Reverse 1999 Tier List 2023: Best Characters To Pick

Reverse 1999 Tier List 2023: Best Characters To Pick

In the world of Reverse 1999, where strategy and tactics reign supreme, knowing which characters to pick can be the key to dominating the game. In this comprehensive Reverse 1999 Tier List, we will guide you through the ranks of these powerful Arcanists, helping you make informed choices and ensuring you stay ahead of the competition. From the S-Tier elites to the D-Tier underdogs, we’ve got you covered.

Understanding the Reverse 1999 Tier List

Reverse 1999 boasts a captivating turn-based tactical role-playing experience, replete with a unique art style, an engaging storyline narrated by renowned voice actors, and a plethora of game modes. However, the myriad of playable characters, or Arcanists, can be a daunting pool to navigate. That’s where our Reverse 1999 Tier List comes to your aid.

S-Tier: Best Characters in Reverse: 1999

Investing in S-Tier characters is a wise choice. These powerhouses excel in both story mode and general gameplay, making them indispensable in the endgame. Here are the elite Arcanists that belong to this coveted tier:


Eternity: A force to be reckoned with, Eternity is a game-changer in any scenario.
Regulus: Known for versatility, Regulus adapts effortlessly to various challenges.
Bkornblume: A master of strategy and damage, Bkornblume is a formidable ally.
An-an Lee: A strategic genius, An-an Lee excels in both offense and defense.
Centurion: Leading the charge, Centurion is a dominant presence.
Lilya: With grace and power, Lilya is a force of nature.
A Knight: A symbol of valor, A Knight stands strong in the face of adversity.
Charlie: A versatile and reliable ally, Charlie ensures your success.

A-Tier: The Consistent Performers

The A-Tier characters are no slouches either. They offer a smooth gaming experience and can help you progress effectively. Here’s who you can count on:

Sotheby: A tactician extraordinaire, Sotheby excels in strategy.
Voyager: A versatile choice, Voyager adapts to various challenges.
Medicine Pocket: A healer with exceptional utility, Medicine Pocket ensures your team’s well-being.
Sonetto: A master of elemental damage, Sonetto packs a punch.
Balloon Party: Offering strategic advantages, Balloon Party is a valuable asset.
Necrologist: Skilled in controlling the battlefield, Necrologist is a true game-changer.
Druvis III: A reliable force on the battlefield, Druvis III ensures success.


B-Tier: The Above-Average Stars

While not in the upper echelon, B-Tier characters are solid performers who can shine brightly in your team. These are the above-average choices:

Sweetheart: A charmer with utility, Sweetheart adds depth to your team.
Dikke: A powerhouse in damage, Dikke packs a punch.
Satsuki: A versatile choice, Satsuki adapts well to different challenges.
Oliver Fog: A master of subterfuge, Oliver Fog keeps opponents guessing.
Click: A strategic asset, Click offers valuable support.
Tennant: A sturdy presence on the battlefield, Tennant ensures stability.
X: With mystery and power, X is an intriguing addition.
Cristallo: A master of elemental warfare, Cristallo adds diversity to your team.

C-Tier: The Average Joe

C-Tier characters are the middle-of-the-road performers. While they may not be the stars, they can still prove valuable in specific situations. Consider them if the need arises:


Mondlicht: A well-rounded Arcanist, Mondlicht can adapt to various situations.
Nick Bottom: With charisma and potential, Nick Bottom brings versatility.
Bunny Bunny: Unpredictable and fun, Bunny Bunny adds a unique twist to your team.
Eagle: Aerial superiority and finesse make Eagle an interesting choice.
Erick: A dependable addition, Erick ensures steady performance.
La Source: With healing and support, La Source offers crucial utility.
Leilani: A master of the unexpected, Leilani can turn the tide of battle.
The Fool: A wildcard with hidden potential, The Fool adds intrigue.
APPLe: A master of illusions and trickery, APPLe keeps opponents on their toes.
Mesmer Jr.: With mesmerizing abilities, Mesmer Jr. can captivate and control

D-Tier: The Underdogs

D-Tier characters, unfortunately, fall into the weakest category. It’s advisable to steer clear of them if you seek victory in Reverse 1999:

aliEn T: A quirky choice, aliEn T may not have the strength to compete.
Darley Clatter: Unpredictable but unreliable, Darley Clatter may leave you wanting.
John Titor: A mystery that’s best left unsolved, John Titor lacks the edge.
Twins Sleep: A curious choice, Twins Sleep may not stay awake in battle.
Poltergeist: Unpredictable and chaotic, Poltergeist may disrupt your strategies.
TTT: Three letters, minimal impact; TTT is best left unchosen.
ONiON: Layers of complexity may not always be an advantage; ONiON lacks clarity.
Sputnik: Lost in space, Sputnik may not find its place in your team.
Ms. Moissan: A rare gem, but not necessarily a valuable one; Ms. Moissan lacks brilliance.


In Conclusion
With this Reverse 1999 Tier List at your disposal, you can now make informed decisions about which characters to add to your team. Investing in the top-tier Arcanists is a strategic move that will keep you ahead of the competition in this exciting turn-based tactical adventure. Choose wisely, and may victory be yours in Reverse 1999.

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