Soulstone Survivors Character Tier List Wiki

Soulstone Survivors Character Tier List Wiki

Hello everybody, welcome back once again, in this post we will reveal our Soulstone Survivors Tier List Wiki and all related information for our readers. We will definitely cover the Best Characters, Best Active Skill, and best weapon in other posts of Soulstone Survivors. Let’s talk about Soulstone Survivors Tier List Wiki.

Soulstone Survivors Tier List Wiki

We have worked too hard to grab and combined this Soulstone Survivors Tier List from different sources to make it worth a try for all our readers. We have added our different tried and tested methods to generate this tier list for soulstone survivors. So, of course, this is going to be a collection of our team that worked on this project to generate the best outcome in soulstone survivors’ best character tier list.  

Secondly, we have collected data from different sources, communities, players’ opinions, and content creators to combine all information in a single post about the best soulstone survivor’s characters tier list. 


Soulstone Tiers List Wiki Explanation 

Before we move onto the soulstone survivors tier list though, we thought we’d quickly explain what our tiers list means:

  • S Tier: Top Level, Nothing can match it. True and real end-game stuff. These are the best characters, skills, and weapons (whatever you want to say)  currently available in the game. And you should definitely play with these characters to aim for a high-end finish in a short time and gain access to equipment. S-Tier list characters are basically derived from the community and you can call them meta builds or characters. 
  • A Tier: So, if you are starting out the game and still lots of dominated characters are still locked behind because of different and specific reasons. Then these β€œA” Tier character comes into use. These are likely viable for mid-game stuff and may be powerful enough for the end game too you compose the build accurately. Still, a bit behind S-Tier characters when it comes to clear speed and deep runs.
  • C Tier: First of all, we reckon C-Tier only and only for the early game fair. C-Tier characters shine very nicely and greatly in early game content too. It actually seems too powerful for the end game too. But falls off by the time in the end game if you compare them with top-tier characters. You can use them for niche objectives like for specific game modes, for a specific achievement or unlock a specific task, map, or weapon in the quickest way in the early game. 
  • D Tier: Every game all over the world or the internet. There are some characters in the game that performs even below the average, we have placed them in the D-Tier character list. These are kind of absolute waste, underperforming and useless as compared to other characters. We suggest you not invest time and progress on these characters. You may find their gameplay cool and enough (that is actually a personal taste) but they person way way way worse than other counterparts. So, avoid D-Tier characters if you can. πŸ™‚ 

We have just outlined the basics of the general tier list for soulstone survivors. Our soulstone survivor’s character tier list may contain different variations like Tier S, A, B, C, D & F. Let’s see the actual character tier list of soulstone survivors. 

Soulstone Survivors Tier List Wiki 

Tier S:

  • Elementalist – Beams op and starts with one. best in the game to date
  • Necromancer – Summon skeleton massive AoE damage and huge clear speed.
  • Paladin – Holy stuff, can fill up the entire screen with massive holy skills.

All the tier S skills can destroy almost event content of the game. All of them are damm good in single target or again mobs. Their clear speed is top notch and the damage ceiling is like god tier 


Tier A:

  • Houndmaster – High damage and able to keep a safe distance from bosses
  • Sentinel – Also good damage and can keep at a safe distance

Tier B:

  • Barbarian – Very powerful but sometimes lacks against groups with elite enemies because of long cooldown. And its range is mediocre too. Rest is beautiful. 
  • Beastmaster – it can work like a necromancer. Don’t expect too much like necro but still, it can work like wonder if bid properly. 

Tier C:

  • Spellblade – superb crowd control utility but lacks in damage in deep map
  • Arcane weaver -There are too many of the skills but many are mediocre. But still, the default staff is super overpowered if you build correctly. 
  • Pyromancer – Same as an arcane weaver.

Tier D:

  • Assassin – This is kind of mediocre but if you build something like 120+ movement speed to clear the things in the blink of an eye then it can be a super fast clear build with an extra build. Still, it may lack the damage too.
  • Death Knight – Not being able to dash makes it too difficult to dodge
  • Choaswalker – Chaos spells aren’t great even with the Controlled chaos


To sum up, we can say that is one of the most different tasks to draft the Soulstone Survivors Tier List. Because there are plenty of characters with hundreds of build possibilities. We may miss and mess up lots of builds and variations but still, we have listed the best of them we have tried and tested respectively. 

This Soulstone Survivor characters Tier list may get old over time because we are going to get loads of characters, skills and build options in the coming days in the game. But not need to worry we will update the tier list of our Soulstone Survivors posts on regular basis. 

Hope you like the list and will enjoy reading and the game also. Let us know in the comment section if you have any specific character, skill, build or tier list tested by yourself. 


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