Fritia Little Sunshine Build | Team & Wiki Snowbreak Containment Zone

Fritia Little Sunshine Build | Team & Wiki Snowbreak Containment Zone

Unveiling the Enigma: Fritia Ignis Build Guide for Snowbreak: Containment Zone

Online gaming thrives on captivating characters that add depth and excitement to the virtual realm. If you’re intrigued by the mystique surrounding Fritia Ignis, the prominent figure from Snowbreak: Containment Zone, this comprehensive guide is your key to unlocking her potential.

Fritia Little Sunshine Build

Exploring Fritia Little Sunshine’s Profile

Unveiling Fritia Ignis

Rarity: 5 ✦
Weapons: Assault Rifle
Element: Thermal

Delve into the intricate world of Fritia Ignis, a character introduced in Snowbreak: Containment Zone. Born to renowned scientists and a Yggdrasil Enterprises researcher, she made her mark early by joining Academia Acropolis at the age of 14. Her journey has been adorned with remarkable achievements, showcasing her unparalleled talents. Standing as a staunch supporter of her squad in the battle arena, Fritia shines as a dependable and ingenious problem-solver.

Equipped with an Assault Rifle, Fritia Ignis wields an unyielding power to dismantle the most formidable foes. Her unassuming appearance belies her true nature—she poses a substantial threat to malevolent forces.


With short pink hair adorned by bandage-like structures, Fritia wears a black swimsuit-style outfit extending to her thighs. A fluffy white coat, akin to a scientist’s attire, adds a touch of distinction. Her captivating big yellow eyes accentuate her charming and diminutive visage.

The Hierarchy of Rankings

Gauging Overall Excellence

Overall Rank: Tier – SS
Reroll Rank: Tier – SS

Voice Actors: The Conduit of Emotion

English Voice Actor: Hollie Taylor

Unraveling the Path to Obtaining Fritia Little Sunshine

Fritia’s acquisition is a journey paved with milestones. Unlocking her lies within the specific game stage, and the intriguing twist is that the game may reward you with her during the rerolling process.

Crafting the Perfect Build for Fritia

The Foundation Build

Optimal Weapon: Strawberry Shortcake
Preferred Logistics: Lissia
Alternative Weapons: Titania, White Hunt

Assembling the Ideal Team for Fritia

Fritia harnesses the power of Thermal attributes and specializes in wielding the Assault Rifle. To curate an efficient team composition with Fritia, the game’s mission objective must be at the forefront. Our meticulously crafted team stands ready to conquer any challenge.

Recommended Team Composition

Lyfe (Wednesday) synergizes with Fritia, inflicting substantial damage upon the enemy. The combined force of these characters creates a formidable alliance. In missions demanding versatility, the option to select alternate characters equipped with sniper rifles and shotguns remains viable.

Fritia Little Sunshine’s Skillset and Passive Abilities

In a Stalk of Fennel

Standard Skill | Interrupt

Fritia conjures a pillar of fire at the target’s feet, engulfing nearby adversaries in Thermal damage while propelling them into the air. This action effectively interrupts the target’s special skill for an 8-second duration.

  • AoE Fire Pillar Damage: 114% of ATK +22
  • Cooldown: 15 seconds
  • S-Energy Consumption: 15


Support Skill | Enhance | Interrupt

Fritia disrupts the equilibrium of surrounding foes, subjecting them to Thermal damage. Furthermore, she endows the deployed operative with the Aptitude effect, augmenting their capabilities based on her ATK attribute. For the subsequent 10 seconds, shots fired inflict supplementary Thermal damage.

  • Knock-up Damage: 100% of ATK
  • Aptitude Effect Damage: 4.8% of ATK +12
  • Cooldown: 25 seconds
  • S-Energy Consumption: 30


Ultimate Skill | Damage

Fritia unleashes “Furious Punishment,” a torrent of Thermal damage unleashed for 12 seconds, dealing 25% of her ATK per second to target foes. This relentless assault spawns seeker Flames, each delivering Thermal damage equivalent to 90% of Fritia’s ATK +36 to hit targets.

Upon the conclusion of Furious Punishment, a cataclysmic explosion triggers, inflicting Thermal damage amounting to 300% of Fritia’s ATK upon the surrounding adversaries.

  • Cooldown: 40 seconds
  • U-Energy Consumption: 80

Fritia’s Manifestation

Mastering Her Potential

  • Forethought: Reduces Pyrphoros Cooldown to 15 seconds.
  • Another Day, Another Liver: When equipped with a Thermal Type weapon, Pyrphoros’ Aptitude bullets possess a 10% chance of activating Lingering Anger.
  • Blue Fig Spits its Magma: Upon activating Pyrphoros’ Aptitude effect, the first successful reload resets its duration.
  • Broadening Vastness, Reddening Dawn: Amplifies the DMG of Aptitude effect to 5.6% of Fritia’s ATK +16.
  • Crib of Flames: Elevates the ATK coefficient of Pyrphoros’ Aptitude effect DMG to 1.25 times the original.

As you embark on your journey within Snowbreak: Containment Zone, embrace Fritia Ignis as a vital asset to your team. Her unique abilities and strategic prowess promise to steer you toward victory in the dynamic gaming landscape. You can also check our other guides like Yao Build Fenny Coronet Build Lyf Wild Hunt Fritia Ignis Build Lyfe Wednesday Fenny Middeng Event for more Snowbreak Content and GUIDES follow us.


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