities. As a Thermal-type character, she wields fiery powers that make her a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Let’s explore her skills and passive in detail:

Standard Skill: In a Stalk of Fennel

Skill Type: Interrupt


Fritia manifests her power by creating a blazing fire pillar at the target’s feet, dealing Thermal damage to all enemies within its range. The intense heat knocks the affected targets into the air, interrupting their special skills for a duration of 8 seconds. The area of effect (AoE) fire pillar inflicts damage equivalent to 114% of Fritia’s ATK +22.

Cooldown: 15 seconds

S-Energy Consume: 15


Support Skill: Pyrphoros

Skill Type: Enhance | Interrupt

With Pyrphoros, Fritia employs her abilities to knock surrounding enemies into the air, inflicting Thermal damage on them. Additionally, she provides an Aptitude effect to the deployed operative based on her ATK attribute. The Aptitude effect enhances the deployed operative’s Shot skill, enabling it to deal additional Thermal damage for 10 seconds.

Knock-Up DMG: 100% of ATK


Aptitude Effect DMG: 4.8% of ATK +12

Cooldown: 25 seconds

S-Energy Consume: 30


Ultimate Skill: Transgression

Skill Type: Damage

Fritia’s ultimate skill, Transgression, unleashes Furious Punishment in front of her for 12 seconds. During this time, she continuously deals Thermal damage equal to 25% of her ATK per second to her targets. Additionally, Furious Punishment creates seeker Flames that strike the enemies, inflicting Thermal damage equal to 90% of Fritia’s ATK +36 to each target hit.

Upon the disappearance of Furious Punishment, an explosion is triggered, dealing Thermal damage equal to 300% of Fritia’s ATK to the surrounding enemies once again.


Cooldown: 40 seconds

U-Energy Consume: 80

Fritia Manifestation: Forethought

Forethought is Fritia’s passive ability, which grants her the following benefits:

  • Decreases Pyrphoros Cooldown to 15 seconds, enhancing her ability to provide Aptitude effects more frequently.

Fritia Manifestation: Another Day, Another Liver

When equipped with a Thermal Type weapon, Aptitude bullets provided by Pyrphoros have a 10% chance to activate Lingering Anger. Lingering Anger is an additional effect that strengthens Fritia’s arsenal, providing her with a strategic advantage during battles.

Fritia Manifestation: Blue Fig Spits its Magma

While Pyrphoros’s Aptitude effect is active, the first successful reload will reset its duration. This grants Fritia the opportunity to maintain the Aptitude effect for a longer period, maximizing her damage output during critical moments.

Fritia Manifestation: Broadening Vastness, Reddening Dawn

This enhancement increases the damage of the Aptitude effect provided by Pyrphoros to 5.6% of Fritia’s ATK +16, amplifying her support capabilities and firepower.


Fritia Manifestation: Crib of Flames

Crib of Flames boosts the ATK coefficient of Pyrphoros’s Aptitude effect DMG to 1.25x the original, further augmenting the potency of the enhanced Shot skill for the deployed operative.

With her impressive set of skills and passive abilities, Fritia Ignis proves to be an invaluable asset in the Snowbreak Containment Zone, wielding her Thermal powers with mastery and grace.

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