The Day Before Early Access, Plot, Trailer, and More

The Day Before Early Access, Plot, Trailer, and More

In the realm of gaming, anticipation has reached a fever pitch with the impending release of “The Day Before.” Developed by Fntastic and published by Mytona, this multiplayer open-world survival horror video game has captured the imaginations of gamers worldwide. It’s a journey into a post-apocalyptic world teeming with dangers, the undead, and the relentless pursuit of survival.

The Day Before Early Access

The Day Before: The Unveiling

This eagerly anticipated title thrusts players into a haunting, post-apocalyptic United States ravaged by a zombie outbreak, triggered by a catastrophic pandemic. Society has crumbled, and the survivors must navigate the ruins of once-thriving cities, ever-vigilant against threats both living and undead.

Survival in the Midst of Chaos

As players embark on this treacherous journey, they’ll confront a series of formidable challenges. The stakes are high, as they must gather resources, interact with fellow survivors, and fight for their lives in a world engulfed by chaos. “The Day Before” promises an immersive and spine-tingling survival horror experience when it finally hits the gaming scene.


The Day Before Plot

In this grim alternate version of the United States, “The Day Before” immerses players in a brutal, unforgiving world overrun by zombies. The game’s storyline unfolds against the backdrop of a shattered society, delivering a tension-filled and immersive gaming experience.

Survivors must not only contend with hordes of the undead but also other living humans, leading to intense and often unpredictable encounters. The post-apocalyptic setting serves as a harsh backdrop for the challenges and adventures players will face as they strive to stay alive.

Game Details

To further pique your interest, here are some key details about “The Day Before”:

  • Developed by: Fntastic
  • Published by: Mytona
  • Game Engine: Unreal Engine 5
  • Platform: Windows
  • Release Date: Early Access on December 7, 2023
  • Genre: Survival horror, open world
  • Mode: Multiplayer

Prepare to immerse yourself in this gripping, apocalyptic experience. Mark your calendars for December 7, 2023, when “The Day Before” enters Early Access, allowing you to dive headfirst into the chaos of a post-apocalyptic United States.


“The Day Before” is poised to redefine the survival horror genre, promising an unparalleled gaming experience in a world where survival is not guaranteed. As you prepare for the game’s release, make sure your skills are sharpened, and your strategy is honed, as you’ll need every advantage to survive in this unforgiving new world.

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Remember, in “The Day Before,” the line between life and death is razor-thin, and your choices will determine your fate in this post-apocalyptic nightmare.

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