Exoprimal Roadblock Build Guide- Best Rig, Modules, Abilities & Loadout

Exoprimal Roadblock Build Guide- Best Rig, Modules, Abilities & Loadout

Roadblock: The Unyielding Tank-Type Exosuit from Aibius in Exoprimal

Roadblock Build Guide

In the awe-inspiring world of Exoprimal, technological marvels continue to push the boundaries of what is possible. Among the groundbreaking innovations stands the Roadblock, a tank-type exosuit crafted by the esteemed engineers at Aibius. Renowned for its heavyweight build and supreme durability, the Roadblock is a force to be reckoned with, offering unparalleled protection and close combat mechanics that enhance team survivability to new heights.

1) Supreme Durability: Forging the Unbreakable Shield

At the core of the Roadblock’s design is its unyielding durability. Constructed with cutting-edge materials, the exosuit is engineered to withstand the harshest of environments and combat conditions. Whether facing intense battles or confronting the mightiest foes, the Roadblock’s resilience remains unwavering, ensuring the safety of its wearer and the entire team.

2) State-of-the-Art Shield: Fortifying Against Adversaries

Aibius’s dedication to innovation is epitomized in the Roadblock’s state-of-the-art shield. This formidable defensive system is a technological marvel, capable of deflecting all manner of incoming attacks. From projectiles to energy-based assaults, the shield acts as an impenetrable barrier, shielding the wearer and their allies from harm and turning aside even the most lethal of threats.


3) Close Combat Mechanics: Empowering Team Survivability

The Roadblock’s close combat mechanics are a testament to its versatility in the heat of battle. Designed for engaging enemies up close, this exosuit becomes a formidable presence on the front lines. Its devastating melee attacks strike fear into adversaries, while its defensive capabilities protect teammates and create opportunities for coordinated offensive maneuvers.

4) Boost Function: Repelling the Unstoppable

In the face of colossal adversaries, the Roadblock’s boost function comes to the fore. Activating this powerful feature enhances the suit’s mobility and strength, allowing it to repel even the largest of dinosaurs and other colossal creatures. This boost function can turn the tide of battle, providing a tactical advantage and empowering the wearer to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds.

5) The Pinnacle of Team Support: Safeguarding the Expedition

As an exosuit designed for group missions and expeditions, the Roadblock stands as the pinnacle of team support. Its presence instills confidence in teammates, knowing they have a steadfast guardian watching over them. The Roadblock’s shield and close combat prowess make it an invaluable asset during joint operations, ensuring the success of daring missions and safeguarding the collective welfare of the team.


Roadblock’s Active Skills: Unleash Devastating Power

In the thrilling world of Exoprimal, the Roadblock exosuit stands as a symbol of unyielding power and resilience. Engineered by the brilliant minds at Aibius, this cutting-edge exosuit is equipped with a formidable arsenal of active skills, each designed to unleash devastating force against adversaries. Let’s delve into the active skills of the Roadblock and discover the immense potential they hold.

1) Haymaker: A Fierce Armored Fist

The Haymaker skill embodies the Roadblock’s raw strength. With a mighty punch from its enlarged armored fist, the exosuit deals a substantial blow to opponents. When facing other exosuits, the Haymaker inflicts 40 damage, and against the formidable dinosaurs, it delivers an even more impressive 80 damage. This skill is the embodiment of brute force, offering a satisfying way to neutralize threats with sheer might.

2) Shield Blast: Unleashing Controlled Force

The Shield Blast skill is a display of controlled power, allowing the Roadblock to send enemies flying with a forceful shield thrust. The impact’s strength is directly proportional to the number of enemies hit by the shield, making it a skill that rewards strategic positioning and timing. Against exosuits, the Shield Blast delivers a hefty 120 damage, while against dinosaurs, it deals 90 damage. The versatility of this skill makes it an essential tool in the Roadblock’s arsenal.


3) Skid Dodge: Swift Evasion for Tactical Maneuvers

The Skid Dodge skill grants the Roadblock unparalleled agility and evasion capabilities. By performing a well-timed evade, the exosuit can swiftly change direction using the [W][A][S][D] keys. This maneuver allows the wearer to dodge incoming attacks, reposition themselves strategically, and gain a tactical advantage on the battlefield. With a mere 6-second cooldown, the Skid Dodge skill provides the Roadblock with a means to outmaneuver adversaries and maintain an upper hand in combat.

4) Taunt: Drawing the Enemy’s Focus

The Taunt skill embodies the Roadblock’s role as a stalwart defender. By banging on its shield, the exosuit draws the focus of enemies in front, effectively becoming a target that distracts and hinders opponents. Moreover, the Taunt causes enemy exosuit AI to malfunction, hindering their evasiveness for 4.5 seconds. This powerful crowd control ability allows the Roadblock to protect its allies, giving them breathing room to deliver devastating attacks.

5) OD: Storm Drive: Unleashing a Tornado of Destruction

The Overdrive (OD) skill, Storm Drive, is the pinnacle of the Roadblock’s active abilities. By harnessing the shield’s thrusters to spin rapidly, the exosuit generates a formidable tornado that draws enemies toward it. Once the cyclone reaches its peak, pressing [Left Click] launches the tornado, blowing away adversaries with immense force. Against exosuits, the Storm Drive inflicts 4×50 damage (200 total), and against dinosaurs, it delivers a staggering 70×50 damage (3500 total). This ultimate skill is a display of unmatched power that can turn the tide of any battle.


The Roadblock’s active skills represent a lethal combination of brute force, precise control, agility, crowd control, and overwhelming devastation. From the Haymaker’s mighty punch to the Storm Drive’s tornado of destruction, each skill complements the exosuit’s tank-type capabilities, making it an indispensable asset in any expedition. Whether facing exosuits or dinosaurs, the Roadblock stands as a beacon of unyielding power, safeguarding its team and leaving a trail of triumph in its wake.

The Best Loadout for Roadblock in Exoprimal

When piloting the mighty Roadblock exosuit in Exoprimal, choosing the right loadout is paramount to maximize your defensive capabilities and protect your team during intense battles. While Roadblock may not focus on strong attack power, its extraordinary defense makes it an invaluable asset on the battlefield. To enhance its performance, here are the three modules that have proven to be the best for Roadblock:

1) Skid Dodge+

Skid Dodge is a crucial module that allows Roadblock to evade enemy attacks with ease. The upgraded version, Skid Dodge+, offers even greater speed and improved dodge ability, making it an essential choice for tactical maneuvering. Additionally, enemies hit by the Skid Dodge+ will be knocked back, providing an extra layer of crowd control that can create advantageous openings for your team.


While the Skid Dodge+ does have a slightly longer cooldown between uses, up to four seconds, its versatility in dodging and crowd control far outweighs this minor drawback. Employing the Skid Dodge+ effectively can significantly contribute to Roadblock’s survivability and ability to reposition strategically during combat.

2) Tower Shield

Undoubtedly, the Tower Shield is the crown jewel of Roadblock’s loadout. This enormous shield serves as a formidable defense against most enemy attacks, providing exceptional protection not only for the pilot but also for the entire team. By utilizing the Tower Shield, Roadblock can act as a stalwart guardian, defending its allies and allowing them to concentrate on offense without concern for their safety.

With the Tower Shield, Roadblock’s defensive capabilities reach their maximum potential, as it absorbs a substantial amount of damage and creates a secure perimeter for your team. Moreover, when combined with the Shield Blast skill, the Tower Shield becomes a formidable force that can repel enemies far away, further enhancing its crowd control capabilities.


3) Stun Blast

Completing the ultimate loadout for Roadblock is the Stun Blast module. This valuable addition provides Roadblock with additional powers to stun enemies and dinosaurs, amplifying the effectiveness of the Shield Blast skill. By stunning adversaries, Roadblock sets them up as easy prey for your team, allowing them to capitalize on the opportunity and deal significant damage.

The Stun Blast module offers an essential crowd control aspect to Roadblock’s capabilities, making it a valuable asset in team coordination and strategic combat scenarios. By investing in this module, Roadblock gains the ability to exert dominance over the battlefield, ensuring the safety of its allies while neutralizing threats with precision and efficiency.

In conclusion, the best loadout for Roadblock in Exoprimal revolves around the Skid Dodge+, Tower Shield, and Stun Blast modules. This combination optimizes Roadblock’s defensive potential, mobility, and crowd control abilities, transforming it into an indispensable guardian and protector of the team. As you embark on daring missions in Exoprimal, equipping Roadblock with this top-tier loadout will undoubtedly lead to triumph and glory on the battlefield.

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The Roadblock build in Exoprimal undoubtedly holds a prominent position as the top choice for the support class on the Exoprimal tier list. Its exceptional defensive capabilities and crowd control make it an invaluable asset in any team composition.

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