What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone?

If you want to know what does it mean when you dream about someone then you are at the right place for the answer. I did research and the results are quite interesting. 

Our dreams are an important part of our lives ’ reflection and our hidden thoughts going on in the mind. There are times when the subconscious mind is trying to tell us about our life in detail. To analyze the dream, make sure you remember all the details of your dreams and that too in proper order. Let’s move to the dream facts of what does it mean when you dream of someone repeatedly.

Why Do We Dream About Certain People?

  1. This means you want the attention of that person you saw in the dream. Or they have been ignoring you for so long that makes you crave even more. We all have someone to admire and when we don’t get enough noticed in return, it becomes a dream. It might be a tough experience to have as not everyone has someone to share things with. Rather than worrying about what they think of you; go and confess your feelings to them.
  2. If you dream about someone then they may be thinking of you and yes this fact is true. Also, they can soon be a part of your life. Give more attention to the dream and persons present in the dream to know about their feelings towards you.
  3. It could be a sign that they may take advantage of you by any means. Take this dream as a warning. Time to judge people you had in the dream. Better to start judging people and their intentions that surround you to prevent damage.
  4. Missing someone is the most common answer for what does it mean when you dream about someone. Maybe you are missing but they do not have the same feelings as you do. Of course, starting a new relationship is always but difficult but there’s no point to keep thinking about them if they can’t be with you.

These are some possible reasons to keep dreaming about the same person repeatedly. Ask yourself what these dreams mean to you?

Significance Of Dreams

Dreams are related to our waking life and make us warned for the persons. Our subconscious mind tries to give us several meanings. You should also read about the dreams of spiders and snakes. I have made some important dream meanings and their interpretations if you think about someone again and again. 


The most common answer for what does it mean when you dream of someone is you are thinking or missing that person way too much than needed. Maybe you have been thinking about that person while falling asleep. I have already mentioned some common reasons above.

What Do Dreams Mean When You Dream About Someone?

  • Dream Of Someone You Like: It means they are an important part of our lives and want to proceed with them in life. In simple words, the dream of your crush resembles acceptance and self-respect. Usually, you have this dream because of their presence in your mind for the entire day.
  • Dream Of Someone You Love: It can be the level of persuasion that you possess for them. For sure, you want to be with them in the upcoming life. Maybe you have a fear of losing them if you are already with the person. Keep in mind what they were wearing and surrounding in the dream and try to connect that one with the waking life. If everything went well then it means you have a deep connection with them.
  • If you dream of someone you have killed in the dream means there’s something that you don’t like about that person. You want to get rid of that person in life. It could be your enemy someone you didn’t like at all.
  • Dream Of Losing Someone: It is related to being overwhelmed from your waking life. There are some distractions in your life that need to be cluttered. Big changes are coming your way. You need to analyze your relationship precisely.
  • Dreaming About Someone Criticizing You: It means you are not feeling good enough about yourself. This dream can even make you feel frustrated about yourself but let’s take it in a good way. Yes, it is a bit irritating but you need to be stronger.
  • Someone Cheating On You: The dream about cheating on my girlfriend relates to guilt and self compromised. Keep reading about what does it mean when you dream about someone.
  • Dreaming About Someone In A Sexual Way: It has an obvious meaning that you are madly attracted to them and want to engage with them in a sexual way.
  • Dream Of Someone Getting Married: If you had a dream of someone getting married and you are single, it means soon you are going to get your love. Basically, this dream is a good one. For a married man, this dream means good luck and for a businessman, it means a good partner.
  • Dream Of Someone Dying: Usually, the dream of someone dying means you are afraid of losing that person. Either your parents or better half. It also means the end of something wrong in life. It could be a new career, a love life, or a career. Are you feeling betrayed by them? Yes, maybe you are. It is not a bad dream but depends upon your situation.
  • Dream Of Someone Trying To Kill Me: It could mean that you are lucky enough to know about other people’s intentions. Also, you may gain benefits in the future.
  • Dream Of Someone Crying: This dream is negative as you are confessing your feelings to anyone. Admit your feelings to someone closed so that you may not feeling helpless. Express your feelings in a more positive way. If you see a stranger crying, better to start things from a new end. It represents minor stresses in life.
  • Dream Of Someone Giving Me Money: It means optimism and a positive outlook towards life. Also, there must be some financial issues going on in life.
  • Dream Of Family Member Dying: Dream of a family member is common that is a reflection of your own life. These dreams symbolize love and care towards family. Whereas, dream of a family member’s death means they need more attention in the waking life.
  • Dream Of Someone Pregnant: It means new adventures and excitement in life are coming your way. It is a wheel of mixed emotions. So, this means either they are actually pregnant or you’re jealous of them. Or, there’s a new project coming up.
  • Dream Of Someone Bleeding: It represents being hurt by something unknown. You may be feeling exhausted from life.
  • Dream About Someone From Past: This dream is a bit complicated as we don’t remember people and memories related to them. Think about the dream and details. Now, try to recall things with that person. This dream is meant to tell you something where you are still connected and is still an important part of your future.
  • Dreaming about a dead person: This means there must be something wrong that is soon going to happen in the future. It can have a positive or negative meaning as per the relation with that person. There could be guilt with that person. If that dead person is trying to talk to you then you should listen to them.

How To Get Rid Of Recurring Dreams?

If you are not in love with that person you had in the dream then recurring dreams can be very unpleasant. I have collected some ways for how to get rid of bad dreams.

  1. Set up your regular sleeping schedule.
  2. Cut out caffeine and alcohol especially late at night.
  3. Try to focus on positive people and life events.
  4. Take proper rest, neither less nor more.
  5. Go to bed with a free mind. Leave your fears behind and focus on your relaxation time.
  6. Examine your actions and stop doing risky sins.
  7. Talk to someone you trust to counter sleep aids.

Last Thoughts

Our dreams are mysterious and to decode them we have provided a guide. Hope you got your answer for what does it mean when you dream of someone. In simple words, if you dream about someone repeatedly you are thinking too much about them. It is important to remember the exact dream to understand what does it exactly mean.

The dream interpretations and their meanings are related to person to person. Again, our dreams are a reflection of our thoughts and waking life.


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