Unraveling the Role of a Captain in Wartales Guide

Unraveling the Role of a Captain in Wartales Guide

As you traverse the treacherous lands of Wartales, you will eventually encounter a momentous decision—to appoint a captain for your Warband. While this confers certain advantages, it may also raise questions about the captain’s role and their impact on your journey. If you find yourself pondering, “What does a captain do in Wartales?” we have the answers you seek.

The Choice of a Captain

After valiantly battling bandits and creatures, a popup will emerge, offering you the opportunity to appoint a captain from your companions. Upon selecting a captain, you gain influence within your party, but you must also provide them with a higher wage. The true advantages of this appointment, however, lie within the unique skills bestowed upon the captain.

The Galvanize Troops Skill

While your captain’s attributes remain unchanged, a hidden treasure lies within their skills—the Galvanize Troops ability. This active skill grants a tactical advantage not possessed by any other companion. The Galvanize Troops skill allows the captain to generate valor pips for nearby allies without sacrificing their chance to attack during their turn.


Mastering Galvanize Troops

The Galvanize Troops skill serves as an area ability that rewards you with temporary valor pips for each ally positioned within the designated circle when the skill is activated. This powerful ability can be a game-changer in battles, enabling you to launch formidable attacks right from the outset.

A Word of Caution

While Galvanize Troops proves invaluable in combat, it comes with limitations. This skill can be used only once per encounter, so it is essential to employ it strategically and not squander its potential impact. Choose the opportune moment to unleash this potent skill and turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Beyond the Captain: The Lieutenant

As you progress further in your journey, you will encounter the lieutenant, another significant role within your Warband. The lieutenant possesses a distinctive skill called “Opportunity Knocks,” granting select companions the ability to execute attacks of opportunity. This enables them to strike when adversaries reveal vulnerabilities, adding another layer of tactical finesse to your battles.



In conclusion, appointing a captain in Wartales bestows you with the formidable Galvanize Troops skill—a game-changing ability that empowers your allies and elevates your tactical prowess in battle. As you continue your adventure and encounter the lieutenant, the “Opportunity Knocks” skill further augments your combat potential.

Choose your captain wisely, for their unique skill will play a crucial role in your battles. Master the art of Galvanize Troops, and wield it with precision to seize victory in the most challenging encounters. Embark on your journey as a captain, and let the realm of Wartales bear witness to your strategic brilliance!

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