Comprehensive Guide to HoloCure Weapons Tier List: Unlocking, Categories, and Upgrades

Comprehensive Guide to HoloCure Weapons Tier List: Unlocking, Categories, and Upgrades

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on HoloCure weapons! Whether you’re a seasoned player looking to maximize your combat potential or a new recruit eager to learn the ropes, this guide will provide you with a detailed overview of everything you need to know about HoloCure weapons. From unlocking conditions to weapon categories, upgrades, and essential details, we’ve got you covered.

HoloCure Weapons Tier List

Understanding HoloCure Weapons

In the dynamic world of HoloCure, weapons are your primary tools for battling the enemies that stand in your way. Each character boasts a unique arsenal, and as you progress and level up, you have the opportunity to expand your collection even further. With a total of 6 weapon slots available, including your initial weapon, the possibilities for strategic combat are endless.

Overall Basic Weapon Tier List

Tier SSSpider Cooking, BL Book, Bounce Ball, Psycho Axe
Tier SCEO’s Tears, Wamy Water, Elite Lava Bucket, EN’s Curse, Sausage
Tier ACutting Board, Idol Song, Plug Type Asacoco
Tier BX-Potato,  Holo Bomb
Tier CGlowstick, Fan Beam

HoloCure Weapons Tier SS

Weapon: Spider Cooking


Description: The HoloCure Basic Weapon, represented by the Spider Cooking, offers a unique ability known as “Miasma Creation.” When wielded, this weapon empowers the character to envelop their surroundings with a subtle yet potent Miasma. This ethereal mist inflicts gradual damage upon any adversaries within its confines. The Miasma acts as a protective perimeter, dissuading enemies from approaching the character.

Unlocking Method: Available from the start.

Advantages: The HoloCure – Basic Weapon stands as an essential asset for every character within the HoloCure universe. It stands apart not only due to its inherent prowess but also because it is automatically accessible upon initiation. Regardless of the time or circumstance, players can readily harness its power.


Tactical Insight: This weapon’s distinctive trait lies in the formation of a compact poison zone surrounding the wielder. This zone assumes the guise of a safeguarding aura, effectively dealing harm to any foes daring to venture within its radius. The mechanics of this weapon synergize offense with defense, making it a versatile choice.

Collaborative Potential: The creative possibilities extend beyond the confines of the basic weapon itself. By employing the HoloCure – Basic Weapon as a foundation, players can forge collaboration weapons of considerable might. The Miasma effect, a hallmark of the HoloCure Basic Weapon, persists as a pivotal element even in the collaborative iterations. This ensures that the collaborative armaments remain as formidable and impactful as their foundational counterpart.

Weapon: BL Book


Description: The BL Book is a uniquely captivating weapon, renowned for its intriguing ability named “Orbital Repulsion.” This enchanting weapon operates by conjuring a mesmerizing array of books that gracefully orbit around the wielder. These celestial volumes serve as a deterrent, thwarting any attempts by adversaries to draw near.

Unlocking Method: Available from the start.

Envisioned Potential: Beyond its initial allure, the BL Book unlocks a realm of possibilities in the realm of collaborative weaponry. This extends to the formidable BL Fujoshi, celebrated as one of the premier collaborative armaments. The BL Book serves as the foundational core for these extraordinary creations, granting them remarkable potency.


Mechanics in Motion: Upon activation, the BL Book reveals its wonder by summoning a mesmerizing ensemble of spinning tomes. These literary satellites vigilantly encircle the character, transforming into a dynamic shield against encroaching foes. The pages of these orbiting books conceal not only knowledge but also a hidden threat, dealing consequential damage to any adversaries daring to intrude upon the wielder’s personal space.

The BL Book stands as a testament to the fusion of literature and combat, offering a unique means of defense while paying homage to the allure of written words.

Weapon: Bounce Ball


Description: The Bounce Ball stands as a testament to inventive weaponry, marked by its distinctive “Falling Bounce Ball” feature. Upon activation, this weapon unleashes a gravity-defying sphere, descending with whimsical unpredictability upon a randomly selected target. Notably, the size of this playful projectile undergoes variations tailored to individual characters, adding a touch of uniqueness to each engagement.

Unlocking Condition: Achieve the remarkable feat of enduring as a Flat character while wielding the Cutting Board for an impressive 10-minute duration within a single run.

Intricacies in Focus: Amidst the pantheon of basic armaments, the Bounce Ball emerges as a standout contender. Version 0.5 heralded its introduction, capturing the attention of players far and wide. The underlying allure of this weapon is intricately tied to its origin and the captivating narrative that surrounds it. The Bounce Ball’s appeal resonates not only from its mechanical prowess but also from its rich background story.


Strategic Edge: Among the ranks of characters, a select few bestow an additional boon upon wielders of the Bounce Ball: a bonus to the size of the deployed ball. This subtle enhancement translates into a substantial advantage on the battlefield, augmenting the weapon’s inherent capabilities and strategic potential.

Evolving Potency: The saga of the Bounce Ball continues to unfold with each iteration. In the transition to Version 0.6, a significant power boost was implemented, enhancing the overall damage output. The weapon’s efficacy underwent a commendable enhancement, with its damage quotient escalating from an initial 120% to a more formidable 140%. This upgrade cements the Bounce Ball’s status as a force to be reckoned with.

The Bounce Ball’s charm lies not only in its whimsical mechanics but also in its evolution, representing a synergy between creative design and responsive development.


Weapon: Psycho Axe

Description: The Psycho Axe embodies a whirlwind of chaos within its core, characterized by its dynamic ability to project a spiraling axe outward from the wielder. This weapon defies convention by channeling a cascade of energy into the formidable trajectory of the thrown axe.

Unlocking Method: Available from the start.


Intricate Mechanism: The Psycho Axe, with its mesmerizing “Spiral Projection” feature, offers an electrifying departure from conventional armaments. With a swift motion, the player propels an axe on a spiraling odyssey, expanding outward in a mesmerizing dance of destruction. This intricate mechanism confounds adversaries and ensures an element of surprise in battles.

Collaborative Mastery: In a striking parallel to the BL Book, the Psycho Axe takes its place as the foundational cornerstone for a realm of collaborative weaponry. Among the distinguished creations that emerge from the Psycho Axe’s influence are the awe-inspiring BL Fujoshi and the enigmatic MiComet. These collaborative marvels stand tall as some of the most potent armaments available, directly linked to the Psycho Axe’s resonance.

Dynamic Defense: Upon activation, the Psycho Axe bestows its wielder with a pulsating cyclone of spiraling axes. These bladed vortices orbit the character, crafting a formidable barrier that rebuffs any encroaching adversaries. The axe’s keen edges inflict significant damage upon foes foolish enough to challenge its rotational fury.


The Psycho Axe’s allure stems from its ability to transform a mundane weapon into a mesmerizing spectacle of power. It is not just a means of offense, but a statement of dominance, ensuring that the wielder remains a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

HoloCure Weapons Tier S

Weapon: CEO’s Tears

Description: The CEO’s Tears weapon serves as a poignant testament to the embodiment of melancholy unleashed in a barrage of teardrops. This unique armament harnesses the depths of emotion, transforming tears into rapid projectiles that assail random targets within its reach.


Unlocking Condition: Attain the formidable achievement of triumphing over the stage 2 boss.

Mournful Machinery: Amidst the arsenal of newfound basic weaponry introduced in Version 0.5, the CEO’s Tears stands as a standout addition. Its distinctive feature lies in the rapid-fire delivery of teardrops, each transformed into a poignant projectile aimed at indiscriminate foes on the battlefield. The weapon not only signifies a strategic choice but also serves as an embodiment of emotional resonance.

Evolving Potential: As with any remarkable armament, the CEO’s Tears harbors a realm of potential through its upgrade path. The significance of upgrades is twofold: they augment the quantity of tear drops unleashed and concurrently enhance their speed and damage output. This dynamic progression engenders a multifaceted growth, making every advancement an essential factor in the weapon’s effectiveness.


A Symphony of Tears: Upon activation, the CEO’s Tears casts a symphony of sorrow, launching rapid-fire teardrops in a mesmerizing display. These poignant projectiles homogenize emotion and combat prowess, evoking an air of elegy while inflicting considerable harm on unsuspecting adversaries.

The CEO’s Tears transfigures an intimate emotion into an unexpected instrument of destruction, leaving an indelible mark upon the battlefield. It stands as a testament to the fusion of sentiment and strategy, wielding tears as both an expression of melancholy and a source of formidable power.

Weapon: Wamy Water


Description: The enigmatic Wamy Water weapon harnesses the mystique of an unknown aquatic force, capable of conjuring a dynamic splash that materializes before it. This fluidic phenomenon exerts a forceful knockback effect on targets caught within its sphere of influence, resulting in a powerful kinetic impact.

Unlocking Condition: Achieve the remarkable feat of completing any stage while equipped with the Sake item.

Hydrokinetic Symphony: Within the realm of basic armaments, the Wamy Water occupies a unique niche due to its inherent knockback property, rendering it a compelling choice for engaging adversaries. The essence of this weapon lies in its capacity to merge damage infliction with spatial manipulation. The splash of water emitted from the Wamy Water becomes a conduit for both offense and strategic repositioning, providing tactical advantage.


Unveiling Aim and Impact: The wielder wields control over the trajectory of the splash, enabling precise aiming in any direction. This capability transforms the battlefield into a canvas of hydrokinetic strategy, allowing users to disrupt enemy formations, create barriers, or even manipulate terrain to their advantage.

Collaborative Synergy: Similar to the preceding examples, the Wamy Water acts as the catalyst for a new wave of collaborative weaponry. Prominent among these creations is the formidable Frozen Sea, a testament to the potential hidden within the essence of Wamy Water. The foundational element of the splash and its spatial manipulation carries forward, ensuring that collaborative arms are as potent and resonant as their origin.

The Wamy Water is more than a mere weapon; it encapsulates the elegance of fluid dynamics and strategic engagement. Through its enigmatic essence, it grants players the ability to wield water as an instrument of both havoc and harmony, imparting a profound sense of control over the battlefield.


Weapon: Elite Lava Bucket

Description: The Elite Lava Bucket stands as a masterful testament to harnessing the raw power of molten fury. This weapon unleashes a scorching cascade of lava upon the battlefield, resulting in an incendiary torrent that engulfs and consumes targets over time.

Unlocking Method: Available from the start.


Intricate Display of Flames: The Elite Lava Bucket transcends conventional weaponry, introducing a breathtaking spectacle of destruction in the form of its “Lava Deluge.” Upon activation, the wielder ushers forth a deluge of molten lava that surges onto the ground. This blazing torrent unleashes relentless heat upon any adversaries unfortunate enough to tread its path.

Collaborative Potential Unleashed: Just as fire begets fire, the Elite Lava Bucket serves as the progenitor for a series of collaborative weaponry. Among them, the MiComet and the Elite Cooking weapons emerge as pinnacle creations. These collaborative marvels encapsulate the immense power harnessed by the Elite Lava Bucket, ensuring that their might remains unrivaled.

Tactical Scorched Earth: Upon impact, the Elite Lava Bucket engenders a searing pool of lava in a randomized area near the wielder. This fiery pit serves as a perilous deterrent, inflicting gradual damage upon any adversaries who venture into its midst. The pooling lava leaves a lasting mark on the battlefield, transforming it into a hazardous arena that requires strategic navigation.


The Elite Lava Bucket transcends conventional weaponry by transforming the battlefield itself into a realm of blazing peril. Through its devastating torrent of lava, it ushers forth both chaos and strategic advantage, ensuring that foes tread carefully amidst its scorching legacy.

Weapon: EN’s Curse

Description: EN’s Curse emerges as a conduit of mystical affliction, its very essence pulsating with the potential to disseminate a malevolent force. When this weapon strikes its target, a peculiar and potent phenomenon unfolds—a chance occurrence whereby the curse it carries leaps forth to plague another nearby entity.


Unlocking Condition: Achieve the commendable feat of vanquishing the boss of the third stage.

Enigmatic Infliction: EN’s Curse transcends mere physicality, introducing an arcane interplay of chance and malice. With each impact, a fateful lottery is set into motion—an opportunity for the curse to manifest upon another unsuspecting target within proximity. This otherworldly chain reaction extends the reach of affliction, enabling the weapon to sow chaos across the battlefield.

Parallel to Perfection: The echoes of its introduction find resonance in the realm of Version 0.5’s finest, akin to the esteemed Bounce Ball. Much like its bouncier counterpart, EN’s Curse unfurls its power in a manner both intriguing and strategic. This weapon introduces an element of unpredictability, confounding adversaries and creating opportunities for calculated mayhem.


Directed Malevolence: The wielder commands mastery over the cursed energy’s trajectory, enabling precision in the direction of its malevolent journey. This ability to guide the curse’s path transforms the wielder into a puppeteer of misfortune, steering the afflicted energy towards targets of strategic significance.

EN’s Curse defies convention, intertwining the ethereal with the tangible. It bestows players with the dual roles of puppeteer and catalyst, summoning both chance and control into a symphony of affliction. With every hit, a web of hexes unfurls, binding foes in a dance of malefic chaos that reverberates throughout the battlefield.

Weapon: Sausage


Description: The Sausage weapon brings a touch of culinary whimsy to the battlefield, offering a unique combat experience through its distinctive ability. When wielded, this weapon showcases a culinary twist by swinging a petite sausage towards the nearest target, inflicting delightful albeit unconventional damage.

Unlocking Condition: Accomplish the impressive feat of overcoming the boss residing within the fourth stage.

Gastronomic Engage: The Sausage epitomizes the marriage of novelty and functionality, standing as the solitary newcomer in the esteemed Version 0.6. This weapon thrives on proximity, charging its culinary strike only when a target ventures within its range. This engaging interaction ensures that the wielder remains attentive to their surroundings, creating an exhilarating blend of strategy and anticipation.


A Feast of Choices: Amidst the array of basic weaponry, the Sausage garners distinction not only from its playful mechanics but also from the prospect it presents. Through its inherent charm and uniqueness, the Sausage paves the way for collaborative weaponry of commendable power. These culinary creations promise to stand shoulder to shoulder with their foundational inspiration, consolidating the Sausage’s standing as an exceptional weapon.

Precision in Swings: With precision akin to a seasoned chef’s knife, the wielder commands the trajectory of the sausage’s swing, directing it towards the nearest target. This precision transforms a mundane sausage into an agile instrument of damage, presenting players with an engaging challenge of timing and accuracy.

The Sausage transforms the mundane into the marvelous, elevating a simple culinary delight into an artful instrument of combat. In the realm of Version 0.6, it stands alone as both a tactical and thematic triumph, celebrating the union of novelty and strategy on the battlefield.


HoloCure Weapons Tier A

Weapon: Cutting Board

Description: The Cutting Board emerges as a unique bastion of defense, casting forth a protective wall that doubles as a potent offensive maneuver. This weapon conjures a barrier with the power to inflict damage upon any adversaries positioned behind it, creating a dynamic interplay between defense and offense.

Unlocking Condition: Achieve the remarkable milestone of surviving for a cumulative duration of 10 minutes with Ninomae Ina’nis, thus demonstrating mastery over her unique skill set.


Strategic Barrier: The Cutting Board transcends its conventional kitchen origins to assume the role of a strategic guardian on the battlefield. Through its ingenious design, it erects a defensive wall capable of not only shielding its wielder but also exacting retribution upon those who dare to breach its protective embrace.

Character-Aligned Potency: The effectiveness of the Cutting Board transcends uniformity, adapting itself to the inherent strengths of certain characters. This tailored potency introduces an element of diversity within its tactical application, ensuring that each wielder experiences the weapon’s potential in a distinct manner.

Ina’nis’s Legacy: The key to unlocking the true potential of the Cutting Board lies in embracing the mastery of Ninomae Ina’nis. By exhibiting the ability to withstand the rigors of battle for a cumulative 10-minute duration alongside her, players demonstrate their readiness to command the weapon’s true might. This unique unlocking condition not only adds depth but also serves as a homage to the character’s legacy.


The Cutting Board stands as an embodiment of both protection and retribution, merging the utilitarian role of a culinary instrument with the potency of a strategic weapon. Through its versatile nature, it empowers players to navigate the battlefield with calculated precision, knowing that their defense can seamlessly transition into a formidable offense.

Weapon: Idol Song

Description: The Idol Song is a manifestation of melodic enchantment, conjuring a symphony of magical music notes that gracefully ascend and descend in symmetrical harmony. This unique weapon unfurls a cascade of ethereal notes, creating an otherworldly spectacle that captivates both the senses and the battlefield.


Unlocking Condition: Attain the impressive accomplishment of sustaining a cumulative 10-minute presence as IRyS, attuning oneself to her unique attributes and abilities.

Melodic Whirlwind: The Idol Song transcends the boundaries of conventional armaments, embracing a more sublime role as an auditory spectacle that also wields tangible impact. When invoked, this weapon releases a mesmerizing whirlwind of music notes that traverse the vertical expanse, casting a spell of both visual allure and imminent danger.

A Tribute to Mastery: To unlock the full potential of the Idol Song, players must immerse themselves in the essence of IRyS for a cumulative duration of 10 minutes. This requirement not only underscores the commitment to mastering the character but also pays homage to her distinct persona within the game’s universe.


Symphony of Power: Upon activation, the Idol Song transforms the battlefield into a theater of sonic enchantment. Magical notes ascend and descend in a carefully choreographed dance, possessing both auditory allure and a perilous bite. Adversaries caught within the enchanting maelstrom find themselves ensnared in a symphony of both beauty and destruction.

The Idol Song is a testament to the fusion of music and magic, translating melody into might and infusing the battlefield with an aura of enchantment. Through its ethereal spectacle, it ensnares the senses while providing players with a potent means of engagement that resonates beyond the realm of the mundane.

Weapon: Plug Type Asacoco


Description: The Plug Type Asacoco emerges as a conduit of high-velocity power, launching a swift and penetrating tail directed at an unpredictable target. This weapon encapsulates both speed and precision, combining them to deliver a formidable strike.

Unlocking Method: Available from the start.

Dynamic Velocity: The Plug Type Asacoco stands apart as a manifestation of raw swiftness, channeling its energy into a targeted tail attack. This unique feature introduces an element of surprise as the tail seeks out an adversary, striking with rapid precision that belies its innocuous appearance.


Piercing Precision: The weapon’s strength lies in its ability to pierce through defenses, making it a potent choice against both singular and clustered targets. This characteristic transforms the Plug Type Asacoco into a versatile tool, capable of dispatching adversaries with swift and calculated strikes.

The Plug Type Asacoco’s name carries an essence of energy, and rightfully so—within its compact form, it harnesses power, speed, and precision, delivering an impactful blow that echoes far beyond its initial launch.

HoloCure Weapons Tier B

Weapon: X-Potato


Description: The X-Potato redefines conventional weaponry, hurling a potato into a cascading dance across the screen before culminating in a mesmerizing explosion shaped like an X. This weapon fuses whimsy and destruction, crafting a unique and explosive experience.

Unlocking Condition: Achieve the noteworthy feat of playing as Inugami Korone, evading peril and mastering her unique skill set for a cumulative duration of 10 minutes within a single run.

Dynamic Path of Chaos: The X-Potato transcends ordinary projectiles by introducing a cascading and unpredictable trajectory. As it bounces energetically across the screen, it transforms the battlefield into a captivating tapestry of chaos. The weapon’s trajectory stands as a testament to its eccentricity and distinctiveness.


Korone’s Legacy Embraced: The X-Potato’s true potential unveils itself when wielded by a master of its art, Inugami Korone. By surviving alongside her for a cumulative 10-minute duration, players manifest their dedication to her unique attributes and skills. This unlocking condition seamlessly weaves character allegiance into the weapon’s evolution.

Explosive X-Factor: The X-Potato reaches its zenith with a culmination that mirrors its moniker—a spectacular explosion in the shape of an X. This display transforms its initial quirkiness into a spectacle of destructive power, reminding all who witness it of the latent might it harbors.

The X-Potato is a testament to the fusion of eccentricity and explosive might, transforming a simple spud into a dynamic instrument of chaos. Through its journey across the screen and its explosive culmination, it encapsulates both whimsy and devastation, making every deployment a spectacle of calculated unpredictability.


Weapon: Holo Bomb

Description: The Holo Bomb stands as a harbinger of devastation, a potent explosive that, when ignited, triggers a powerful detonation capable of inflicting damage upon all nearby targets. This weapon encapsulates the elemental force of destruction within its core.

Unlocking Method: Available from the start.


Explosive Annihilation: The Holo Bomb redefines the battlefield by introducing a tool of elemental destruction. Upon activation, this weapon transforms into an agent of chaos, engulfing the nearby vicinity in an explosive eruption. The destructive shockwave proves potent against adversaries clustered in its range.

Cascade of Firepower: The Holo Bomb’s explosive prowess proves particularly effective when confronted with groups of enemies. Its detonation encapsulates both an offensive and a strategic dimension, as it not only inflicts direct damage but also disrupts formations and disorients adversaries.

The Holo Bomb harnesses the primal forces of detonation, altering the very fabric of battle by introducing a controlled yet potent explosion. With every eruption, it serves as a testament to the fusion of elemental power and calculated strategy on the battlefield.


HoloCure Weapons Tier C

Weapon: Glowstick

Description: The Glowstick weapon epitomizes dynamic engagement, offering a unique combat experience through its captivating ability. When launched, this weapon projects a luminous glowstick towards a nearby target, only to see it return in a spiraling trajectory back to the wielder. This cyclic dance of projection and return forms the essence of the Glowstick’s mechanics.

Unlocking Method: Available from the start.


Luminous Projection: The Glowstick ventures beyond conventional armaments, introducing an engaging spectacle that merges offense and strategic mobility. With a swift throw, the glowstick takes flight, homing in on a nearby target with its radiant allure, creating a captivating visual display.

Eternal Return: The weapon’s uniqueness lies in its cyclical journey—the glowstick’s trajectory returns it to the player, spinning back in a mesmerizing spiral. This return journey enhances its tactical potential, allowing for dynamic engagements while maintaining control over the weapon’s path.

The Glowstick elevates combat beyond mere mechanics, embracing visual allure and dynamic mobility. With each throw and return, it forms a symphony of engagement, capturing attention while providing players with a unique means of control and engagement.


Weapon: Fan Beam

Description: The Fan Beam weapon materializes as an embodiment of sonic power, channeling a potent laser beam through the medium of a microphone. This weapon projects a horizontal torrent of focused energy, serving as a testament to the fusion of sound and destructive force.

Unlocking Condition: Achieve the commendable feat of vanquishing the formidable Fubuzilla boss that presides over the first stage.


Resonant Eruption: The Fan Beam transcends conventional armaments, introducing a mesmerizing spectacle of aural energy harnessed into a coherent and destructive laser beam. This beam of raw force launches horizontally, piercing through adversaries in its path with undeniable power.

Boss’s Bane: The unlocking of the Fan Beam is intertwined with a significant victory—the defeat of the imposing Fubuzilla boss. This achievement not only ushers in the weapon’s availability but also marks the player’s mastery over the battle, paving the way for the weapon’s versatile use in subsequent encounters.

The Fan Beam stands as a conduit for sonic mastery, shaping raw sound into a torrent of focused energy. With each horizontal emission, it offers both spectacle and potency, affirming its role as a dynamic tool for unleashing destruction with unparalleled precision.


Upgrading Your Weapons

To truly amplify your combat potential, upgrading your weapons is essential. You can enhance your arsenal using either an Anvil or a Holozon Box, both of which offer unique benefits for different playstyles. Carefully choose the upgrade method that aligns with your preferred approach to combat.

Unlocking HoloCure Weapons

Unlocking weapons in HoloCure involves meeting specific criteria tailored to each weapon. From mastering certain challenges to reaching milestones with your characters, the journey to unlock new weapons is both exciting and rewarding.

Starting weapons, however, come with an intriguing twist. These exclusive armaments are tied to specific characters, adding a layer of depth to the gameplay experience. As you progress and uncover the secrets of HoloCure, you’ll gain access to these unique starting weapons that can greatly influence your strategies.


HoloCure Weapons – Full list

  • BL Book (Multishot) – Unlocked by default.
  • Bounce Ball (Multishot) – In a single run, survive as a Flat character and Cutting Board for 10 minutes.
  • CEO’s Tears (Multishot) – In Stage 2, defeat the A-chan boss.
  • Cutting Board (Ranged) – In a single run, survive for 10 minutes as Ninomae Ina’nis.
  • Elite Lava Bucket (Multishot) – Unlocked by default.
  • EN’s Curse (Multishot) – Defeat stage 3 boss.
  • Fan Beam (Ranged) – In Stage 1, defeat the Fubuzilla boss.
  • Glowstick (Multishot) – Unlocked by default.
  • Holo Bomb (Multishot) – Unlocked by default.
  • Idol Song (Ranged) – In a single run, survive as IRyS for 10 minutes.
  • Plug Type Asacoco (Multishot) – Unlocked by default.
  • Psycho Axe (Ranged) – Unlocked by default.
  • Spider Cooking (Melee) – Unlocked by default.
  • Wamy Water (Melee) – Beat any stage with Sake.
  • X-Potato (Multishot) – In a single run, survive as Inugami Korone for 10 minutes.

HoloCure starting weapons

  • Aik (Multishot) – Aki Rosenthal
  • Axe Swing (Melee) – Hoshimachi Suisei
  • Baseball Pitch (Ranged) – Oozora Subaru
  • Bird Feather (Multishot) – Nanashi Mumei
  • Bright Star (Multishot) – Tokino Sora
  • Cleaning Broom (Multishot) – Minato Aqua
  • Clock Hands (Melee) – Ouro Kronii
  • Diva Song (Ranged) – AZKi
  • Dual Katana (Melee) – Nakiri Ayame
  • Ebifrion (Melee) – Natsuiro Matsuri
  • Fox Tail (Melee) – Shirakami Fubuki
  • Hi-Spec Pistol – Roboco-san
  • Kapu Kapu (Melee) – Yozora Mel
  • Love Needle (Multishot) – Yuzuki Choco
  • Murasaki Bolt (Multishot) – Murasaki Shion
  • Nature Shield (Multishot) – Ceres Fauna
  • Nephilim Blast (Multishot) – IRyS
  • Onigiri (Multishot) – Nekomata Okayu
  • Orayo! (Multishot) – Inugami Korone
  • Orbit (Melee) – Tsukumo Sana
  • Phoenix Sword (Melee) – Takanashi Kiara
  • Pistol Shot (Multishot) – Amelia Watson
  • Play Dice (Multishot) – Hakos Baelz
  • Red Heart (Multishot) – Akai Haato
  • Sakura Gohei (Melee) – Sakura Miko
  • Scythe Swing (Melee) – Calliope Mori
  • Summon Tentacle (Melee) – Ninomae Ina’nis
  • Tarot Cards (Multishot) – Ookami Mio
  • Trident Thrust (Melee) – Gawr Gura

A Holistic Summary

In conclusion, HoloCure’s weapons system is a crucial aspect of the gameplay that offers diverse strategies and challenges. From mastering Melee combat to perfecting your aim with Ranged weapons, the choices are yours to make. By understanding weapon categories, unlocking conditions, and upgrading techniques, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a formidable force in the world of HoloCure.

For more in-depth insights into HoloCure weapons and related content, be sure to explore our other informative posts that dive deeper into the intricacies of this captivating universe

Remember, mastery of HoloCure’s weapons is the key to victory. Equip yourself with knowledge, hone your skills, and step into the battlefield with confidence. Your journey to becoming a true HoloCure champion starts here.


Stay tuned for more expert insights and strategies to elevate your gameplay!

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