Soulstone Survivors Best Passive Skills Tier List

Soulstone Survivors Best Passive Skills Tier List

Welcome back once again with another post on Soulstone Survivors. In this post, we are going to elaborate on the best passive skill tier list of soulstone survivors. And if you wanna know about Character Tier List, Best Active Skill Tier List, or Best Build in Soulstone Survivors then you can browse our blog for other sources too. Anyways, Let’s start out initials with the Best Passive Skill Tier List of Soulstone Survivors.

Area –  As we already know, soulstone survivors is a roguelike RPG game and you will face lots of mobs and groups of enemies after every second. So, we need to increase our area of effect along with damage and speed. If our skills can hit long and big ranges then it will be the best and the most viable trait for our regular build so that’s why the area of effect passive is one of the most crucial skills in the soulstone survivors. Area of Effect comes in uncommon, rare, epic and without a doubt, legendary rarity and legendary is the most powerful pick.

Fragility – This is one of the most useable and regular passive used by all players because of its versatile nature. Fragility can be used with almost each and every active skill and any build. It has weakness passive includes inside it 


The Weakness passive skill grants players a 10% chance to apply the Fragility status effect, which will cause enemies to take additional damage from all sources for a total of six seconds. So, let’s say for example if you combined it with Ganrane it will Increase all damage received by 3% for 6 seconds along with a 70% pure chance to apply to bleed too. And bleed will deal 405 damage for 10 seconds.

Multicast – Absolutely monstrous passive. You can’t even imagine any build without Multicast passive in soulstone survivors. It will increase our chance to cast your skill multiple times by 4%/8%/12%/16%/20%, The multicast skill provides a tinny buff or chance to cast a specific skill but it has a high chance to activate the multiple instances of the skill in a single go which automatically doubles the damage of specific skill. And perhaps that’s the biggest buff of the game to provide absolute and true damage value. 

Merciless – if you are part of RPG games or online games of today’s genre then I suppose you are very well aware of the critical damage multiplier buff. All in all each and every player always tries to find out different ways to stack their crit damage value to increase the damage numbers as much as possible. 


Of course, there are plenty of ways to increase crit damage even in sousltone survivors too. But merciless passive skill is one of the easiest and finest ways to achieve and stack the crit damage numbers. 

Merciless Increases your critical damage modifier by an additional 12%/24%/36%. It has no legendary rarity for now but you can the merciless passive without any issue. 

Lethality- This passive runs just after the merciless passive skill. Both of these passives are too important. Where merciless skill increases the crit damage by itself, Lethality increases the chance to deliver a crit hit. So, if you really wanna increase the crit hit chance of the character you need to use the lethality passive. 


There are different ways to increase the crit chance of the characters, some characters and weapons come with the innate value to increase crit hit chance by default. But still, you need some more numbers to maximize the crit hit damage and modifier for maximum damage output. 

Vicious Striker- As we have discussed crit chance and crit damage with merciless and lethality passive skills. We already know the importance of crit chance and crit damage in the gaming world. Even in the soulstone survivors, we have managed to find out the best characters, best active skill, weapon and passive skill to maximize the crit value of the build. 

But there is another rock-solid option available in soulstone survivors. Vicious Striker passive skill, You have a 100% chance to deal a Critical Strike on enemies with full health, instantly triggering a critical strike. This is the best approach to clear the map in a single shot. Vicious Strike is very well known in the community for its massive utility to one-shot anything in the game. 


There are plenty of other useful and comprehensive passive skills available in the soulstone survivors game. But most of them are niche-based, limited or not so good as compared to these top tier passive skills of the soulstone survivors. 

Still, Agile is very good to increase the movement speed of your character in general but passive skills like Spontaneous Combustion, a touch of ice, and venomous work in their own niche. 

Spontaneous Combustion: All your attacks have a 25% chance of applying a Burn stack to the target. Burn Deals x amount of damage over 8 seconds.


Touch of ice: All your attacks have a 40% chance of applying Slow to the target. Chill: Reduces movement speed by 10% for 10 seconds

Venomous: All your attacks have a 30% chance of applying Poison to the target. Poison: Deals x amount of damage over 15 seconds

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