Exoprimal Vigilant Build Guide- Best Rig, Modules, Abilities & Loadout

Exoprimal Vigilant Build Guide- Best Rig, Modules, Abilities & Loadout

Vigilant Build Guide

Welcome to the world of Exoprimal, where the Vigilant exosuit awaits to redefine your long-range combat experience. Developed by Aibius, Vigilant stands as an assault-type exosuit boasting unparalleled long-range combat capabilities. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the essence of Vigilant, emphasizing the utmost importance of positioning and aiming for proficiency in harnessing its true potential on the battlefield.

Mastering the Art of Positioning

  1. Finding the Optimal PositionAs a long-range combat specialist, Vigilant thrives on strategic positioning. Locate vantage points that provide unobstructed views of the battlefield, allowing you to survey your surroundings and engage enemies from a safe distance. Maintain awareness of cover spots nearby to evade potential threats while repositioning.
  2. Balancing Proximity and SafetyWhile long-range attacks are Vigilant’s forte, occasionally, you may need to adjust your position to maintain a safe distance from aggressive foes. Strike a balance between proximity to your targets and safety, ensuring you can effectively retaliate without exposing yourself to unnecessary risks.

Abilities Overview

1. Subsonic Burst

The Subsonic Burst ability grants Vigilant the power to unleash a swift 3-round burst from the sniper rifle. This ability can be charged and employed while Railgun Charge is active.

Damage vs Exofighters:

  • Unscoped: 15×3
  • Scoped: 60-160

Damage vs Raptors:

  • Unscoped: 30×3
  • Scoped: 50-300

Damage vs Carnotaurus:

  • Unscoped: 30×3
  • Scoped: 50-300

2. Vault

With the Vault ability, Vigilant utilizes the recoil of the sniper rifle to achieve even higher jumps. Simply press [Space] while jumping to execute this maneuver.


Cooldown: 11 seconds

3. Frost Lock

Vigilant can fire an icy cluster using the Frost Lock ability, which freezes foes in their tracks.

Damage vs Exofighters: 30


Damage vs Raptors: 0

Damage vs Carnotaurus: 10

Frost Lock applies the “Freeze” status effect to Carnotaurus after 2 usages. Subsequent freezes require 6 usages of Frost Lock.


Freeze Duration: 3 seconds Cooldown: 12 seconds

4. Stinger Shot

After charging, the Stinger Shot ability unleashes a potent railgun shot that pierces foes and cuts through enemy lines.

Damage vs Exofighters: 180


Damage vs Raptors: 300

Damage vs Carnotaurus: 600

Cooldown: 18 seconds


5. OD: Barrel Breaker

The OD: Barrel Breaker ability allows Vigilant to convert all accumulated Hi-Xol into sniper rifle energy. Press [Left Click] to fire high-output railgun shots without charging.

Total Shots: 6

Damage vs Exofighters: 240


Damage vs Raptors: 600

Damage vs Carnotaurus: 600

Duration: 40 seconds


Tactics for Sniper Supremacy

  1. Positioning and PatienceMastering Vigilant’s abilities require impeccable positioning and patience. Find secure vantage points that offer clear sightlines and utilize cover effectively to remain undetected by foes.
  2. Precision AimingAs a sniper, precise aiming is your key to success. Hone your aiming skills through consistent practice to ensure every shot counts and turns the tide in your favor.

Vigilant’s Best Modules: Optimizing Long-Range Domination

In the pursuit of optimizing Vigilant’s long-range combat potential, choosing the right modules is of utmost importance. With three limited slots, each selection must contribute significantly to the exosuit’s efficiency on the battlefield. In this guide, we reveal the top module choices for Vigilant, granting you a strategic advantage and solidifying your position as an expert marksman.

First Slot: Charge Enhancer

The Charge Enhancer module takes precedence over Charge Linker for Vigilant’s first slot. When aiming down your sights, Vigilant’s shot power significantly increases, allowing for critical hits that can dispatch weaker exosuits in just two shots. With Charge Enhancer, you unlock an additional level of charge, resulting in an even more powerful shot that consumes additional ammunition. This enhanced shot deals devastating damage, making it a formidable choice for sniping down adversaries from afar. The Charge Enhancer module becomes available at Vigilant Exosuit level 16.

Second Slot: Crisis Module

The Crisis Module stands as the ideal choice for Vigilant’s second slot. This module adds an essential layer of defense, enabling you to swiftly evade danger when your health drops below a certain threshold. The ability to move quickly away from harm grants you increased survivability and ensures that you can continue to deliver precise shots from secure positions. Although Frostbite offers a tempting alternative with its ability to immobilize enemies, it may prove less effective from long distances due to its slower travel speed. Embrace the Crisis Module for enhanced survival and tactical maneuverability on the battlefield.


Third Slot: Floating Vault

Floating Vault takes precedence over Freezing Vault for Vigilant’s third slot. By selecting Floating Vault, you gain access to increased damage when executing Vault maneuvers. When combined with Charge Enhancer, this module empowers you to deal devastating damage to both enemy players and larger dinosaurs. Your Vault attacks become a potent tool for eliminating threats swiftly and efficiently. Unlock the Floating Vault module at Vigilant Exosuit level 12 to bolster your long-range dominance.


With Charge Enhancer, Crisis Module, and Floating Vault equipped, your Vigilant exosuit is finely tuned for unparalleled long-range domination. Embrace the power of precise aiming, charge your shots to unleash devastating damage, and swiftly evade danger when necessary. As Vigilant, you embody the epitome of a skilled sniper, poised to make your mark on the Exoprimal battlefield.

Now, with your optimized modules and sharpshooting skills, become the vigilant guardian of your team, eliminating adversaries from afar and ensuring victory in every engagement. May your shots find their mark and your enemies quiver in awe of your precision and might.


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