Soulstone Survivors Definitive Guide on Runes

Soulstone Survivors Definitive Guide on Runes

There are plenty of complex and mosaic elements in the soulstone survivors. And Runes are eventually one of them. Runes are the unique and remarkable entities that you can equip before a run begins, that decide what kind of build you are going to plan and build in your next run. Runes are ideally unique effects that can synergise with exhaustive builds, playstyles or characters.

Runes are divided into four tiers, and they are:

  1. Legendary
  2. Epic
  3. Rare
  4. Uncommon.

Thought we can classify runs with skill type attributes to understand all these runes more precise way like Shadow runes, Chaos, Runes, Holy Runes, Arcane Runes, Electric Runes, Nature Runes, Fire Runes, Ice Runes Thrust Runes,  projectiles Runes, Swing Runes, Slam, blast and Bomb Runes respectively works with their skill type integrated with the name. 


How to Unlock Runes in Soulstone Survivor?

So, now the most important question is how to unlock and use these runes with my build. If you are familiar with the skill tree (option available in the menu bar) you can find an option at the top of the tree in the skill tree area. 

As we can see in that screenshot, there is an icon at the topic with a health-type sign inside that is actually the skill to unlock rune power in the game. And we have already unlocked 5/5. Runes can be unlocked by gaining the ability to equip runes purchasable from the skill tree itself

You can simply unlock them with minor soulstones which can be obtained from the map after defeating the bosses. You may need a higher level of soul stone to unlock more runes abilities. 

Soulstone Survivors Runes Guide

And this is our basic and starter runes windows where we can unlock and assign new runes for different skills and builds. There are different ways to unlock these runes. Each and every rune needs a unique and specific task to achieve like: 

Earning a specific prestige level,

Completing a map with a character within a certain time,


Completing a specific map with curses,

and Defeating a given number of opponents.

For example- if you check the above screenshot again properly. Then you will that there is a locked rune which needs to clear the map in less than 12 minutes with the barbarian class to unlock this specific rune. 


So very similar, there are different tasks to complete in achievement sections, maps, prestige levels etc to unlock specific runes. Another example would be if there is a rune locked which needs you to reach prestige level 60 with Elementalist to unlock a specific rune. 

In the end, we can say that there is a bit of complexity to unlocking the runes at the beginning but you will get used to it and believe me this is one of the easiest and most entertaining parts of the game to unlock different runes to test out different skills and builds in different game modes. 

I hope this soulstone survivor’s runes guide helped you enough to understand each aspect of the runes. If you wanna know about the best active skill and best build in the game you can check our blog for the same. Thank you very much for your time. Cya in the next guide of soulstone survivors. 


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