What Does It Mean When You Dream About Being Pregnant?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Being Pregnant?

Pregnancy dreams can symbolize some very upcomings events in your life that is growing and developing. If you are actually pregnant, then the meaning for what does it mean when you dream about being pregnant is related to the anxieties in life but what if you are not?

Here, we are going to reveal some important signs for why do i keep having dreams about being pregnant?

To know about what does it mean if you dream about being pregnant becomes even more important, if you are not pregnant.


According to Loewenberg, Pregnancy in a dream can usually be connected to something in your waking life that is in the development phase. It could be related to earning a degree, starting a new career or relationship or even starting a new big project.

Dreaming about pregnancy is very common and it lets you connect with the waking life. For an optimistic person, this dream is quite good but the way you approached life is very important. Our hormones plays a very important role to affect dream state. Dreams about pregnancy represents New start, Tough decisions and Growth.

The most common time to see yourself pregnant in dream is when the body is going through some major changes. Not giving birth in a dream means connection with some dramatic changes, so be prepared for the same. Dreams about giving birth denotes responsibility and positive changes. Let’s move for common pregnancy dreams. 


Common Pregnancy Dreams and their interpretation

If you see a baby in you dream, it signifies innocence and new beginnings. They are related to pureness and uncorrupted nature in life. Smiling baby symbolizes joy, pure joy in life. Finding a baby in the dream means you need to see you inner real potential that may be hidden.

Forgetting a baby means you are trying to hide your own vulnerabilities and also trying to hide your weaknesses.

These are some dream meaning of baby. Let’s read more about what does it mean when you dream about being pregnant:


If you dream about abortion it means there’s some blockage in you life. New direction in life is waiting. Should get rid off Fear, Pressure or Personal conflicts. This dream is a reflection of your own life issues; healing from them is soon going to be happened. You should take care of yourself and look after your health. If someone else is having an abortion in your dream related to sour relationship with that person.

Baby bottle in dream reflects your issues of dependency. Start taking care of your life by yourself. Grow up and be mature.

A baby carriage in dream means your desires for family or someone closed one. Empty carriage reflects sadness or may be an unfilled goal.


Baby clothes mean you are expressing yourself in a softer way. Time to cut down your old habits.

The dream of taking a pregnancy test indicates you are entering a new phase of relationship. Be prepared for these changes to address the meaning of dream.

Dream of miscarriage or abortion relates to your past experiences. It could be a fear of losing someone. Look to your life and ask yourself for what had ended in your life or needs to begin  again. Have a look for dream about someone dying. Keep reading to know more about what does it mean when you dream about being pregnant.


“Sometimes dreams about being pregnant can be a literal sign that you are actually pregnant or that your biological clock is starting to tick. Most of the time, however, dreaming about being pregnant is a positive indication that you are experiencing progress and growth in your life,” Lauri Loewenberg — professional Dream Analyst and author of the book Dream on It, Unlock Your Dreams Change Your Life

If you really want to be pregnant then meaning of what does it mean when you dream about being pregnant gives you happiness. Dreams are a reflection of our daily life. But, if you do not want to be pregnant then this dream can freak you out. They can make you feel nervous and discouraged. Hope you know about dream of death that is another common dream.

Pregnancy dreams could be related to some random memories about a past pregnancy. The food you had while pregnancy can make you feel positive about your pregnancy dreams. May be you can’t be a mother now for some reasons but pregnancy dreams are a good sign for some obvious reasons.


They represent your excitement towards a creative project at home or work. Just like this, breastfeeding dream related to nurturing your projects with lots of effort. Dreams are loaded with emotions, we all collect memories throughout life and often tied with them.

Women create new life from their bodies and it’s all about creativity. Dreaming of pregnancy is clearly related to a new and creative project related to money that will come in existence. It could be a small home based renovation or may be a large scale work.

The signs in dreams that you are pregnant have some important meanings. Here are answers to some basic queries to ask before you finalize what does it mean when you dream about being pregnant.


Pregnancy Dream Interpretation

  1. A rare thought about dreaming of pregnancy is I want a baby or maybe i’ll have it in the future. It could be a result that you were pregnant or you are actually pregnant in real life if the dream occurs again and again. If you are trying to become pregnant then it must be a reflection of your own wishes. Our mind is trying to send us some good messages about life.
  2. If you are pregnant in real life then it’s pretty common to have dreams of babies or pregnancy. But, if you are not expecting a kid in life or do not want to have it then it must be an indicator about the fear of responsibilities you possess. Be ready for some new goals and direction.
  3. Dream of having a miscarriage means you are not going to succeed with the project you are working upon. I would suggest you to be positive and stay strong. Lessons in life is necessary for new changes. If you are pregnant then dream of miscarriage is just a reflection of your anxiety.
  4. Dream about having a C-section means help from others. Realize projects that may make you feel worried and ask someone closer to help. Dream of someone repeatedly also means a lot here.
  5. The dreams about going into labor while pregnant is a nightmare dream and it indicates that you are not prepared for new changes in real life. No need to fear of miscarriage or some mishappening with your child if you are pregnant. Take a look at dream of crush meaning.
  6. If you dream about looking a pregnancy test that is positive denotes that your current relationship can be strained.
  7. Dream of pregnancy for a virgin girl means you may have some worries in future life. Encountering unpredictable troubles may also happen.
  8. Dream of a non-human baby means you are feeling worried about your pregnancy and child. It clearly reflects concern about your child’s health. The meaning for vivid dreams early pregnancy is very significant.
  9. If you found out being pregnant in the dream, it relates to the life you are living. It means you are about to find an unexpected event in the upcoming life.
  10. To find out your wife being pregnant in the dream indicates an idea that is soon going to be completed. Do hard work and soon it is going to pay off. Pregnancy of girlfriend in dream means warning for some sort of danger in future life.

Why Do I keep Having Dreams About Being Pregnant?

There are some aspects in life that forms dreams from our subconscious mind. There may be a new idea developed in your mind that needs proper guidance by your side. If someone else has pregnancy in your dream then it could be an announcement of new situations. Perfect time to achieve the goal. It symbolizes desire to have children.

Dreaming of own pregnancy depicts aspects in life that are meant to be fulfilled. It symbolizes the start of a new project about which you soon will be learned. Being pregnant in real life means you are anxious about your pregnancy.

Are Pregnancy Dreams Bothering You?


If yes, then grab a pen and write your dream journal. Connect it with the real life and ask questions to yourself. Interpret their significance. Pregnancy dreams aren’t really prophetic. The spiritual meaning of being pregnant in a dream have very good aspects to focus upon.

There are a lot of things that one should learn from dreaming about being pregnant. You may have some hidden desires that leads to dreams. Time to connect with earlier passion. Don’t ignore your goals and desires instead focus on bringing it live in life. Focus on what you have already brought to life and nurture them.

Hope you liked our guide for what does it mean when you dream about being pregnant. Show some love in the comment section. We would love to hear your experiences.


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