Soulstone Survivors Guide For Beginners [Part 1]

Soulstone Survivors Guide For Beginners [Part 1]

Soulstone Survivors is an action rogue-lite adventure game like Vampire Survivors, Brotato, and Rogue Genesia in which you slay hordes of enemies and face titanic bosses while learning powerful skills to level up and improve your character to maximize the damage potential and clear the map. 

You will be playing as a Void Hunter and use different kinds of characters, skills and weapons which can be unlocked, crafted and upgraded. There will be a sequence of activities to perform when you start playing the game like crafting weapons, unlocking new characters, upgrading your skill tree, and equipping new runes to become a powerful and undefeated god.

As we already know Soulstone Survivors is an action rogue-lite & bullet hall adventure game but with plenty of RPG elements. So, I agree with the fact that Soulstone Survivors is definitely a roguelike adventure game but you will experience these RPG features also.


Well, This is all about the very basic introduction of the game and Soulstone Survivors Beginners Guide. Now Let’s discuss the all fundamentals of the game that will be covered in this Soulstone Survivors Beginners Guide post like Character Selections, Skills, Weapon, Runes, etc. 

Beginners Guide – Soulstone Survivors

Character Selection 

So, Let’s begin with the character screen, You’re not supposed to create or edit characters in Soulstone Survivors. This is not your usual online character creation MMORPG game. In this area, You will see different characters/classes with a different weapon which has unique skill integrated with them.  

Let’s try to comprehend it with an image:-


That is the image of one of the characters in the soul stone survivors Death Night. And as you can see he has unique stats, skills and passive exclusive to him only. He has some unique traits too as he can never be stunned because he is immune to stun but cannot dodge. 

There are a set of unique skills and available skills for him too. For example-  Unholy can provide an awesome damage boost and buff. 

So, very similar to Th Death Knight, each and every character in soulstone survivors has different stats, bonuses, skills, unique skills, buffs, and passives in their arsenal. You need to play with them to check their potential with thousands of build combinations. 



So, The next one is going to be Blacksmith Window. Where you can craft new weapons very much similar to all other RPG and MMO games out there. Let me explain it with a simple image demonstration.  

So, Here is the Blacksmith window, AS you can in the image, there are two weapons

(i) Rusted Blaster – available to specific class/character by default


(ii) Locked – you need recipes and material to unlock this slot and weapon.

Well, As you can this image, There is a name visible for the locked weapon “Riflemen’s Vengeance” You need a recipe and some material to unlock or craft this weapon in the blacksmith window. it also needs around 10,000 currency too.

And this is going to be the last snapshot of the entire process. now we have crafted and unlocked the “Riflemen’s Vengeance”. This weapon has unique stats, traits and passive combinations only exclusive to this weapon and character. it will unlock the new skill named Buckshot which will be available at the start of the map every time by default if you are going to run the map with the current combo.



In simple words, Runes are very special and dedicated effects, buffs, and debuffs that can be equipped even before a match. These rune effects will definitely decide the route of build for a specific run (match/map). These runes will affect and synergize very well with specific builds, unique playstyles, skills, weapons and characters. I’m going to give you some general examples of these runes 

As we have already discussed runes can change your gameplay, style and progress but there is a catch each rune has runic cost. Basically, you have 5 runic power So, you can use 5 runes that cost 1 or you can use 1 huge rune that cost 5. And again you still need to unlock them from the skill tree and achievements. We will discuss runes in detail in a different post about how to unlock runes.  

Skill Tree

The Skill Tree is one of the most crucial parts of the soulstone survivors game. If you really want to enjoy the game, finish and dominate the game then you need to focus on your skill set a lot with prime priorities. 


You need crystals to unlock different skills which will be very helpful for your characters and make them way stronger. You can get crystals by killing the bosses on the different maps. 

There are three sections available in the skill tree: 

Red– These are basically offensive permanent buffs that can be applied to your active character. You can start investing your precious points into Red Skills if you want to increase damage, crit hits, crit damage, aoe, range etc 


Blue– Blue line is actually a mix of defence and healing aura, e.g if you want to increase health, armour, healing effects, block power or want to reduce damage taken then go for the Blue one before other skills.

Green– Last but not least is Green line is the most effective one as it provide different utilities to our character. For e.g. it will increase the movement speed, casting speed of the skills, pick-up speed of the items, increase the exp points and drop rate of soul stones. This is actually one of the most important zones if you want to level up in the game quickly.   


The most important factor of the game Maps. You can call it the game itself. In real entire game moves and revolves around maps There are currently 5 maps available in early access right now. We will definitely be going to see lots of new maps in the upcoming days as the developer has already shown in the road map. 


Anyways, as we have discussed already, maps are the core of the game where you will be testing out your characters, killing elites, mobs, enemies and bosses. You will earn lots of currency and items from maps. There are different curses, buffs and debuffs that can be applied to MAP. 

Curses can increase the difficulty of the map by too much but also increase the drop rate and make them rewarding too. Speedrunning is also one of the most comprehensive factors in the community right now. There is a lot more to discuss on maps but as this is just a beginner’s guide for soulstone so we will not gonna make it to much complex for a new player. But still, you can read our in-depth map guide on the blog too. 🙂


Everything in soulstone survivors interconnected to each other very smoothly and beautifully. So as you can read from the heading we are going to explain the last menu Achievements. 


Achievements work very similarly to all other games. So, you can target achievements for personal milestones, progress and 100% completion. 

There are around 173 achievements to do in the game right now(which can be increased with time) it will definitely take a while to achieve this milestone but believe me it is the most entertaining thing to do in the game. 

In soulstone Achievements are not only for personal satisfaction or for minestrone. It expands the RPG elements in the game very nicely. So, if you want to unlock new weapons, new characters, new skills, unique skills, new runes, new runic powers, or new maps then you have to complete achievements and you will be rewarded with new stuff and material all the time you unlock new achievement 🙂


So, This is all about the beginner’s guide of soulstone survivors part 1 hope you like it.  if you have any queries about anything you can ask us by comment section or you may visit our youtube channel.

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