Holocure Beginners Guide & Tips for Dominating the Hololive Universe

Holocure Beginners Guide & Tips for Dominating the Hololive Universe

In the thrilling realm of action roguelikes, Holocure stands out as an electrifying journey set within the mesmerizing Hololive universe. Drawing parallels to acclaimed titles such as Vampire Survivors and 20 Minutes Till Dawn, Holocure plunges players into the vibrant lives of virtual idols. As you engage in high-octane VS-style battles, not only will you cater to your legion of fans but also nurture your on-stage prowess. With its recent debut on the Steam platform, we’re here to equip you with the essential strategies that will propel you to victory and ascend the ranks of Holocure mastery.

Holocure Beginners Guide

1. Seamlessly Transfer Previous Progress

Transitioning from the original version to the Steam iteration of Holocure? Fear not, for your hard-earned progress need not be left behind. By installing the Steam version and utilizing your existing files, you can effortlessly pick up where you left off. While certain achievements may require a second go-around, the game compensates you with generous in-game rewards and coveted items that will prove invaluable in your journey toward greatness.

2. Unleash the Power of Unlockable Gameplay Features

To truly harness the potential of your virtual idol, you must unlock the game’s pivotal mechanics and special attacks. The gateway to these game-altering features lies within the Enhancement section of the in-game Shop. Prepare to channel your inner warrior, as these enhancements can be acquired by utilizing the Holocoins you’ve skillfully accumulated through triumphant runs. Each enhancement conquered brings you closer to unrivaled mastery.


3. Home Mode: Unveil a World Beyond Battles

Beyond the heat of the battle lies a serene haven known as Home Mode. However, this respite is earned through tenacity and skill. Survive a challenging stage for a formidable 20 minutes while emerging victorious against its imposing boss. Your reward? The keys to a multifaceted realm where you can fish, cultivate, cook sumptuous meals, marshal your troops, and imbue your surroundings with your unique flair. Not only does this grant you extra Holocoins and in-game buffs, but it also affords you a welcome escape from the relentless battles.

4. Empowerment Through Stamps

Weapons adorned with stamps possess a potency that transcends the ordinary. Yet, their power is not fixed – you have the ability to empower them further. In your journey, you’ll come across new stamps, each capable of either reinforcing your existing ones or even substituting them entirely. Don’t neglect your surplus stamps; these can be exchanged for valuable Holocoins, fueling your inexorable rise to the apex of the Hololive universe.

5. Unveiling the Mastery of Collabs

Collabs, the epitome of collaborative power, hold the key to unbridled strength. These synergistic weapons, reminiscent of Vampire Survivor’s Evolved Weapons, are the linchpin of your arsenal. Memorizing the intricacies of this mechanic is pivotal, and the game offers quick references to guide you seamlessly through battles. With mastery of collabs at your fingertips, you’ll transform into an indomitable force that cannot be denied.


6. Achievements: Paving Your Path to Greatness

Holocure unfurls a tapestry of achievements, waiting to be woven into your legacy. Embrace the duality of accomplishments, as both Steam and in-game achievements beckon you. The Steam version boasts a roster of 82 achievements, while the in-game realm expands to a staggering 168. As you conquer these milestones, your prowess as a virtual idol and a true master of Holocure intensifies.

Ascending the Pinnacle of Mastery

For aspirants committed to a holistic Holocure journey, the road to triumph involves strategic choices. Those aspiring to adorn their Steam profiles with Holocure’s glory should focus on Steam achievements, fostering a collection of badges that attest to their dominance. However, delving into non-Steam achievements can unlock a treasure trove of in-game rewards, positioning you favorably for the challenges ahead.

Dedication holds the key to unlocking the Fandoms system within the Enhancement shop, where permanent character buffs await the resolute. Those willing to invest substantial effort will chase the pinnacle of achievement – maximum Fandoms across all characters. A pursuit that underscores your unrelenting dedication and sets you on the path to unparalleled supremacy.


Moreover, your journey encompasses not only battles but also the collection of Tears, procured from duplicate gacha rolls. These Tears serve as conduits to unlock distinctive character outfits, further distinguishing you in the realm of Hololive. As you refine your Home Mode abode, sculpting it into a haven befitting a true idol, your connection to the Hololive universe deepens, and your journey toward immortality continues.

Envelop yourself in the enchanting saga that is Holocure and the captivating realm of Hololive. Let your journey be a testament to the heights achievable through perseverance, strategy, and the unwavering desire to stand as a beacon of excellence in the Hololive universe.

Embark on your journey. The universe of Holocure awaits your indelible mark.


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