Chenxing – Ethereal Cloud Build | Team & Wiki Snowbreak Containment Zone

Chenxing – Ethereal Cloud Build | Team & Wiki Snowbreak Containment Zone

Unlocking the Enigma: Chenxing – Ethereal Cloud in Snowbreak: Containment Zone

Prepare to be immersed in the captivating world of Snowbreak: Containment Zone as we introduce you to the illustrious 5★ Character, none other than Chenxing – Ethereal Cloud. Embark on a journey to discover Chenxing – Ethereal Cloud’s distinctive attributes and awe-inspiring skills. The question looms: Is Chenxing – Ethereal Cloud the pinnacle character in Snowbreak: Containment Zone? And, of course, what build is most fitting for Chenxing – Ethereal Cloud?

Chenxing – Ethereal Cloud Build

CHENXING – ETHEREAL CLOUD: A Glimpse into the Character

At the heart of Chenxing’s arsenal lies a custom-designed tactical suit, a creation born from her late mother’s intricate sketches. Drawing inspiration from the ceremonial attire of House Ji’s master, the suit encapsulates Chenxing’s unique preferences.

  • Character Title: Ethereal Cloud
  • Character Name: Ji Chenxing
  • Rank in Tier List: SS Rank
  • Base Rarity: 5★
  • Weapon Type: Assault Rifle
  • Damage Type: Electrical

CHENXING – ETHEREAL CLOUD: Insights into Status Attributes

Discover the core of Chenxing’s prowess as we delve into her status attributes. Remember, values in parentheses indicate figures at maximum rarity with all abilities harnessed.

  • Health:
  • Attack (ATK):
  • Defense (DEF):

CHENXING – ETHEREAL CLOUD: The Unveiling of Her Extraordinary Skills

Prepare to be astonished by Chenxing’s remarkable array of skills, each a testament to her mastery on the battlefield. Let’s delve into the intricacies of her abilities that leave foes in awe.

Standard Skill – Silk Spiritual Slip

Witness Chenxing’s precision as she employs the battle lens to scan her surroundings, identifying and marking targets within her purview. Once marked, Spiritual Slips are launched at the targets, inflicting Electric DMG upon impact and attaching themselves. During the scanning process, Chenxing’s Anti-Interruption Ability is amplified. A dazzling twist awaits when Chenxing aims for a target with a Spiritual Slip attached—the detonation triggers, unleashing Electrical DMG. Notably, the DMG of each Spiritual Slip detonation decreases by 30% for each subsequent slip in the detonation.

  • Battle Lens Mark Number: 5
  • Spiritual Slip Hit DMG: 50% of Chenxing’s ATK + 80
  • Spiritual Slip Attached Duration: 10 sec
  • Spiritual Slip Detonation Base DMG: 44% of shot’s actual DMG

Neural Standard Skill 1

With the disappearance of Spiritual Slips comes a brilliant explosion, dealing a resounding 70% of Chenxing’s ATK as Electrical DMG to the marked targets.


Neural Standard Skill 2

Chenxing’s tactical prowess shines as Silk Spiritual Slips extend their influence, marking up to 8 targets simultaneously.

Support Skill – Scarlet Thunder Counterblade

Witness the manifestation of Scarlet Thunder Counterblade as Chenxing propels Scarlet Thunder toward up to 5 targets ahead, inflicting Electrical DMG upon impact and attaching to the targets. Once attached, Scarlet Thunder intermittently emits Pure Lightning, inflicting Electrical DMG per second. Operatives targeting the weak spots of marked enemies trigger a Scarlet Current that courses through all targets, dealing Electrical DMG.

  • Scarlet Thunder Hit DMG: 25% of Chenxing’s ATK + 61
  • Scarlet Thunder Attached Duration: 10 sec
  • Pure Lightning DMG per Second: 20% of Chenxing’s ATK
  • Scarlet Current DMG: 100% of Chenxing’s ATK
  • Scarlet Current Cooldown: 3 sec

Neural Support Skill 1

The allure of Neural Support Skill 1 lies in the restoration of 1 U-Energy upon triggering the Scarlet Thunder weak spot effect.


Neural Support Skill 2

Chenxing’s strategic acumen manifests as the Scarlet Thunder Counterblade inflicts the Paralyzed effect on the target for a duration of 2 seconds upon impact.

Ultimate Skill – Dominance

Prepare to be astounded as Chenxing melds her Spiritual Slips and Scarlet Thunder to form the awe-inspiring Celestial Key. With this celestial weapon, she rains down devastation upon a considerable area, launching targets skyward and unleashing Electrical DMG. But that’s not all; post-Celestial Key detonation, the Dominant Zone springs to life, with Fierce Thunder relentlessly striking the zone, inflicting Electrical DMG with each impact.

  • Celestial Key DMG: 350% of Chenxing’s ATK + 117
  • Number of Fierce Thunders in Dominant Zone: 15
  • DMG of Each Fierce Thunder: 120% of Chenxing’s ATK
  • Dominant Zone Duration: 6 sec

Neural Ultimate Skill 1

Upon the Celestial Key’s impact, all Spiritual Slips’ attached durations in the area are reset.


Neural Ultimate Skill 2

Within the Dominant Zone, enemies find themselves vulnerable as their Ballistic DMG intake surges by 20%.

Manifestation Phases: Unveiling Hidden Potential

Witness Chenxing’s evolution across phases of manifestation, each phase unveiling a deeper layer of her abilities:

  • Phase 1 – Breeze: Deliver a shot to a weak spot, and experience an incremental 1% increase in Ballistic DMG for 3 seconds. Maximize this effect to 15 stacks. Each subsequent shot resets the duration without adding stacks.
  • Phase 2 – Fallen Cloud: Elevate the duration of Spiritual Slips and Scarlet Thunder by an astounding 50%.
  • Phase 3 – Celestial Tribulation: When Chenxing’s shot hits a target with a Spiritual Slip attached, the CRIT DMG Amplifier surges by 30%.
  • Phase 4 – Tiger Wings: Elevate the Silk Spiritual Slip skill level, augmenting shot detonation DMG to 44% of the shot’s DMG.
  • Phase 5 – Tiger Wings: Evoke a sense of chance as the detonation of Spiritual Slips by Chenxing’s shot carries a 30% probability of dealing additional DMG equivalent to 50% of the detonation DMG.

Prepare to traverse the extraordinary journey with Chenxing – Ethereal Cloud as she redefines excellence within Snowbreak: Containment Zone. Master her skills, unveil her potential, and lead your team to unparalleled victories on the battlefield. The path to triumph unfolds as you harness the exceptional abilities of Chenxing – Ethereal Cloud.


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