What Does It Mean When You Dream About Death?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Death?

Dreaming about death is common in our sleep routines and this is horrifying to have. If you have a question about what does it mean when you dream about death you are at the right place. You should know about spider dream meaning as well.

In this post,I tried my level best to explain the meaning of death dream.

Dreaming of death usually indicates an “ending of something”, it could be a phase of life, job or relationship. It has no concern with death of person present in the dream. Infact, this is related to resolving anxiety or anger related to self. Death dreams can be related to many different aspects of life.


Dreaming about death is a good opportunity for personal growth and inspection for related stuff. Look within and make adjustments as needed. What does it mean when you dream about death is an interesting part to read about.

Why Do I Have Bad Dreams?

Usually, people have dreams of death who are thinking a lot about their death or those who are entering a new phase of life. Or, if there are some life-changing events are happening that is making you feel fear or anxious.


Dreaming of death could mean ending of an important phase in life or the start of a new beginning. Also, overcoming a bad habit or recognizing an aspect related to ourselves. Also, rad about what does it mean when you dream about snakes. It is dependent upon the person who has died in your dream and nature. Particularly, what the person is for you in the waking life.

So, if an old person died in your dream, it relates to shedding your old bad habits. Whereas, death of child in dream has a hidden meaning of becoming more responsible towards core responsibilities in life.

Suppose you are a divorced person, this dream of death means promotion to a new life and relationships is arriving ahead.


If you have a dream of someone repeatedly who has died a long time ago, then probably some of your current life part resembles them.

Dreaming of death does not always mean the end of life but it could be the end of something that you may want to end in real life. If you are interested in crush dream meaning, then browse our site. That person who you saw dead in dream has no part in your life anymore.

It means you have no feelings for that person or a significant change is in your way.         


Let’s move to what does it mean when you dream of death in detail.

Common Death Dreams And Their Meanings:

  1. Death of a child: Parenting is the phase of life that made an adult realize for their duties and responsibilities. Dreaming of a baby’s death usually implies fear of losing or time to end unhealthy practices that is dangerous for your child’s life somewhere. You may have a feeling of sacrifices for kids that no one has noticed so far. 
  2. Death of yourself: If you died in your dream, it means it is the time to put yourself first. Quit unhealthy habits to live a happy life. What does it mean when you dream about death of yourself has a meaning of concern about your life.
  3. Death of a parent: If they are alive and you had a dream of their death then you may be in your unconscious mind of losing them. This dream is quite practical if your parents are older. This is related to some money related loss as well. If they are dead then this dream gave you an opportunity of saying them last goodbye.
  4. Death of a sibling: It means that you are busy in your life and not giving them proper time to spend. Take time and tell them what they meant to you and memories the happy times spent together.
  5. Dreams about death of someone else: It is a warning for you that you are surrounded by the wrong people in life. Time to resolve all your issues and move on for a better life.
  6. Death of someone unknown: It must be an indication that significant changes are needed for improved life. There would be something that is bothering you and demand for better changes.
  7. Dreaming of dead body: Do you know that person who’s dead? If no, then you must know the reason for this dream but is hidden from your conscious mind. Look in your waking life and solve the issue.
  8. Dream of killing someone: It is an indication that you are guilty for your previous sins and they are haunting you.
  9. Death of husband or wife: It may indicate that you lose a quality that your partner is looking for. You need to explore your dream in detail and let you partner know about your love and admire them. Take more care if she’s pregnant.

If you had a dream of your own death then it symbolizes inner changes and positive transformations. Discover yourself and whatever is happening in your life. Hope you liked my theory for what does it mean when you dream about death.

There is no need to be panic or alarmed after dreaming of your loved one. They won’t die but may need your attention in waking life. It should not be taken serious for their death.


Dreams resemble a lot with your current life situation.

How To Stop Having Bad Dreams?

There’s no way to avoid dreaming of death but you need to take care of your actions and wordings with awareness. Read about dream interpretation for someone dying also. Dreams indicate a lot about our personalities and requires consciousness. We all have a lot of hidden personality traits and dreams do reveal a lot about them. Hope you liked what does it mean when you dream about death.

To avoid dream of death, calm your inner self and make peace.


We all think of our own death, yet, unaware about the reason. On one hand, dreams tell us a lot about death but on the other side, it makes us worried for being hurt and what happens afterwards.

Let us know in the comment section what does it mean when you dream about death.

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