Exam Superstitions & Rituals List to Pass Exams

Exam Superstitions & Rituals List to Pass Exams

You must be wondering how exam superstitions can help someone pass examinations. Well, when you believe hard enough, this works in your favor. It doesn’t matter what you believe in as long as you do the work, and you are consistent.

Consistency is key when it comes to passing exams and superstitions provide you with something to be consistent about.

As you prepare for examinations, make sure you go through all your notes. You cannot pass exams if you do not study hard and learn to memorize information.


Find a group of students you can study with so that you find the determination to go through your books even on days when you don’t feel like it. Pursuing a degree is no monkey business and you need to do whatever it takes to get excellent grades.

If your superstitions have been working for you, there is no reason you should stop now. If it’s any consolation, everyone has at least one superstitious practice they believe in. Back this up with intentional studying and you’re guaranteed to graduate on time.

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Below is a list of superstitions that help students pass examinations.

The Backward Superstition

Top of the list is the backward superstition. Many students believe that they will not pass if they don’t write their examinations from the back to the front.

This means that instead of beginning with question one, they start with the very last question. This exam superstition works because it keeps you on track. People who begin answering the exam papers from the previous question are likely to finish before those who start with question one.


Once you complete the paper, you’ll get more time to go through your paper and rectify any mistakes that you made.

A precaution here is you should always make sure you read the instructions before you start. Certain questions are optional and you might end up wasting time with a question you should not tackle because you did not read the instructions first.

Knocking on Wood for Good Luck

 Many people believe that knocking on wood is a good luck charm. Since most school desks are made from wood, students who have this superstition are in luck. Before you start your paper, make sure you know on your desk.

Exam Superstitions & Rituals

This is a type of mental conditioning that helps you believe that you’re going to perform well in a paper. Aside from taking your time to study and improving your memorizing skills, you also need to believe within yourself that you are ready for the exam.

Knocking on wood is just an outward representation of your state of mind. If you doubt your capability, you will not do well even though you took the time to study.

Success begins in the mind and this practice helps you condition your mind to believe that you’re capable of excelling.


The Gum Trick – Exam Superstitions

Some students chew the same gum when they’re studying, as well as when they’re sitting for their papers. This seems like a weird trick for exam superstitions but if you think about it, it works.

Your brain has an amazing way of remembering information, so if you take part in the same activity, it awakens memories from a specific day.

Take perfumes and scents for example. Do you ever smell a given perfume and you get reminded of certain memories from the past? This is one way your brain helps you organize your memories. Sometimes you think you’ve completely forgotten about a given event in your life, but then you smell a given scent, and it all comes back to you.


The gum trick helps you remember answers that you otherwise would have completely forgotten. Ensure that the gum you chew is of the same flavor for this to work.

What a Specific TV Show when Studying

Background noise has been known to boost people’s concentration when studying or working. You can cultivate a habit of watching a specific TV show when you’re studying to increase your concentration. This by extension, allows you to excel in that subject because you were able to concentrate fully on your studies.

It could also be because you see a specific character as a source of inspiration. We all have characters we relate within movies and this can help you build confidence in yourself.


Whichever the reason, watching, make sure you just don’t end up watching the movie instead of studying.

Listening to a Specific Playlist during your Study Sessions

There is scientific evidence that proves that listening to music boosts a person’s concentration. Now you cannot decide to listen to any type of music because this is not how to works.

You have to find a suitable playlist that tunes your mind to concentrate on your notes fully. Make sure that you don’t play the music too loudly because you’ll end up not focusing.


Drinking Vitamin Water before and During Exams (Superstition)

This is actually a very healthy superstitions practice because it helps you stay hydrated and healthy. Many students cannot do a paper without drinking vitamin water and it actually works for them.

Your brain is at its best when you’re hydrated. Drinking water during exams also helps you relax so you can remember answers to questions.

Many students get sweaty hands during exams and end up messing up. When you have something to get your mind off the paper even for a moment, you get to recollect your thoughts and push through.


Having Special stationery for Exams

Well, this shows how seriously you take your examinations. You cannot fail at something you take seriously. Make sure you purchase high-quality stationery that will not give you a hard time when you’re writing your papers.

Conclusion about Exam Superstitions

Who knew that superstitions could help you pass examinations? Well, as you can see, there is a logical explanation that tells you why each of these practices works.


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