What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone Dying?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone Dying?

Ever had a dream of someone dying? Horrifying right?

Imagine someone asks you about your night and you respond with something like i had a dream of someone dying…not good? I understand what you are dealing with but these dreams have some deep meanings. Dreaming of death is about new start and better focus on life. Let’s know about what does it mean when you dream about someone dying.

Dreams of death is generally a sign about negativity but in reality there’s nothing like that. It may turn you to be demotivated or negative towards life in the normal life. Dreaming of death does not mean they are going to die, instead, death is related to their particular meanings.


Generally, only the dreamer knows about his/her meanings but we concluded some possible reasons for what does it mean when you dream about someone dying.

Dream is a routine process while sleeping but having a dream of someone dying have significant meanings. Dreams are the dreamer’s mental and physical state with cultural beliefs. They are a reflection of the dreamer’s inner world. Most of the death and dying dreams resembles something new or an end.

Why Do We Dream?


Dreams have meanings depending upon what you are dreaming about and the explanations have related concerns. Our dreams are a result of social concerns or fears (worries). The dreaming of dying meaning depending upon the mentality and past. Dream about death could be a negative sign or good luck. What we fear or want to happen in real combines our dreams.

Everyone of us dream, may some of us does not remember after waking up. Dreaming about death is terrifying and is  not a sign of someone’s death.

What Does Dream About Death Mean?


The dreams having concern about death is extremely traumatic to experience. Even after waking up, we feel panicked about the person who was in the dream. We have these dreams usually when we feel fear about someone losing. Your mind may have some fears that you don’t even know about. 

There are some people in our life that have much control on our life and actions more than ourselves. Dying of those persons in the dream resemble to their no more presence in the life that may have come in your subconscious mind. Hope you have some basics about what does it mean when you dream about someone dying.

What Does It Mean When You Dream of Someone Dying Who is Already Dead?


It could be a warning for you that you are surrounded by the wrong people in life. These negative persons and situations are meant to be removed. Time to move on. Analyze the dream by considering who is dying. You may do not have useful aspects needs for life improvement. Dreaming of a person who has already passed away means they are trying to give you some message about your own peace in life.

It means you are missing that person, these dreams generally occur on important days of our lives related to them. Parents dream about a lost child because of their presence in the hearts.

What Does It Mean to Dream of Someone Dying?


There may some psychological disturbance goes in your mind because of constant stress life. If you had some traumatic situation in your life, you may feel some emotional disturbances for a long time. And, when you fall asleep at night, these negative thoughts interrupt sleep in a negative manner. Keep reading to know more about what does it mean when you dream about someone dying.

Fear of loss is common and have no concern with practical negativity happened in real life. Fear of losing someone you love is normal and this fear can replay in your dreams. Not fulfilling dreams could be also a reason for dreaming of death.

Dream of death can even indicate some kind of positive transformations in life. New relationships and goals may be waiting for you in the future.


What Does It Mean When You Dream About Yourself Dying?

It means all your troubles are going to end soon in a better way. It could be a wish fulfillment dream as well. Symbolizes inner changes and positive development that brings positivist. Read about what does it mean when you dream about snakes also. Dream of own death means some big changes are waiting for you in way ahead.

Dream of dying would be because you are going through too much stress in real life that could be the outcome of failed relationship or job. It can be anything you are worried or hurting you. Dream represents a major change or new beginning in waking life. There is a need to change your habits related to physical or mental health.


Dream of a family member dying means you are worried for them in real life but what does it mean when you dream about someone dying has some different meanings. Let’s read more to know more for dream interpretation.

  1. Dream Of Partner’s Death: I had a dream of my partner’s death and after reminding a lot about the same, i got to know the reason behind this recurring dream. We both had an accident in the past and i was trying to save his life in efforts to keep him out of the damaged car. It makes me realize how much this relationship meant to me that i keeps on dreaming of death. This is just about the natural fear of losing him.
  2. Dream Of Some Unknown Person’s Death: This allows us to rethink about our fears in real life. There must be something that you are fearing and now getting rid of it necessary. You should focus on your life better now onwards. Take care of yourself the way you deserve.
  3. Dream Of Someone Dying and Coming Back To Life: This act is called resurrection and there are deeper meanings for the same. It means the person you saw in the dream is going to get well soon. It basically means new birth and beginning. Dream of someone dying and coming back to life is related to fulfillment of wishes. Renewal of romantic or professional relationships can also be happen soon. In spiritual meaning, it symbolizes spiritual growth and desires.
  4. Dream Of Someone Dying who is already dead relates to spiritual growth.
  5. Dream Of Death Of Professional Partner: It depicts you are not happy with the work they are doing and want to stay away from them. There are circumstances where anger in your mind takes you to the dreaming of death.
  6. Dream Of Grandmother Who Passed Away: It means you still have deep feelings for her. Losing her was a part of losing your ancestral bonds.

    Dream of grandmother dying means sadness in real life, if she’s ill you might have this dream. Maybe you are missing the bond and time you had with her in the past. Or it might be because of guilty emotions about some bad deeds related to her. Feelings while being pregnant can never be healed but spending time can make you feel better.
  7. Dream Of Grandfather Dying: Your grandfather will surely has some qualities and it signifies their personal attributes. They nurture you in a special manner. You may be worried about getting away with those qualities. You need to have faith on your qualities and strongness. The way you saw them dying in dream resembles to your attitude. The fear of losing him could be the reason for this dream. It signifies to the loss of guidance and safety.
  8. Dream Of Sibling Dying: It may be because of rivalry or anger towards them. Dream of older sibling death means worry about wisdom and you need to keep an eye on your actions in the real life. Whereas, dream of elder sister death means some issues in the money or love.
  9. Dream Of Brother Dying means loss of vulnerability and insecurity. If you are a sister, it’s time to embrace your femininity.
  10. Dream Of Father Dying: Father is the bread earner and most responsible person in the family. Loss of father for a daughter resembles to insecurity and for son it means more responsibility and authority. You may have some unresolved feelings for your father and you should now reveal them to him.
  11. Dream Of Mother Dying: Do you have worries about losing your mom for some reason? If yes, then this could be the most possible reason for dream. Or, it is the perfect time to get more femininity in yourself as a woman. Be more nurturing with your surroundings. For a son, it would mean lost in love life.
  12. Dream Of Pet Dying: They are symbols of love and loyalty in our life. Seeing dream of pet dying means loss of unconditional love. You need to be more attentive with your love.
  13. Dream Of Baby Dying: It means the father or mother is deeply worried about the health of kids. Dreams are a result of unresolved anxiety. It resembles to the loss of hope or plans ahead. Do not give up before trying for a project or process. 

Dream of someone dying means there are some deep and unresolved issues in life. It may represent sentiments for the person who is dying so need deep analysis. You need to get rid of thoughts and feelings that are bothering you. Hope you know what does it mean when you dream about someone dying. Stay away from negative people and negativity.

If you are feeling negative after dreaming of dying then you are stuck somewhere in the past and need to move forward. You need to end whatever is bothering you in any manner. Our dreams are a conclusion of our own mentality and desires that usually we don’t accept.


If you have any experience or doubt regarding the same, let us know in the comment section below. Share your views for what does it mean when you dream about someone dying.

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