Best Traps To Use Meet Your Maker [GUIDE]

Best Traps To Use Meet Your Maker [GUIDE]

If you are looking for Best Traps To Use Meet Your Maker [GUIDE]. Then Here’s your step-by-step All Weapons In Meet Your Maker GuideBest Traps To Use Meet Your Maker [GUIDE]

Right now, Meet Your Maker is making noises in Steam stores, gaming communities and all over the internet. if you are also playing The Meet Your Maker then you may need some recommendations or tutorials to understand the basic fundamentals of the meet your maker game.

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At foremost, Meet Your Maker appears a bit convoluted and challenging but you will follow the flow once you understand the basic mechanism of the game. We will provide you independent guides, tutorials and information about Meet Your Maker but in this post we are going to examine the Best Traps To Use Meet Your Maker [GUIDE]

Best Traps To Use Meet Your Maker [GUIDE]

If you love raids on outposts then you will ultimately start gaining lots of material to purchase weapons and traps. And if you are about to build your base you need to install proper traps with an accurate plan to stop raiders to steal GenMat. We know it’s all about stealing and protecting the Genmat in Meet Your Maker. So, Traps are the most effective weapon for you to protect GenMat and Outpost from raiders.

Do you know, There are plenty of traps available in the game even at the starting point of the game? The answer is YES, You will see lots of traps with different functionality and potentials. But the real challenge is to pick the Best Traps from all available even at the start of the game. In this guide, I’m going to explain to you the best trap in meet your maker.


All Traps In Meet Your Maker

First of all, we will talk about the all available Traps in Meet Your Maker. There are a total of 9 traps in Meet Your Maker.

  • Bolt shot – Fires a volley of bolts. Triggers once.
  • Bomb Ejector – Releases multiple bouncing bombs that explode after a short duration. Triggers once.
  • Corrosive Cube – A container of acid that can dissolve a raider. Cannot be destroyed.
  • Death Piston – A piston that extends at set intervals, smashing everything that stands in its way. Triggers until destroyed.
  • Holocube – A hologram that takes on the appearance of a bedrock block. Disappears when a raider approaches.
  • Impaler – Spikes extend from the trap, impaling anything within close range. Triggers once.
  • Incinerator – Spews fire at its target. Triggers until destroyed.
  • Iron Claw – Launches a claw that catches its target and drags it to the trap. Non-lethal. Triggers until destroyed.
  • Plasma Sentinel – Continuously fires balls of plasma from all sides. Triggers until destroyed.

Best Traps In Meet Your Maker

if you wish to pick the best traps in the meet your maker then you will get the answer on this post for sure. But before proceeding further let me explain and clarify that traps come with 2 variants.

  1. Single-use Traps.
  2. Multi-use Traps.

Meet Your Maker has very unique and thoughtful gameplay approach. Due to the one-shot mechanism of the game Single use traps are not much useful but Multi-use traps are super overpowered and dangerous. We have already listed the all Traps In Meet Your Maker and now we will pick up the Best Traps in Meet Your Maker.

  1. Death Piston: It definitely a block that generates a piston that shoots the enemies multiple times. it destroys everything it touches and can hit in different directions. There is only one way to stop it, just destroy it otherwise, Death Piston is an unstoppable force.
  2. Incinerator: This one works like Death Piston but has some limitations in the range. The incinerator block spews a wall of fire a fairly very long distance and can destroy anything but should be in the range. it works way better as compared to single-use traps.
  3. Plasma Sentinel: This is absolutely destructive trap and one of the best in the game if you used it properly. Plasma is top tier with high potential traps and must be used in every outpost. its block shoots a plasma with massive damage inside its radius and keeps shooting for a specific time.
  4. Iron Claw: The Iron Claw latches onto targets within range, pulling them toward the block’s position. Iron Claw does not work like Death Piston, Incinerator, Plasma etc. It works way better if you combine it with single-use traps like a bolt, bomb Ejector and Impaler.

Remember, You need to use many of the single-use traps with Iron Claw to make the best out of it And believe me if you implement Iron Claw with a proper plan then it will become your favourite trap in the game.

There is no best and worst trap in the Meet Your Maker. each and every trap can be destructive and become your favourite if you use them properly. Of course, multi-use traps are dangerous and better than single-use traps. but it does not mean that single traps are useless.

You need to learn the mechanism of the Trap. There are hundreds of ways to create a destructive outpost with the help of traps only. Meet Your Maker comes has too much versatility in the gameplay when it comes to building a creative outpost with your own ideas and strategies.


That’s all about the Best Traps To Use Meet Your Maker [GUIDE]. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides on Meet Your Maker the Wilds as well.  But if you haven’t already made a base then you should start right away and activate your outpost. Remember, You should know the technique to How To Change Harvester Path In Meet Your Maker to increase the level of  Prestige In Meet Your Maker to secure and steal the GenMat

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