FIFA 20 Best Young Players CAM (Attacking Midfielders )

FIFA 20 Best Young Players CAM (Attacking Midfielders )

Let’s come to the point sharply, In this post we are going to discuss Best Young Players CAM (Center Attacking Midfielder) for Career Mode FIFA 20.  You may find these hidden gems bit cheap as compared to well known and popular names of football world. But you need to outgrow these players above their potential to utilize their skills at max level. 

Remember, As per new feature of FIFA called Dynamic Potential, these players can easily outgrow their potential. If and only if you manage the team and player with proper strategy.

Tip: Always keep Morale of your team and players at high as much as possible for maximum explosion of each and every younger player and wonderkid for career mode.

Overview of Best Young CAM Players 

Mohammed Ihattaren (OVR 68– POT 86)

Age: 17

Positions: CAM

Club: PSV Eindhoven

Country: Netherlands

Work Rate: Medium/Medium

Value: $4 million 

Wage: $4,900 per week

Ihattaren is remarkable, phenomenal and extraordinary young player for your full career mode. He has potential to be special and can be part of your end game team. He has 4 star weak foot and 4 star skills. It’s just a dream come true to find perfect and reliable Best Young Players CAM. Initially, he was cheap enough but just got an update to an overall and potential with +2 in over all rating too. So, he may cost you bit high if you are managing lower league team or low budget team. 

Kangin Lee (OVR 76 – POT 86)

Age: 18

Positions: CAM, LM, RM

Club: Valencia

Country: South Korea

Work rate: High/Low

Value: $13 million 

Wage: $12,000 per week

This 18 years old lad is going to be one of the most popular and preferred players in career mode of FIFA 20. Lee has the optimal stats in the list of all players given below in table. You can place him even in wings or in center.

He has an exceptional movement, balance, agility, shot power, long shot, accuracy, power, dribbling, passing etc you just name it he has almost each and every stat in his arsenal. His value is around $13M but you need to pay more or heavy price for him. But worth each and every penny. Just go go go go go for him. πŸ™‚ 

Hamed Junior Traore (OVR 70 – POT 86)

Age: 19

Positions: CAM, CM

Club: Sassuolo

Country: Ireland

Work rate: High/Medium

Value: $4.3 million

Wage:$12,000 a week

Traore is another considerable and Best Young Player CAM midfielder. He has whopping stats to be a play maker or even can score good amount of goal for his team.  He has a potential of 86 in game which can also be outgrow. The main thing is that he is not available right at the start of career. As he is already on loan. So you may or may not have to wait for some time to grab him in your team. 

Angel Gomes (OVR 68 – POT 86)

Age: 18

Positions: CAM, CM, LW

Club: Manchester United

Country: England

Work rate: Medium/Medium

Value: $2.1M

Wage: $13,000 per week

Angel Gomes is an English professional footballer who plays as a CAM for Premier League club Manchester United. Gomes is recognized for his agility balance and acceleration in youth academy. He has sufficient overall stats in FIFA 20 at overall of 68. But seriously, his dribbling and ball control should be 74-77.

He is also one of the must pick for career mode team. With his 4 star weak foot and 4 star skills he can easily take place in your playing eleven with ease. Just give him a try once, we assure you that you will love this class player. πŸ™‚ 

Paxton Pomykal (OVR 69 – POT 86)

Age: 19

Positions: CAM, CM, RM

Club: FC Dallas

Country: USA

Work rate: High/High

Value: $2.5 million 

Wage: $3,000 a week

Paxton Pomykal is actually a central attacking midfielder with ability to play as CM and in wings too. He has lots of extensive stats like agility, balance, passing and stamina. A perfect cam with high stamina is what we all need as he may need to cover the entire field with long runs. He has decent dribbling, ball control and crossing as well.

But his traits are bit of the zone as he is prone to injuries which makes his high stamina stats bit useless. He has two more traits argue with officials and finesse shot. Because of low shot power and poor finishing stats his finesse shot trait may become bit useless for while too. 

M. Solomon (OVR 70– POT 86)

Age: 19

Positions: CAM, LM, RM

Club: Shakhtar Donetsk

Country: Israel 

Work rate: Medium/Medium

Value: $4.3 million 

Wage: $1,000 a week

One of the most underrated and underestimated  Young Player CAM of FIFA 20 career mode. Solomon has potential to be special and can get around 86 overall rating if you manage him properly. He has a monstrous dribbling skills with spacious balance, vision and finishing as well. Which means he can finish the things by his own. With the age of 19 years he can be part of your long term project of career mode and can be first choice cam of your team. 

Antonio Marin  (OVR 66- POT 85)

Age: 18

Positions: CAM, LW, RW

Club: Dinamo Zagreb

Country: Croatia

Work rate: Medium/Medium

Value: $1.5 million 

Wage: $1,000 a week

Antonio is basically positioned as left winger in game and he actually does play at wings too. But in the FIFA 20 once in while one should try and place him as CAM. He is younger and cheap with 4 star weak foot and 4 star skills.

Antonis is one of the cheapest younger players in FIFA 20 with massive and high potential of 85. You can easily cross him above 85 even up to 90’s. All of his stats are perfect for an ideal central attacking midfielder. But remember, his crossing and finishing both are not up to mark. πŸ™‚

James Rowland  (OVR 57 POT 80)

Age: 17

Positions: CAM

Club: Shrewsbury

Country: England

Work rate: Medium/Medium

Value: $260k 

Wage: $1,000 a week

Wonderkid, Real Gem, Hidden Gem, Excellent, with the potential of 80 which can be outgrown with different methods. His value is just $260k so, probably the cheapest CAM of the game with 26 September squad update. Rowland has excellent balance, agility and sprint speed even at overall of 57. 

He is small, lean and quick on the pitch with 3 star weak foot and medium/medium workout. If you are developing a young team in career mode then this is going to be the first pick for your lower league team. Even though you can get him for your regular team too. You just need to give him some time so he can get to his potential.

Full List of Young Players CAM


This is all about best young players CAM with high potential for career mode FIFA  20. Hope, These players would be helpful for your team and career mode journey. If anyhow, anyone find any great and best young players cam with high prospectus and potential them kindly let us know by mail or comment section. You can also read our post of young players left back for career mode

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