Exoprimal Nimbus Build Guide- Best Rig, Modules, Abilities & Loadout

Exoprimal Nimbus Build Guide- Best Rig, Modules, Abilities & Loadout

Introducing Nimbus: The Agile Support Exosuit in Exoprimal

Nimbus Build Guide

Meet Nimbus, a remarkable support-type exosuit crafted by Aibius in the thrilling world of Exoprimal. As a highly mobile support exosuit, Nimbus boasts an impressive array of weapons capable of seamlessly switching between damage and healing modes.

Agile Mobility and Versatility

Nimbus stands out with its agile mobility, allowing it to swiftly navigate the battlefield to provide crucial support to allies. Whether it’s maneuvering through tight spaces or traversing challenging terrain, Nimbus excels in reaching teammates in need.

Dual Weapon Modes: Damage and Healing

What makes Nimbus truly unique is its ability to switch between damage and healing modes seamlessly. In damage mode, the exosuit’s weapons unleash devastating attacks to subdue adversaries and ensure the safety of its team. Alternatively, in healing mode, Nimbus channels its powers to mend wounds, bolstering the resilience of its allies during intense confrontations.


Supporting Allies with Precision

Nimbus takes on the vital role of a support exosuit, standing side by side with teammates to offer vital assistance. With its remarkable weapon versatility, it can adapt its strategy on the fly to meet the ever-changing needs of the team, making it an invaluable asset in cooperative gameplay.

Adapting to the Situation

Versatility is Nimbus’s middle name. This exosuit effortlessly adapts to various scenarios, switching between offence and defence, ensuring that its team maintains the upper hand in any engagement.

In the world of Exoprimal, Nimbus reigns supreme as the ultimate support exosuit. With its mobility, weapon versatility, and unwavering commitment to its allies, it plays a pivotal role in team success. Whether it’s unleashing damage upon foes or healing the wounded, Nimbus stands as a beacon of support, ensuring that victory is within reach for its team.


Embrace the power of Nimbus, and with its aid, conquer the challenges that await in Exoprimal. As a highly mobile and versatile support exosuit, Nimbus is sure to become a treasured ally and a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Nimbus: Master of Dual Modes and Support Prowess

Step into the world of Exoprimal and meet Nimbus, the extraordinary support-type exosuit developed by Aibius. With its twin handguns capable of alternating between Rend Mode and Mend Mode, Nimbus brings unparalleled versatility to the battlefield, inflicting damage on foes and providing much-needed healing to allies.

Nimbus Build Active Skills

Mars & Apollo: The Twin Handguns


Nimbus’s Mars & Apollo skill fires single-fire projectiles from its twin handguns. In Rend Mode, it inflicts damage upon enemies with a range of 30-60 against exosuits and 80-110 against dinos. However, in Mend Mode, it adopts a healing role, offering restoration to allies with a potent 150 healing power.

Mode Switch: Mastering Adaptation

Nimbus showcases its adaptability with the Mode Switch skill, allowing it to seamlessly switch between Rend Mode and Mend Mode. This mode transition also reloads the weapons and grants a damage/healing boost for the first magazine, enhancing the exosuit’s efficacy in combat.

  • Swap time: 1 second
  • Cooldown: 4 seconds

Holo Warp: The Strategic Projection

With Holo Warp, Nimbus projects a forward-moving hologram that cannot attack but can recall allies it makes contact with. By pressing [Q], Nimbus can warp to the hologram’s location, providing healing to nearby allies for 200 health points.

  • Duration: 3 seconds
  • Cooldown: 16 seconds

Spreadsheet: Unleashing a Barrage


Spreadsheet calls forth Nimbus’s weapons and unleashes a barrage of firepower. In Rend Mode, it deals 25×11 (275 total) damage to exosuits and 30×11 (330 total) damage to dinos. On the other hand, Mend Mode, employs its array to heal, delivering 25×11 (275 total) healing points to allies.

  • Cooldown: 10 seconds

OD: Antipode Burst: A Shockwave of Power

The OD (Overdrive) ability, Antipode Burst, is a spectacle to behold. Nimbus generates a shockwave of condensed energy that heals allies for 100 health points while repulsing enemies with 20 damage against dinos.


The Ultimate Exoprimal Nimbus Build: Embracing Versatility and Support Prowess

For those seeking the pinnacle of Nimbus’s potential, we present the best Exoprimal Nimbus build:

Module 1 – Speed Shot Module 2 – Rapid Switch Module 3 – Quick Holo Rig – Aid

Unleashing Nimbus’s Speciality: Versatile Support

This carefully curated Nimbus loadout optimizes both her healing and damage capabilities, honing her speciality as a support exosuit that goes beyond traditional healing. While the Exoprimal Witchdoctor build might excel in straightforward healing, the versatility and raw potential of this best Nimbus build prove unparalleled.


Module 1: Speed Shot – Enhanced Healing

Speed Shot, our first module, enhances Nimbus’s healing effectiveness. Modifying the Mend mode of her primary weapons, it boosts health repair, allows healing shots to over-penetrate, and increases projectile speed. While the homing effect is sacrificed, superior healing makes it a worthwhile trade-off. Should you prefer to retain homing shots, Critical Shot is a commendable alternative, increasing overall damage. Either choice will complement your playstyle effectively.

Module 2: Rapid Switch – Swift Adaptation

Rapid Switch takes the second slot, providing a crucial advantage by increasing the speed and frequency of mode swapping between healing and damage. Since Nimbus relies heavily on her weapons to heal teammates, having the ability to switch back and forth immediately is paramount. With Rapid Switch fully upgraded, you can seamlessly adapt to the dynamic needs of your team with unmatched efficiency.

Module 3: Quick Holo – Tactical Support

The third module in this Nimbus build, Quick Holo, significantly reduces the cooldown of Holo Warp. This invaluable skill not only aids in evading perilous situations but, in Mend mode, can also be utilized to heal allies. With Quick Holo, having Holo Warp back off cooldown more frequently proves to be an irreplaceable boon.


Rig: Aid – Vital Survival

Aid is the recommended rig for Nimbus, providing a much-needed self-heal, especially in scenarios where healing on demand is crucial. Unlike the Witchdoctor, Nimbus lacks the ability to heal herself at will due to her lower maximum health. The presence of Aid acts as a lifeline, ensuring you stay alive in intense encounters. Additionally, it excels in healing grouped-up allies, solidifying your role as a reliable support.

Alternate Rig: Blade – Unleashing Damage Potential

For players with a robust team composition or a fellow healer, exploring Nimbus’s surprising damage potential becomes enticing. By swapping Aid for Blade, you can paralyze hordes of dinosaurs or even players, capitalizing on the exosuit’s hidden offensive prowess.

Conclusion: Mastering the Nimbus Art

With the best Exoprimal Nimbus build, you embark on a journey of versatility and support prowess. Embrace Nimbus’s potential as a versatile support exosuit, capable of delivering both healing and damage with seamless adaptability. Your presence on the battlefield becomes a beacon of hope, bolstering your team’s success and leading them to triumph.


Unleash the power of this ultimate Nimbus build and become a force to be reckoned with in Exoprimal. Adapt, heal, and strike with precision, as you guide your team to victory in the dynamic and thrilling landscape of Exoprimal.

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