Best Guards To Use in Meet Your Maker

Best Guards To Use in Meet Your Maker

If you are looking for Best Guards To Use in Meet Your Maker. Then Here’s your step-by-step Best Guards To Use in Meet Your Maker

Right now, Meet Your Maker is making noises in Steam stores, gaming communities and all over the internet. if you are also playing The Meet Your Maker then you may need some recommendations or tutorials to understand the basic fundamentals of the meet your maker game.

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At foremost, Meet Your Maker appears a bit convoluted and challenging but you will follow the flow once you understand the basic mechanism of the game. We will provide you with independent guides, tutorials and information about Meet Your Maker but in this post we are going to examine the Best Guards To Use in Meet Your Maker

Best Guards To Use in Meet Your Maker

There are mainly 2 things in our arsenal when it comes to defending the bases or outpost named Traps and Guards. Traps are the most effective method to protect our base from raider and are considered a must-be in the base on the other hand guards plays an important role but are overlooked by the efficiency of the traps.

There are 4 types of guards available in the game right now. it’s highly possible that we get some buff to guards or we may get new guards I mean powerful guards in upcoming patches. In this guide, we are going to explain everything about guards and their values, impact, ranking and role in protecting the base from raiders.


Note: Guards are an important part of the game when it comes to defending your outpost from raiders. Guards have different abilities and different approaches to every situation. You need to learn the mechanism behind the working of guards. So, Remember guards are also effective but you have to use them with creativity and absolute plan.

All Guards In Meet Your Maker

First of all, we will talk about the all available Guards in Meet Your Maker. There are a total of 4 Guards in Meet Your Maker.

Cannonback – You may read all over the internet that cannonback is good but this creature doesn’t move very quickly. it’s very slow and lazy 😀 and most importantly can be killed easily. Yes, I agree with all these statements but Cannonback shoots very destructive bombs and deals massive damage too. if you want it to perform way better, then you need to upgrade it for better vision, Believe me, it becomes way more powerful with each upgrade.


Enforcer – The Enforcer is a very simple and common guard in the game. I would say it has no special ability and no uniqueness. it shoots small bullets with a specific range and most importantly its accuracy is not so good so it may destroy our own traps too.

Hornet – The Hornet is a dangerous fly that may become powerful with genuine upgrades, it performs very similar to Enforcer but they do not get killed so easily because it’s not easy to hit them.

Warmonger – Let’s talk about Warmongers as a raider and suppose you are going for a raid. if you see Warmonger then there will be a big threat to you. They are dam powerful, accurate and can kill you with a knife. They are bad in range combat but if you come close to melee then it will create a massive threat for you.


Best Guards In Meet Your Maker

There is no best and worst Guard in the Meet Your Maker. Each and every guard can be destructive and become your favourite if you use them properly.

You need to learn the mechanism of the Guards. There are hundreds of ways to create a destructive outpost with the help of traps and guards. Meet Your Maker comes has too much versatility in the gameplay when it comes to building a creative outpost with your own ideas and strategies.

I would say that one should use all the guards in the outpost to make it hell for the raiders. It’s all about the perfect placement and correlating the guards with traps to make the raiders fall into the trap easily. You have to learn about the guards and their combination and synergy with the traps.


if you know the proper working of specific guards then you can get the best of them easily. Let’s say if you wanna protect your GenMat then Warmonger would be the best choice for this place. But things would be different if you do not want to get involved in the melee and protect the GenMat from range. Then think accordingly, Hornet and Enforcer would perform better in that case but still, the location of traps and guard’s placement matter a lot to create an amazing and deadly outpost.

That’s all about the Best Guards To Use in Meet Your Maker. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides on Meet Your Maker the Wilds as well.  But if you haven’t already made a base then you should start right away and activate your outpost. Remember, You should know the technique to How To Change Harvester Path In Meet Your Maker to increase the level of  Prestige In Meet Your Maker to secure and steal the GenMat

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