Exoprimal Witchdoctor Build Guide- Best Rig, Modules, Abilities & Loadout

Exoprimal Witchdoctor Build Guide- Best Rig, Modules, Abilities & Loadout

Witchdoctor Build Guide

Enter the realm of Exoprimal and embrace the enigmatic power of Witchdoctor, the support-type exosuit developed by Aibius. With a profound focus on synergy with allies, Witchdoctor thrives in providing unparalleled support to the team. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the suite of abilities that repair, buff, and paralyze saurian targets, allowing Witchdoctor to leap across the battlefield with agility while empowering allies with newfound strength.

Unleashing the Power of Support

Witchdoctor’s prowess as a support exosuit lies in its ability to synergize harmoniously with allies, making it an invaluable asset on the battlefield. Let us delve into the remarkable abilities that define the role of Witchdoctor as the ultimate support specialist.

Abilities Overview

1. Repair and Buff

Witchdoctor’s arsenal is brimming with abilities that repair damage and bestow buffs upon teammates, elevating their combat potential.


Repairing Abilities: With swift precision, Witchdoctor can mend the wounds of allies, ensuring their sustained presence in the heat of battle.

Buffing Abilities: Grant your allies faster movement speed and other advantageous buffs, enhancing their efficiency and mobility during engagements.

2. Paralyzing Attacks

Witchdoctor’s attacks possess the ability to paralyze saurian targets, momentarily immobilizing them and allowing the team to capitalize on strategic opportunities.


Witchdoctor’s Active Skills: Empowering Support on the Battlefield

As the enigmatic Witchdoctor, your arsenal is brimming with potent active skills that empower your role as a support exosuit on the Exoprimal battlefield. Master these abilities to mend, heal, and bestow crucial buffs upon your allies while hindering adversaries with immobilizing effects. Unleash the might of Witchdoctor and be the guiding light that leads your team to triumph.

1. Neuro Rod

Harness the electric current from your staff with the Neuro Rod skill, inflicting continuous damage to enemies in front of you. This potent ability not only deals relentless damage but also has the potential to paralyze dinosaurs, immobilizing them and turning the tide of battle in your favor.

2. Feed

The Feed skill is a versatile tool, capable of both healing allies and granting them an increased movement speed. Moreover, you have the ability to steal energy from enemies, fully charging the Neuro Rod and enabling you to unleash even more devastating damage. Additionally, Feed acts as an inhibitor, limiting the movement of your foes, granting you a strategic advantage in controlling the flow of combat.


Cooldown: 13 seconds

3. Repair Leap

With the Repair Leap skill, you catapult yourself forward at remarkable speed, allowing you to reach allies in need swiftly. Additionally, by pressing [Space], you gain an extra jump, granting you unparalleled mobility on the battlefield.

Cooldown: 12 seconds


4. Rescue Field

Create a beneficial environment for your allies with the Rescue Field skill. This ability produces a healing field that continuously restores the health of all allies within its confines, fortifying their resolve and enabling them to endure prolonged engagements with greater resilience.

Cooldown: 16 seconds

5. OD: Vital Aura

As you release a tremendous amount of condensed Hi-Xol energy with the OD: Vital Aura skill, your allies’ health is fully restored, and their defense receives a significant boost. Simultaneously, nearby enemies find their movement restricted, curtailing their ability to maneuver effectively on the battlefield.


Optimal Exoprimal Witchdoctor Build: Mastering Support and Survivability

Step into the mystical realm of Exoprimal as the esteemed Witchdoctor with an optimized build that enhances your support capabilities while fortifying your survivability. By combining the Impact Reduction Module, Repair Boost, and Safety Leap, along with the versatile Cannon rig, you unlock the true potential of Witchdoctor, enabling you to heal, buff, and endure with unparalleled efficiency.

Module 1: Impact Reduction Module

The Impact Reduction Module, while general in nature, proves exceptionally beneficial for Witchdoctor. By equipping this module, Witchdoctor gains the advantage of reduced damage from dinosaurs, bolstering its resilience on the battlefield. With enhanced survivability, you can focus on your support role and protect your allies amidst the chaos of combat.

Module 2: Repair Boost

Amplify the mending powers of the Repair Field skill with the Repair Boost module. This augmentation elevates Witchdoctor’s ability to heal allies, turning it into a formidable force in sustaining your team through the most intense confrontations. Your healing prowess becomes a cornerstone of your support, fostering a robust and unyielding alliance on the battleground.


Module 3: Safety Leap

The Safety Leap module bestows a crucial advantage upon Witchdoctor, granting an additional use of the Repair Field skill whenever you execute a leap. The increase in leap cooldown is a small price to pay for the tremendous benefits of an extra Repair Field activation. As you enhance the power of Repair Field, the extended cooldown proves worthwhile, ensuring you provide consistent support to your team when they need it most.

Rig: Cannon

For the Witchdoctor, the Cannon rig emerges as a quintessential choice. It masterfully addresses two of Witchdoctor’s key weaknesses – a lack of range and damage output. With the Cannon at your disposal, you can unleash devastating firepower upon your adversaries from afar, levelling the playing field and allowing you to influence the battle’s outcome with precision and might.

Alternative Rig Options

While the Cannon rig offers exceptional benefits, you have the flexibility to explore alternative options based on your playstyle and team composition:

  1. Aid Rig: Amplify your healing output further with the Aid rig, reinforcing your role as the team’s primary support and ensuring your allies remain at their peak performance throughout every encounter.
  2. Shield Rig: Prioritize personal protection and bolster your survivability with the Shield rig. By enhancing your defenses, you become a more resilient Witchdoctor, able to navigate hazardous situations with greater confidence.


Armed with the Impact Reduction Module, Repair Boost, and Safety Leap, complemented by the Cannon rig, your Witchdoctor build embodies the epitome of support mastery and survivability. Engage in the dance of healing, buffing, and enduring, knowing that your optimized build enables you to navigate the tumultuous exosuit battles with finesse and potency.

Unleash the enigmatic powers of the Witchdoctor, and let your support prowess become a guiding light for your team, illuminating the path to victory amidst the ever-changing landscapes of Exoprimal. Embrace your role as the healer, the guardian, and the strategist, and witness the profound impact of your optimized Witchdoctor build on the destiny of the realm.

In Exoprimal, the Nimbus build undoubtedly claims the top spot for the support class on the Exoprimal tier list. However, we understand that individual preferences vary, and there are other exciting options available for players, such as the Exoprimal Murasame Build, Krieger Build, Barrage Build, Deadeye Build, and Zephyr Build. Each build offers a distinct playstyle and caters to different gameplay preferences.


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