Soulstone Survivors Best Active Skills Tier List

Soulstone Survivors Best Active Skills Tier List

Soulstone Survivors Best Active Skills Tier List

Hello Readers, Welcome once again with another Soulstone Survivors post. As we have already compiled our character tier list for soulstone survivors now in this post we are going to through the various active skill tier list in the game at the time of writing. 

So, now let’s jump into the Soulstone Survivors Active Skills Tier List without wasting any time furthermore. Here is the list of all the best active skill lists. We may miss some of them but we are doing testing on these skills on regular basis. So, we will update the list on regular basis too. 

Might – if you are playing soulstone survivor and still not using the MIGHT. Then sorry to say you are just messing things up very sweety. Might never be ignored at all. Might is undoubtedly the best support skill in the game. It Empowers you and all your nearby allies, increasing the damage modifier by an additional 50% for 10.0 seconds. Might is like a must-have skill for almost any build. 

Blizzard: As the name suggested this icy skill with large AOE comes under the magical category and lasts longer than others. The impact of the storm deals over six hundred damage after striking enemies in a small radius.

  • Slow: Reduces movement speed by 5% for 8 seconds.
  • Cooldown: 7.0
  • Skill Type: Ice, Lasting, Area, Magical

Bloodlust – if you have played Path of Exile then you may know about the power of bloodlust in the path of exile. So, very similarly Bloodlust performs way better than other active skills in Soulstone Survivors. It increases the movement speed of the character by 20% which is one of the most crucial aspects of soulstone survivors. 

Along with that bloodlust provides a 40% boost in spell casting which is a game-changing boost in end-game maps and more difficult tiers. 

Chain Lightning – And again very similar to the path of exiles channelling, Soulstone survivors have chain lighting skills but are much more powerful and effective again mob. it may lack and not even be viable against a single target but chain lighting destroys multiple enemies in a blink of an eye. 

So, Chain Lightning hurls a lightning bolt at random enemies dealing The initial bolt deals one-hundred-and-eighty damage while applying a percentage of the dazzling and stunning effect and jumping to 5 additional nearby targets if possible and doing damage to each enemy as well. 

Chaos Bomb – You may doubt this skill is in the top tier list. But it has devastating utilities, effects, range and damage itself. It deals up to 700 damage on a regular basis and becomes monstrous with proper support and passive skills. 

We would count it one of the most underrated but most comprehensive skills in the soulstone survivors. It also applies a negative effect on enemies all the time. 

Flame Wave – Perhaps the best-ranged skill along with a massive AOE charge shot. We can count it as the best long-range skill in the game Causes a large explosion at your position, dealing 150 damage to nearby enemies, applying Burn, Stun and pushing them back.

Meteor – Meteor Shower you may agree with us on that if we call it the best fire skill in the game. If you really wanna spam lots of hits on enemies and mobs. And willing to complete the map within 10 minutes or less. Then Meteor will work very well for you. But you need to take care of the entire build with proper support and passive skills. Eg. multicast, cast speed, AOE range etc

To sum up, We have tried and tested different active skills and combinations. Still, we are doing a lot of tests. And will definitely update this post or maybe with a new post about new meta or powerful skills. 

There are plenty of skills available in the soulstone survivors with different and unique elements like slam, swing, arcane, thrust, chaos, electric, fire, holy ice shadow, blast, chaining, burst, frontier, aura, summons, missile, etc we will cover everything about the skills and characters. 

If you have experienced any powerful and worthwhile trying skills then let us know. We will try to add your suggestion to our list too. Thank you very much once again and I hope you will love the post. Stay blessed. 

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