Lyfe Wild Hunt Best Build | Team & Wiki Snowbreak Containment Zone

Lyfe Wild Hunt Best Build | Team & Wiki Snowbreak Containment Zone

In the thrilling world of operatives, Wild Hunt stands out as an exceptional Orange Tier Operative equipped with a powerful Submachine Gun. This formidable agent relies on a special low temp exoskeleton, uniquely designed for Lyfe, to deal with her Manifestation in March 2058. Let’s delve into the intriguing details of Wild Hunt and her remarkable exoskeleton:

Lyfe Wild Hunt Best Build

Wild Hunt – The Orange Tier Operative

As an Orange Tier Operative, Wild Hunt is a force to be reckoned with in the field of operations. Her skills, training, and equipment make her a valuable asset in any mission or combat scenario. Armed with a Submachine Gun, she is an expert at close to mid-range combat, making her a versatile and formidable opponent.

The Special Low Temp Exoskeleton

The special low temp exoskeleton developed exclusively for Lyfe was a revolutionary breakthrough in emergency response technology. It was designed to address the challenges posed by her Manifestation in March 2058. One of the primary functions of the exoskeleton is to maintain Lyfe’s body temperature, ensuring she remains effective in various environments, regardless of extreme weather conditions.


Dulling the Pain of Theotropic Nerves

Lyfe’s unique abilities are a result of her Theotropic Nerves. These extraordinary nerve pathways endow her with exceptional powers, but they also come with their share of challenges. The exoskeleton plays a crucial role in dulling the pain caused by the growth and activation of her Theotropic Nerves. This feature allows her to focus on her missions without being hindered by the side effects of her extraordinary abilities.

Adaptability and Resilience

The special low temp exoskeleton not only enhances Lyfe’s combat capabilities but also bolsters her adaptability and resilience on the field. Its advanced technology allows her to traverse through various terrains and climates with ease, making her a versatile asset in a wide range of missions.

Integration with Lyfe’s Abilities

The exoskeleton’s design is intricately integrated with Lyfe’s unique Manifestation, enhancing her natural abilities rather than inhibiting them. This synergy between the exoskeleton and her Theotropic Nerves allows her to unleash her full potential as an Orange Tier Operative.


Wild Hunt, the Orange Tier Operative armed with a Submachine Gun, boasts an exceptional low temp exoskeleton that sets her apart as a formidable force on the battlefield. Developed exclusively for Lyfe to cope with her Manifestation, the exoskeleton maintains her body temperature and diminishes the pain from her Theotropic Nerves’ growth. Its cutting-edge technology grants her adaptability, resilience, and unparalleled combat prowess, making her an invaluable asset in the world of operatives. With Wild Hunt and her advanced exoskeleton, Lyfe continues to forge a path of excellence in her missions and operations.

How To Get Lyfe Wild Hunt? 

1. Complete Main Quests and Achievements

In most games, completing main quests and achievements often grants rewards, including new characters or character shards. Focus on progressing through the storyline and completing various achievements to increase your chances of unlocking Lyfe Wild Hunt.

2. Participate in Special Events

Game developers often introduce special events or limited-time events that provide exclusive rewards, including rare characters. Keep an eye out for these events and actively participate in them to gain more chances of obtaining Lyfe Wild Hunt.


3. Explore Gacha Systems

Gacha systems are common in many games, where players can spend in-game currency or real money to receive random rewards. Lyfe Wild Hunt may be available through such systems, so players can try their luck by rolling for this character.

Lyfe Wild Hunt – Skills and Passive

In the realm of the Snowbreak Containment Zone, Lyfe Wild Hunt possesses a powerful set of skills and passive abilities that make her a force to be reckoned with. Let’s dive into the details of her skills and understand how she harnesses the power of frost and ice in her adventurous journey.

Frost Wolves (Standard Skill)

Lyfe’s first skill, Frost Wolves, taps into the might of her Special equipment Direwolf sentinels. By consuming Breath of Snow, she launches a relentless stream of Frost Fangs towards her enemies. Upon impact or hitting the ground, the Frost Fangs trigger an explosive burst of Frost DMG, affecting targets in the area. Once the Frost is unleashed, it cannot be interrupted.


Skill Details:

  • Frost Fangs Explosion DMG: 12% of ATK + 17
  • Maximum Breath of Snow: 300
  • Cooldown: –
  • S-Energy Consume: –

Wolf’s Fang (Support Skill)

Lyfe’s second skill, Wolf’s Fang, allows her to swiftly dash forward and execute a flurry of attacks on her adversaries. This dash deals Frost DMG and inflicts the Frozen status on the targets for 4 seconds. Additionally, it applies the Frostbite effect, causing continuous Frost DMG over 5 seconds.

Skill Details:

  • Quick Attack DMG: 102% of ATK + 10
  • Frostbite DMG: 10% of ATK
  • Cooldown: 15 seconds
  • S-Energy Consume: 15

Eternal Blizzard, Eternal Hunt (Ultimate Skill)

Lyfe’s ultimate skill unleashes the full potential of the Direwolf Sentinels. With the limitation removed, she launches a devastating blitz attack on the front area, dealing formidable Frost DMG and applying the Frozen status to all targets within the range for 4 seconds.

Skill Details:

  • Blitz Attack DMG: 750% of ATK + 30
  • Cooldown: 80 seconds
  • U-Energy Consume: 100

Lyfe (Wild Hunt) Manifestation (Passive Abilities)

Lyfe’s unique manifestation grants her enhanced abilities when equipped with a Frost weapon, empowering her with greater control over the elements of snow and ice.

  1. Gored: When her shots hit enemies, Lyfe accumulates 10 Breath of Snow. Additionally, hitting the Weakspot of a target allows her to gather 15 Breath of Snow.
  2. Red Mist: Each Frost Fang launched by the Direwolf Sentinels receives a 10% DMG boost. This effect can stack up to 5 times, maximizing her Frost Fangs’ devastating potential.
  3. Avalanche Warning: With this passive, Lyfe increases the maximum limit of Breath of Snow, allowing her to store up to 500 units, granting her more sustained power in battle.
  4. No End in Sight: This passive augments Lyfe’s Frost Wolves skill, leveling it up by +1, making her Frost Fangs even deadlier.
  5. Slow to Heal: By using this passive ability, Lyfe reduces the Breath of Snow consumption of each Frost Fang to 20, granting her greater efficiency in executing her skillset.

With these formidable skills and empowering passives, Lyfe Wild Hunt stands as a formidable force in the Snowbreak Containment Zone. As you traverse through this virtual winter realm, harness her powers wisely, and become a legend among the Frost Wolves.

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