A Comprehensive Exoprimal Roadmap – Discover Upcoming Seasons, DLC, Suits, and More!”

A Comprehensive Exoprimal Roadmap – Discover Upcoming Seasons, DLC, Suits, and More!”

If you’re an avid gamer and love the thrill of shooting down dinosaurs in a co-op setting, Capcom’s Exoprimal is just the game for you. Launched on July 14, 2023, Exoprimal has already made waves in the gaming community with its exciting gameplay and intense action. But that’s not all, as Capcom has a comprehensive roadmap planned to keep players engaged and entertained for months to come. In this article, we will delve into the Exoprimal roadmap and explore the upcoming game modes, suit variants, and exciting collaborations that will take this game to a whole new level.

Exoprimal Roadmap

The Exoprimal roadmap lays out a detailed plan for the game’s future updates and content releases. It’s a well-thought-out schedule that promises to keep players on the edge of their seats with new experiences every few months. Let’s take a closer look at what the roadmap has in store for Exoprimal players:

Season 1Friday, July 14, 2023
Savage Gauntlet game modeFriday, July 28, 2023
Title Update 1Wednesday, August 16, 2023
Season 2expected October 2023
Street Fighter 6 collaboration
Title Update 2
Season 3expected January 2024
Monster Hunter collaboration
Title Update 3

Season 1 Roadmap – Savage Gauntlet, Alpha Variants

The first season of Exoprimal was launched on July 14, 2023, introducing players to the captivating world of dinosaur co-op shooting. Season 1 comes with a host of exciting missions, maps, and engaging gameplay that sets the stage for what’s to come in the subsequent seasons. Players have already been raving about the adrenaline-pumping action and seamless co-op mechanics that Exoprimal brings to the table.

Savage Gauntlet Game Mode – Friday, July 28, 2023

July 28, 2023, marks the arrival of the Savage Gauntlet game mode, an action-packed and dynamic challenge designed for veteran players. In Savage Gauntlet, players can put their high-level exofighters and build to the test as they compete against others for the fastest clear time each week. With new challenges and rules resetting regularly, players must adapt their strategies to prevail under ever-changing conditions. It’s the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills and mastery of the game while vying for the top score on the leaderboards.

Title Update 1 – Wednesday, August 16, 2023

On August 16, 2023, players can look forward to Title Update 1, a significant enhancement to the Exoprimal experience. This update introduces 10 Alpha Variant exosuits to the game, each altering the existing suits with unique weapons and tweaked abilities. These variant suits offer players exciting new ways to approach gameplay, providing fresh challenges and opportunities to experiment with different playstyles. Whether you prefer brute force or precision attacks, the Alpha Variant exosuits offer something for every player to enjoy.

Exopirmal Season 1 FAQs

Q: When was Exoprimal Season 1 launched? A: Exoprimal Season 1 was launched on July 14, 2023, alongside the game’s official release.

Q: What is the Savage Gauntlet game mode in Exoprimal? A: The Savage Gauntlet game mode is a dynamic challenge designed for veteran players, where they compete for the fastest clear time each week under ever-changing conditions.

Q: What does Title Update 1 bring to Exoprimal? A: Title Update 1 introduces 10 Alpha Variant exosuits to the game, each with unique weapons and tweaked abilities, offering players new ways to approach gameplay.

Q: How can I excel in the Savage Gauntlet game mode? A: To excel in the Savage Gauntlet, master your exofighter’s abilities, coordinate with teammates for effective teamwork, stay informed about weekly meta changes, and practice regularly to improve your skills.

Q: How do the Alpha Variant exosuits enhance gameplay in Exoprimal? A: The Alpha Variant exosuits add variety and depth to the game, allowing players to customize their playstyle with unique weapon loadouts and abilities.

Q: What can players look forward to in Exoprimal Season 1? A: In Exoprimal Season 1, players can look forward to the Savage Gauntlet game mode and the introduction of 10 Alpha Variant exosuits through Title Update 1, offering thrilling challenges and new gameplay experiences.

The Alpha Variant suits are:

DeadeyeBurst Fire
ZephyrEnergy Chakram
RoadblockFortress Shield
WitchdoctorDuality Beam
BarrageRocket Hop
MurasameFrost Glaive
SkywaveThunder Clap
KriegerCharge Shotgun
NimbusDouble Barrel

Exoprimal Season 2 Roadmap: New Map, Rigs, Modules

With Season 1 setting the stage, players are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Season 2, expected to hit the virtual shelves in October 2023. Capcom is keeping the details under wraps, building anticipation among players for what could be in store. Speculations are rife about new missions, challenging maps, and, most intriguingly, a collaboration with Street Fighter 6.

Title Update 2 – New Map: Ocean Platform

Season 2’s Title Update 2 introduces an exhilarating addition to Exoprimal’s maps – the Ocean Platform. While Capcom has kept the specifics under wraps, the small thumbnail image suggests an oil rig-like environment. Players can expect a hazardous location filled with heart-pounding action as they battle hordes of dinosaurs amid the vast ocean backdrop. The Ocean Platform promises to be a unique and challenging battleground, testing players’ skills and teamwork in this new dynamic setting.

New Rigs and Modules

Title Update 2 also brings an array of new rigs and modules to Exoprimal, offering players expanded customization options during combat. Although Capcom has yet to reveal the specific details, these new additions are sure to add much-needed variety and depth to players‘ builds. Whether you prefer boosting your firepower, enhancing your survivability, or exploring other tactical possibilities, the new rigs and modules will allow players to tailor their exofighters to suit their preferred playstyle.

New Final Mission Stage

In Season 2, players can anticipate the arrival of a new final mission stage. While the details remain a mystery, one thing is certain – it will add more variety and excitement to the Dino Survival playlist. Final missions in Exoprimal are known for their chaotic and challenging nature, requiring exceptional teamwork and skill to emerge victorious. With the introduction of a new mission type, players can look forward to fresh challenges and unique experiences as they strive to overcome the toughest obstacles.

Capcom Collaboration Event: Street Fighter 6

One of the most anticipated features of Season 2 is the first-ever Capcom Collaboration event, starring none other than Street Fighter 6. Though specifics are yet to be fully disclosed, players have already been teased with the reveal of various Street Fighter 6-themed cosmetics, such as the Ryu skin for Deadeye. This crossover event promises to merge two beloved franchises, allowing players to embrace the iconic characters and aesthetics from Street Fighter 6 within the thrilling world of Exoprimal. It’s a collaboration that will undoubtedly elevate the gaming experience to new heights.

Exopirmal Season 2 FAQs

Q: What can players expect from Exoprimal Season 2? A: Exoprimal Season 2 brings a new map, Ocean Platform, along with new rigs, modules, and a final mission stage. Additionally, players can look forward to the exciting Capcom Collaboration event featuring Street Fighter 6.

Q: What is the Ocean Platform map in Exoprimal? A: The Ocean Platform map is a hazardous environment resembling an oil rig that poses new challenges for players as they face hordes of dinosaurs amidst the vast ocean backdrop.

Q: What will the new rigs and modules offer in Season 2? A: The new rigs and modules in Season 2 will provide players with expanded customization options for their exofighters, allowing them to tailor their playstyle and abilities to their preferences.

Q: What can players expect from the new final mission stage? A: The new final mission stage will add more variety and excitement to the Dino Survival playlist, presenting players with fresh challenges and unique experiences.

Q: What is the Capcom Collaboration event in Season 2? A: The Capcom Collaboration event in Season 2 features a crossover with Street Fighter 6, offering players themed cosmetics and the chance to embrace iconic characters and aesthetics from the Street Fighter universe in Exoprimal.

Q: When will Season 2 of Exoprimal begin? A: The exact start date for Season 2 has not been announced yet, but players can expect it to launch shortly after Season 1 concludes, as per the Exoprimal roadmap.

Exoprimal Season 3 Roadmap: Variant Exosuits Monster Hunter Collab

The excitement doesn’t end with Season 2, as Capcom is already planning for Season 3, which is expected to arrive in January 2024. Details are scarce at this point, but players are buzzing with anticipation, speculating on the potential collaboration with the beloved Monster Hunter franchise.

Title Update 3 – Beta Variant Exosuits

Season 3’s Title Update 3 is set to introduce beta variant exosuits, adding a fresh layer of excitement and versatility to Exoprimal’s gameplay. Similar to Title Update 1 in Season 1, the beta variants will bring new weapons and tweaked skills for the existing suits, offering alternative playstyles for beloved characters. Players will have the opportunity to experiment with unique combinations, empowering them to tailor their exofighters to match their preferred strategies. The beta variant exosuits promise to shake up the meta and bring new depths to team compositions and combat tactics.

The Neo Triceratops – A New Raid Boss

Prepare to face the Neo Triceratops, a formidable new raid boss that promises to test even the most skilled exofighters. Similar to the Neo T. Rex that players have encountered in the game, the Neo Triceratops will provide a challenging encounter, demanding both skill and precision from players. This menacing creature will put your exofighter’s build and teamwork to the ultimate test as you strive to emerge victorious against this behemoth. Team up with fellow hunters, strategize your approach, and harness your exosuits’ unique abilities to conquer the Neo Triceratops and claim glorious rewards.

The Monster Hunter Collaboration Event

In Season 3, players can look forward to the eagerly anticipated Monster Hunter Collaboration event. As details continue to unfold, players can expect thrilling content inspired by the Monster Hunter universe. The collaboration will undoubtedly add a delightful blend of the two gaming worlds, inviting players to embrace the essence of Monster Hunter within Exoprimal. Prepare to encounter iconic creatures, embark on challenging quests, and earn exclusive Monster Hunter-themed rewards to showcase your prowess in both realms.

Exopirmal Season 3 FAQs

Q: What can players expect from Exoprimal Season 3? A: Exoprimal Season 3 will introduce beta variant exosuits, the formidable Neo Triceratops raid boss, and the exciting Monster Hunter Collaboration event, providing players with new challenges and immersive experiences.

Q: What are beta variant exosuits in Season 3? A: Beta variant exosuits are new additions that bring alternative playstyles for existing suits, offering fresh weapons and tweaked skills to empower players with more versatility in combat.

Q: What is the Neo Triceratops in Exoprimal? A: The Neo Triceratops is a challenging new raid boss, similar to the Neo T. Rex, that will test players’ skills and teamwork as they strive to overcome this formidable creature.

Q: What can players look forward to in the Monster Hunter Collaboration event? A: In the Monster Hunter Collaboration event, players can expect thrilling content inspired by the Monster Hunter universe, including iconic creatures, quests, and exclusive rewards.

Q: When will Season 3 of Exoprimal begin? A: The exact start date for Season 3 has not been announced yet, but players can anticipate it to commence shortly after Season 2 concludes, as per the Exoprimal roadmap.

Q: How can players prepare for the challenges in Season 3? A: Players can prepare for the challenges in Season 3 by refining their skills, coordinating with their teams, and experimenting with different exosuit builds to adapt to the evolving gameplay.

As the Exoprimal roadmap unfolds, players can prepare to dive into a world brimming with captivating updates, diverse gameplay, and collaborative ventures. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a fresh-faced exofighter, there’s something for everyone in this competitive dinosaur co-op shooter. So, gear up, team up, and get ready to unleash your skills as you traverse the ever-evolving landscape of Exoprimal.

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