Exoprimal Skywave Build Guide- Best Rig, Modules, Abilities & Loadout

Exoprimal Skywave Build Guide- Best Rig, Modules, Abilities & Loadout

Prepare to soar through the skies and revolutionize your battlefield tactics with the awe-inspiring Skywave, an advanced support-type exosuit developed by Aibius in the dynamic world of Exoprimal. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the remarkable features and capabilities of the Skywave exosuit, designed to be your ultimate companion in the heat of battle. Brace yourself as we explore the innovative technology and versatile abilities that make the Skywave a game-changer on the battlefield.

Skywave Build Guide

A Support Exosuit That Defies Gravity

  1. Enhanced MobilityThe Skywave exosuit introduces a new era of mobility, allowing you to traverse the battlefield with unprecedented grace and speed. Equipped with powerful thrusters, this exosuit enables fluid aerial movement, giving you the advantage of verticality and quick positioning during combat.
  2. Hampering Enemy MovementAibius has crafted the Skywave with an array of abilities that can hamper enemy movements, disrupting their strategies and creating windows of opportunity for your team. From deploying tactical gravity wells to temporarily restraining foes with an energy tether, the Skywave empowers you to dictate the flow of battle.

Advanced Support Abilities

  1. Tactical Gravity WellsThe Skywave’s tactical gravity wells generate localized gravitational anomalies, causing enemies caught within their vicinity to experience reduced mobility. Strategically deploy these wells to impede enemy advances or protect vulnerable teammates.
  2. Energy TetherWith the energy tether, the Skywave exosuit can temporarily immobilize opponents, providing precious moments to reposition or deliver decisive blows. Precision is key when employing this ability, as a well-timed tether can sway the course of any engagement.
  3. Aerial SupremacyThe Skywave’s aerial prowess is a game-changer, granting you a significant advantage during airborne confrontations. Engage enemies from above, and catch them off guard as you harness the full potential of the exosuit’s flight capabilities.

Unparalleled Support on the Battlefield

  1. Team SynergyThe Skywave exosuit thrives in a team environment, elevating the capabilities of the entire squad. By combining its support-oriented abilities with the skills of your allies, you can form an unstoppable force capable of turning the tide in any conflict.
  2. Strategic FlexibilityAdaptability is a hallmark of the Skywave exosuit, allowing you to switch between support and offensive roles seamlessly. Whether it’s bolstering your team’s defenses or unleashing calculated assaults, this exosuit has the versatility to match your tactical approach.

Optimizing Your Exoprimal Skywave Build: Dominance in the Skies

The Optimal Skywave Build

  1. Module 1: S01 – Aether EnhancerTo fortify the potency of Skywave’s Aether Lance, the Aether Enhancer module proves to be an essential addition. With this module in place, the Aether Lance gains enhanced damage-dealing capabilities and becomes an even more potent tool for healing allies during intense skirmishes.
  2. Module 2: S – Graviton ShackleElevate Skywave’s control over the battlefield by incorporating the Graviton Shackle module into the build. This augmentation intensifies the strength of Graviton Cage, ensuring it detains enemies for a longer duration, amplifying your offensive potential when facing groups of foes.
  3. Module 3: Durability ModuleAs Skywave’s health is its Achilles’ heel, adopting the Durability Module is crucial to extend its survival in combat. With increased resilience, Skywave can withstand more punishment, granting you valuable moments to influence the flow of battle and secure critical objectives.
  4. Rig: BladeAmong the available rig options, the Blade proves to be the ideal choice for the Skywave build. The Blade rig complements the exosuit’s agility and aerial maneuverability, enhancing its already impressive mobility in the skies.

Mastering the Skywave Build

With the optimal module combination and rig selection in place, you now possess a Skywave build that amplifies its strengths and minimizes its weaknesses. Let’s recap the advantages you gain with this setup:

  1. Unparalleled Aerial DominanceLeveraging the Slipstream ability, you can effortlessly traverse the skies, outmaneuvering your opponents and accessing strategic vantage points to support your team effectively.
  2. Potent Damage and HealingEmpowered by the Aether Enhancer module, the Aether Lance becomes a potent weapon for dealing damage to adversaries and providing crucial healing to your allies, ensuring they remain in the fight for longer.
  3. Enhanced Crowd ControlThe Graviton Shackle module extends the duration of the Graviton Cage, enabling you to incapacitate multiple enemies simultaneously, granting your team valuable opportunities to secure victories in group engagements.
  4. Increased DurabilityThe Durability Module bolsters Skywave’s survivability, allowing you to withstand greater amounts of damage and persist on the battlefield for extended periods.

Additionally, mastering the diverse Exoprimal game modes is paramount to ensure your effectiveness on the battlefield. This comprehensive guide delves into the rig selection process and provides essential tips for excelling in different game modes, making your Skywave experience even more rewarding and impactful.


Selecting the Right Rig

  1. Blade RigThe Blade rig proves to be an exceptional choice for the Skywave build. With the Blade rig equipped, you can capitalize on the exosuit’s agility and aerial mobility to paralyze foes using the Aether Lance. This rig is particularly effective against moving enemies, enabling you to secure crucial hits while maintaining your dominance in the skies.
  2. Shield RigOn the other hand, the Shield rig offers enhanced defensive capabilities, providing you with a safeguard against incoming attacks. If you find yourself in situations where self-preservation is paramount, equipping the Shield rig can help you withstand enemy assaults and prolong your longevity on the battlefield.

In Exoprimal, the Nimbus build undoubtedly claims the top spot for the support class on the Exoprimal tier list. However, we understand that individual preferences vary, and there are other exciting options available for players, such as the Exoprimal Murasame Build, Krieger Build, Barrage Build, Deadeye Build, and Zephyr Build. Each build offers a distinct playstyle and caters to different gameplay preferences.

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