Twizzly Gummy Cookie Build, Treasure Cookie Run Kingdom Guide (Updated & Best)

Twizzly Gummy Cookie Build, Treasure Cookie Run Kingdom Guide (Updated & Best)

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Twizzly Gummy Cookie: Our Twizzly Gummy Cookie Toppings build has the best toppings for Twizzly Gummy Cookie. You may add these unique toppings to this cookie to give her multiple bonuses. It works really well when used aggressively. These are really unique toppings that you can add to this one cookie for various in-game bonuses. It also increases the chances of taking down your enemy in just one big hit.

Soulstone Description: “This stone holds a piece of Twizzly Gummy Cookie’s soul. It’s blasting with electrifying sparks! Watch out! Bzzt!”


It can be acquired in World Exploration Dark Mode Stage 13-21. This epic electrifying gummy Cookie is ranged class positioned at the Rear. This beast is surely going to give you a crackling good time. 

Is Twizzly Gummy Cookie Good?

In the gameplay, it has the most hits in her normal attack, with a total of 6 hits. She is the second Cookie to be taken over the Cookie Run: Kingdom social media. 

Twizzly Gummy Cookie – How does it work?

One of the quickest ways to get Twizzly is probably the Electroid Hunt event and the Reward-o-Matic, where players could obtain a limited currency by completing the specified missions. This is just the part of the Super Mayhem update when Twizzly was released. 


Gacha Banner System

You can pull out Twizzly Gummy Cookie if she appears on the Standard banner. Twizzly has a 0.085% probability of appearing, which is pretty low. 

Best Twizzly Gummy Cookie Toppings Build

It specializes in long-range attacks that can be aimed at multiple or single targets while safely protected by her teammates from the rear. Here are the best toppings suited for her:

  1. Juice Apple Jelly: This is the best topping for Twizzly Gummy Cookie that attacks from afar as her hits get stronger. That’s exactly what this topping does and increases the chances of you taking down your enemy in one big hit. Whenever it is at its full power, the Juicy Apple Jelly topping increases Twizzly’s CRIT by X5% by making sure she gets that full damage in.
  2. Searing Raspberry: Just in case you are talking about an attack Cookie we just cannot leave out a Full Searing Raspberry Build. It increases ATK up to x5% if it’s fully equipped. Keep in mind what type of battle you are fighting while choosing your Toppings. Like, if you are looking for a PvP fight with an Apple Jelly, while waiting for a Searing Raspberry for a longer team battle. 3x Searing Raspberry + 2x Juicy Apple Jelly. So, with this mix, you will have 6% CRIT and 12% ATK.

Another option is that you could go for Mala Sauce Cookie and Twizzly at the same time because of Mala’s skill of increasing the CRIT chance of two allies with the highest CRIT in the first place. Both of them make a very deadly duo.

Twizzly Gummy Cookie Toppings: Skill Info

She is Ranged, Rear. She overloads her Electrojelly Gun to fire a powerful electrifying laser beam. Whenever she uses her skill, her CRIT DMG is meant to be increased and enemies hit by her laser beam will be zaped. In Player vs Player, Twizzly Gummy Cookie can good counter Pure Vanilla by disrupting her in-game shield. Twizzly Beam is the skill of Twizzly Gummy Cookie.

  1. 16-second base cooldown
  2. Single hit DMG (Cookies): 7.7% (+0.1% DMG per level)
  3. Single hit DMG (Others): 4.6% (+0.1% DMG per level)
  4. Skill CRIT DMG: +350.0%
  5. Zap: 2.8% DMG every 1.0 sec for 7.0 sec. Nullifies HP Shield.

Best Treasures for Twizzly Gummy Cookie?

X5 Juicy Apple Jelly Toppings; Full CRIT Build(Recommended)
X5 Searing Raspberry Toppings With CRIT Sub Stats
X3 Searing Raspberry + X2 Juicy Apple Jelly(With Mala in the team)

There are 2 toppings that work well for Twizzly Gummy Cookies at the Cookie Run Kingdom. Or maybe 3, moving forward. It would be Juicy Apple Jelly Toppings Build Set and Raspberry Toppings. The first topping should be 5x Juicy Apple Jellies as it is going to increase your critical rate in the game battle. Expect a rise of 20% in your critical hit chances with the potential to deal 350% critical damage.


Another safer option would be 5x scorched raspberries with 3% ATK for each high-level Raspberry cover with an additional 5% when you equip 5 of them.

The third option for Twizzly Gummy Cookie Run Kingdom cookie toppings would be a combination of 3x searing raspberries and 2x juicy apple jellies. This will give you 12% ATK and 6% Critical also a little of both if you want.

Your choice of cookie topping selection would be the best one that suits your in-game needs. 


Additional Information: Twizzly Gummy Cookie’s English voice actress, Dawn M. Bennett, also provides the voice of Canelé Cookie. Twizzly Gummy Cookie’s Taiwanese voice actress, Tao Minxian, also provides the voices of Sablé Cookie and Grand Madeleine Cookie. Her internal name is “cookie0527”. 

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