What Does It Mean When You Dream About Money?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Money?

Dreaming about money can be positive or negative depending upon the situation. It feels good until and unless you are not losing the money. Not always money represents good things like losing it can be really bad. Money represents control, self confidence and progression in life with some really good upcoming opportunities. Let’s dig into what does it mean when you dream about money in detail.

On a personal note, I had a dream to found $200 that is a huge amount. It was just a reflection of thoughts because I was facing some sort of financial issues in life. Money is needed and may be that’s why dream of money happened. Of course, it made me happy for a while.

Also, losing money in a dream reflects worries and anxieties in life. If a dream is negative in nature then transformations in life are soon going to happen. You should also read about spider dream meaning and snake dream interpretation.


Our dreams are a result of subconscious mind related to the waking life. It does not depends upon the financial state. You need to realize that difficulties in life and dreams are interconnected. Feelings in dream represents work life.

Dreams About Money Meaning

  1. Dream About Counting Money: Seems wonderful…? Yes, it is good enough to make you feel good. It means that you are going to have success and wealth in the future. Dream of money means better opportunities in life with some positive situations.
  2. Dream About Winning Money On A Scratch Ticket: Seems you’ll be doing great in life and will take better decisions about money. Financial situation must be improved. This dream can symbolize resolved life further.
  3. Dream About Winning Money At Casino: New acquaintance in life is waiting for you. This dream generally brings better prospects in life. If you are facing any difficulties in life then it will probably fade away. If you want to know about what does it mean when you dream about you crush, read with us.
  4. Dream Of Someone Giving Me Money: This dream means help that you may give others to reach their goals. To help someone is always a good deed. But, on the negative side, it also indicates giving away your powers to anyone. Dream of someone giving me money resembles a part of you that soon is coming to life and needs adventure to be completed. Think of the person who’s giving you money as that is very important to understand your relations. Dream of giving money to me is a good dream indeed.
  5. Dream Of Money Stolen From My Wallet: It indicates that someone is looking for an advantage by your side.You don;t care of other people’s opinion about you in life. Should be more attentive in the waking life. Basically, it is related to losing your identity. Someone close may try to harm you. Being robbed in dream means someone is taking away your powers.
  6. Receiving Money In A Dream: It is a very positive symbol as gaining always makes us happy. If you know the person then may be a new business or job interview is about to happen. It clearly symbolizes prosperity. Though receiving money in dream that is dirty means financial loss.
  7. Dream About Money Notes: It indicates need of help in real life and also a spark of enthusiasm. This type of dream can help to discover yourself and experience new things in life. Kick start a new start.

Some other common dream meanings for what does it mean when you dream about money are explained below.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Money?

Dreaming about finding hidden money at house or any other place symbolizes some minor issues in the upcoming life. Finding torn money is not a good sign as it indicates your false beliefs in life.


Stealing money in a dream is a bad sign and also a warning for some future dangers. Be careful about your attitude with others.

Donating money in a dream means relaxation in upcoming life. It could be a trip at your favorite place or may be meeting your old best friend. Whereas investing money in dream indicates addition to your family. May be a marriage or a newborn child. Take a look at dream of death as well. 

Receiving money in silver form is a good dream and indicates to listen to someone’s admire whom you may admire. That would be really positive.


Not always dream of money if good, it could be bad as well. Having no money in dream is quite negative as it relates to confused state of mind. Accept the situations you are going through and try to look for positive solutions about the same. Dream of someone dying has also significant meaning. Hope you got your answer for what does it mean when you dream about money in detailing.

Final thoughts for the dream of money

Money is everything needed in life and our dreams are a reflection of our hidden thoughts and life we are living. Dreams do represent feelings and approach towards waking life. You may either have a positive or negative dream interpretation about money but make sure you are not letting it affect your mindset in any form. More dreams means more choices in life. Reading about dreams of being pregnant is also a good option though.


So, i am done with writing what does it mean when you dream about money. Take things easy if you had a bad dream interpretation. If you have any thoughts or experience about the same, let me know in the comment section.

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