LYFE – WEDNESDAY Build | Team & Wiki Snowbreak Containment Zone

LYFE – WEDNESDAY Build | Team & Wiki Snowbreak Containment Zone

LYFE Wedenday Build- Midweek Unveiling


Midweek Unveiling introduces us to the enigmatic persona of Lyfe – Wednesday, the eminent 4★ Entity within the realm of Snowbreak: Containment Zone. Within these lines, traverse the labyrinth of Lyfe – Wednesday’s essence and aptitudes. Is Lyfe – Wednesday the epitome of supremacy in the dominion of Snowbreak: Containment Zone? And what configuration wields the zenith potential for Lyfe – Wednesday?

Chronicle of LYFE – WEDNESDAY

Dubbed colloquially as “Wednesday,” she strides at the forefront as a Heimdall Force Operative, a former luminary of Valkyrie Games. Singularly dedicated to exacting vengeance upon the Titans, this endeavor is the lodestar of her existence.


Persona Codenamed: Wednesday Nominal Identifier: Lyfe Bestla Tier Listing Placement: B Tier Base Rarity: 4★ Character Weapon Archetype: Submachine Gun Primary Energy Manifestation: Electrical

The quandary of assessing this entity unfolds: How does one quantify the mettle of such an existence? What metrics unfurl when scrutinizing the composition of these figures?

LYFE – WEDNESDAY – Insight into Entity’s Facet


Numerical Anchors * Figures within brackets denote maximal magnitudes corresponding to ultimate rarity and complete release of capabilities. Vitality Prowess Resilience 13923 1435 512


Unveiling her forte: Raven’s Command, an archetype of the norm, materializes. Lyfe orchestrates the deployment of a brace of combat drones known as Ravens, who seamlessly amalgamate into the initial formation of their kin. From these mechanical emissaries, a relentless barrage of missiles is unleashed upon designated targets, an outpouring of Electrical Damage. The efficacy of each missile dwindles by half upon sequential impact on identical segments. Confining this tactic to the realm of the tangible, three Ravens may concurrently be dispatched to the field. Within this mise en scène, Raven perseveres, unremittingly dispatching Electrical Damage, impervious to retaliatory forces.


Incidental Insight: When Lyfe graces the terrain, a Raven emerges as her perennial compatriot in the skirmish, an unwavering presence regardless of the shifting tides.

Statistics of the Ethereal Raven: Aligned with Lyfe’s Prowess Missile Damage of the Raven: 20% of Lyfe’s Proficiency +20 Ballistic Damage of the Raven: 7.7% of Lyfe’s Proficiency +7 Interval of Raven’s Utilization by Technique: 20 seconds Expanded Reverberation of Neural Manifestation 1: Raven’s Command bequeaths the capacity to unleash two supplementary Ravens, culminating in a quintet of Ravens concurrently traversing the field.

Expanded Reverberation of Neural Manifestation 2: Upon the channeling of auxiliary capabilities belonging to fellow operatives, Lyfe’s prowess, Raven, rejuvenates, its temporal existence renewed.


Auxiliary Armament – Gungnir: A summons ensues, invoking a Tempest of Judgment, focalized upon a solitary quarry. This celestial storm bequeaths indiscriminate Electric Damage, coupled with a four-second Paralytic debilitation imposed upon all afflicted entities.

Magnitude of Tempestuous Judgment: Electric Damage of Thunderous Tempest: 95% of Lyfe’s Prowess +72 Further Embodiment of Neural Augmentation 1: Consumptive S-Energy toll is curtailed to 30 in the administration of Gungnir.

Further Embodiment of Neural Augmentation 2: Conjoining forces with Gungnir begets the apparition of dual Thunderous Tempests, afflicting a precipitous decline in the efficacy of repeated hits upon the same locus.


Apotheosis – Evoked from Zephyrous Foliage: Initiating the ritual, Lyfe hurls Gungnir into a predetermined locus, precipitating Electric Damage and aerial upheaval of the designated target. In tandem, a Sanctum of Nocturnal Nonets materializes, persisting for a duration of four seconds. From this celestial realm, myriad Thunderous Tempests emerge, disseminating Electric Damage and propelling designated targets aloft.

Magnitude of Gungnir’s Calamity: Electric Impact of Gungnir: 260% of Lyfe’s Prowess +47 Electric Eruption of Thunderous Tempests: 60% of Lyfe’s Prowess Further Transcendence of Neural Apotheosis 1: Temporal span of the Nocturnal Sanctuary surges to a span of eight seconds.

Further Transcendence of Neural Apotheosis 2: Commencement of the Nocturnal Sanctuary catalyzes instantaneous renewal of all Ravens incumbent upon the terrain, concurrently inciting a 25% escalation in the Electric Damage sustained from Ravens within the expanse of the sanctified duration.


Phases of Embodiment

Phase 1 – Panorama of Avian Cognizance: A 10% eventuality coalesces when the Raven executes an assault, affording the activation of Whispering Arrows. Such an invocation ushers forth Electric Damage, commensurate with 15% of the Raven’s Prowess.

Phase 2 – Prerogative of the Sovereign: The velocity of Raven’s incursions escalates by 1% for a trifling span of three seconds subsequent to Lyfe’s successful volleys against adversaries. Consecutive strikes empower this increment to a maximum of 100 iterations.


Phase 3 – Collusion of Corvidae: Upon precision-based targeting with an Electric-infused armament, the Raven’s Whispering Arrows are precipitated, although subject to a five-second intermission prior to subsequent use.

Phase 4 – State of Martial Readiness: Acuity of Raven’s Command attains a heightened plateau, augmenting the consecutive Ballistic Damage procured from Ravens to 8% of the Raven’s Prowess +7.

Phase 5 – Cohorts of Lupine Schemes: The likelihood of the Raven unleashing the Whispering Arrows heightens to 30%.


Counsel for Optimal Armament Employ for LYFE – WEDNESDAY A Work in Progress Appropriate Armament: Arctic Fox

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