[Guide] HoloCure – Best Item Tier List Wiki

[Guide] HoloCure – Best Item Tier List Wiki

Unveiling the Ultimate Holocure Best Item Tier List

In the dynamic realm of Holocure, where strategy meets fantasy, success hinges on equipping your champions with the most powerful gear. As avid players ourselves, we understand the pivotal role that gear plays in determining victory. That’s why we’ve meticulously curated the definitive Holocure Best Item Tier List to aid you in your quest for dominance. Prepare to revolutionize your gameplay as we delve into the tiers, items, and strategies that will elevate you to the pinnacle of success.

HoloCure Best Item Tier List

Holocure Overall Item Tier List

Tier SSKnightly Milk, Halu, Study Glasses
Tier SLimiter, Nurse’s Horn, Chicken’s Feather, Body Pillow
Tier AJust Bandage, Super Chatto Time!, Energy Drink, Stolen Piggy Bank, Headphones, Idol Costume
Tier BCredit Card, Full Meal, Face Mask, Gorilla’s Paw
Tier CGWS Pill, Sake, Piki Piki Piman, Uber Sheep, Membership, Plushie, Injection Type Asacoco

HoloCure – Best Item Tier SS

Item Description How to Unlock
Knightly MilkIncrease attack size of weapons by 10%. Also increase Pick up Range by 30%.Unlocked Automatically.

Knightly Milk, found within the game, possesses the remarkable ability to extend both the attack range and pickup range of weaponry. This enhancement grants it a prestigious status within the game, as it profoundly influences the effectiveness of numerous weapons by expanding their area of effect. An intriguing facet is its interaction with the Size Up Stamp, wherein it is subject to alteration, resulting in an additional size-based bonus applicable to all weapons. Remarkably, this item is accessible right from the outset of the game, without the need for unlocking, providing players an advantageous edge in their early endeavors within the virtual realm. The HoloCure Wiki provides an insightful reference to this game element, offering further details on its impact and mechanics[1][3].

HaluIncrease regular fan spawns rate and increases fan strength by 5%. Gain HoloCoins for every 5 targets defeated since taking this item.Beat 5,000 enemies in a single run.

In the virtual world of HoloCure, there exists an intriguing item with a dual effect. This item has the unique ability to amplify the HoloCoin rewards awarded at the game’s conclusion. However, it comes with a trade-off – it simultaneously elevates the spawn rates and strength of adversaries, making them notably more challenging. This enhancement does not deter its utility, as players still find it valuable for HoloCoin farming. Despite the heightened difficulty posed by stronger enemies, the augmented HoloCoin gains contribute to efficient resource accumulation. This dual-edged item, showcased in the HoloCure universe, exemplifies the delicate balance between risk and reward within the game environment, adding a strategic layer to players’ choices and gameplay experiences[3].

Study GlassesIncreases EXP gain by 10%.Achieve Level 50 in a run.

Study Glasses holds the remarkable ability to amplify the rate at which a character accumulates experience points (EXP). By employing this item, the character’s progression becomes notably swifter, leading to rapid level advancement. In games where experience accumulation is pivotal for character growth, such an item is highly sought after. This augmentation of experience gain facilitates the journey to higher levels, subsequently enhancing the character’s capabilities and attributes. Multiple sources emphasize the significance of these items in games like Genshin Impact, where rapid character development can significantly impact gameplay and strategic choices, ensuring a fulfilling gaming experience.

HoloCure – Best Item Tier S

LimiterGain 100% Pick up Range.Use Tsukumo Sana and survive for 10 minutes in a run.

Limiter holds a significant function within its context – it notably amplifies the Pick up Range. As a consequence of this enhancement, its utility becomes evident, particularly during a run or gameplay. This augmentation facilitates the collection of in-game items and resources, offering a practical advantage to players. In specific gaming scenarios, where swift item acquisition is pivotal for progress, the heightened Pick up Range proves invaluable. The Pick up Range boost serves as a strategic asset that enhances gameplay efficiency and contributes to a more seamless gaming experience.

Nurse’sHorn 30% Chance to recover 2 HP when defeating an enemy. Recovers HP by 20% when attacked if HP is at 15% or less.Unlocked Automatically.

In the game, there’s an invaluable item that offers players a vital advantage in terms of survivability. This item grants the player a chance to restore health upon successfully vanquishing enemies. Additionally, it provides the player with an opportunity to recover health when subjected to enemy attacks. This combined effect significantly enhances the player’s sustainability during the course of a run. The strategic utility of this item lies in its capacity to rejuvenate the player’s health reservoir through both offensive and defensive actions. Moreover, the item is automatically unlocked for players right from the start of the game, ensuring that players can readily access its benefits without any barriers. This characteristic, coupled with its dual healing mechanism, establishes this item as a crucial asset for navigating the challenges of the game and ensuring a longer and more successful run.

Chicken’s FeatherAllows you to revive 1 time. When revived, instantly heal 50% HP and all enemies are defeated except the bosses.Use Takanashi Kiara and survive for 10 minutes in a run.

In the game, a valuable item provides players with a unique advantage. When activated, this item allows the player to revive and resume the game from where they fell, preventing the need to start over. What sets this item apart is its additional effect: upon revival, it triggers an immediate and powerful impact that eradicates all regular enemies present in the vicinity. This feature spares players from contending with these foes anew, enabling them to swiftly rejoin the action and focus on their goals. While it doesn’t affect boss enemies, the ability to eliminate standard enemies upon revival greatly streamlines the player’s experience, enhancing both the convenience and the tactical aspect of gameplay.

Body PillowGain a shield that absorbs up to 15 damage. Every 15 seconds, this shield refreshes. Also reduces damage taken by 5%.Unlocked Automatically.

In the game, players have access to a valuable item that offers significant benefits for survivability. When activated, this item deploys a protective shield that effectively absorbs incoming damage. Additionally, it grants a mild reduction in the overall damage taken by the player. This shield not only increases the player’s resilience, providing more sustainability during a run, but also interacts synergistically with other damage reduction effects in the game. One noteworthy feature is that the damage reduction from this shield can stack with similar effects, further enhancing the player’s defensive capabilities. As a significant advantage available from the outset, this item is automatically unlocked and easily accessible from the beginning of the game, contributing to a more balanced and enjoyable gameplay experience.


HoloCure – Best Item Tier A

Just BandageIncreases Max HP by 10. After being hit, recovers 10% HP every 3 seconds until 80% of the damage taken is recovered. (Minimum of 1 HP recovery)Lose the game after surviving for 10 minutes.

Just Bandage offers a significant advantage in terms of survival and longevity during gameplay. By equipping this item, the player’s maximum health is increased by 10. In addition, when the player is hit, a recovery mechanism is triggered. Over a period of 3 seconds after being hit, the player’s health regenerates by 10% of their maximum health. This regeneration continues until 80% of the damage taken is restored. However, even if the damage taken is minimal, there is a safeguard in place to ensure that at least 1 HP is recovered. This mechanic provides a valuable means of sustaining the player’s health during encounters, enhancing their ability to withstand challenges and stay in the game.

Super Chatto Time!HoloCoins dropped by enemies are increased by 20%. All HoloCoins are picked up automatically.Acquire 5,000 Holo Coins in the inventory.

This item in the game provides a 20% increase in the amount of HoloCoins dropped by enemies. Additionally, it offers the convenience of automatically picking up all HoloCoins. This enhancement contributes to the player’s efficiency in collecting in-game currency and rewards. The increased HoloCoin drop rate improves the player’s resource accumulation, while the automatic collection saves time and effort. This combination of benefits makes the gameplay experience smoother and more rewarding.

Energy DrinkIncreases attack speed by 10% and SPD by 30%, but reduces Max HP by 20% as well.Use Calliope Mori and survive for 10 minutes in a run.

This effect grants a 10% increase in attack speed and a 30% boost to SPD (Speed), which likely refers to movement speed or overall agility. However, it comes at the cost of a 20% reduction in the character’s maximum HP. The trade-off is clear: greater attack speed and movement capability in exchange for decreased maximum health. Players must weigh the benefits of improved combat and mobility against the drawback of reduced durability. This effect is commonly found in games that prioritize tactical decision-making, requiring players to balance offense and defense according to their playstyle and strategy.

Stolen Piggy BankGain 1 coin for every 100 px traveled and increases SPD by 20%. However, it reduces Pick Up Range by 30%.Beat Golden YAGOO.

The effect provided by Stolen Piggy Bank in the game allows the player’s character to earn 1 coin for every 100 pixels traveled. Additionally, it grants a 20% increase in SPD (Speed), enhancing the character’s movement speed. However, a trade-off exists as it reduces the Pick Up Range by 30%. This means that items or collectibles will need to be closer to the character for them to be automatically picked up. This combination of benefits and drawbacks encourages strategic decision-making, as the player must weigh the advantages of earning coins and increased speed against the challenge of collecting items from a shorter range.

Headphones15% chance to nullify enemy attacks and unleashes a shockwave that knocks back all targets.Unlocked Automatically.

This effect grants a 15% chance to nullify enemy attacks, offering a chance to completely negate incoming damage. Additionally, it triggers a shockwave that forcefully pushes back and disrupts all targets within its range. This mechanic can be found in various games, providing both defensive benefits by avoiding damage and offensive potential by creating distance between the player and enemies. The combination of nullification and knockback attributes can enhance survivability and tactical positioning, adding an extra layer of strategy to gameplay.

Idol CostumeReduces Special move cooldown by 20%.Perform a Special Attack.

This effect decreases the cooldown duration of a character’s Special move by 20%. As a result, the Special move can be used more frequently, allowing for increased usage of its powerful abilities. Cooldown reduction is a common mechanic in various games, providing players with the opportunity to execute their Special moves more often, leading to enhanced gameplay strategies and tactical choices. This attribute is valuable in both offensive and defensive scenarios, contributing to the versatility and effectiveness of characters or units in different gaming contexts.


HoloCure – Best Item Tier B

Credit CardCost of enhancing is reduced by 20% and anvils appear 20% more often.Pick up an Anvil.

This effect signifies that the expense associated with enhancing is lowered by 20%. Additionally, anvils, which likely represent a game mechanic or resource, become 20% more frequent. Such enhancements in gameplay mechanics often aim to offer players greater affordability in improving their in-game items or characters, while the increased availability of anvils could facilitate more frequent use of enhancement mechanics. These attributes can contribute to a more balanced and engaging gaming experience by reducing barriers to progression and encouraging players to interact more actively with the enhancement systems within the game.

Full MealAll healing is doubled.Unlocked Automatically.

In the context of a game or role-playing scenario, it means that any form of healing, whether it’s from abilities, spells, items, or other sources, will have double the restorative effect. This enhancement can significantly improve the survivability of characters or entities that possess this ability, making them more resilient in combat or challenging situations.

Face MaskMultiply all damage dealt by 1.3 times and increases attack speed by 10%. Damage taken is increased by 30%.Unlocked Automatically.

This phrase describes a game mechanic or ability that affects combat attributes. In the context of gaming, it means that all damage dealt by the character or entity with this ability is increased by 30%. Additionally, the attack speed is boosted by 10%, making attacks occur more frequently. However, there’s a trade-off, as the entity will also take 30% more damage from incoming attacks. This combination of effects can alter the dynamics of gameplay, potentially leading to faster combat but with increased vulnerability to enemy attacks. This mechanic is commonly found in various games and is used to balance gameplay and create strategic decision-making for players.

Gorilla’s PawsAttack damage is increased by 1.2x, but lose 20% critical chance.Beat Smol Ame.

Gorilla’s Paws describes a game mechanic or ability in which the character’s attack damage is boosted by a factor of 1.2 (20% increase). However, as a trade-off, the character’s critical chance is reduced by 20%. This means that attacks will deal more damage on average, but there will be fewer critical hits, which often deal even higher damage. Game developers use such mechanics to create strategic choices for players, forcing them to decide between consistent damage output and the potential for higher bursts of damage through critical hits. Balancing these factors contributes to the overall gameplay experience and strategy.

HoloCure – Best Item Tier C

GWS PillWhile Special meter is still charging, increases crit by 15%.Lose the game with Halu equipped.

GWS Pill refers to a game mechanic or ability in which, while a character’s Special meter is in the process of charging, their critical hit chance is increased by 15%. This means that during the charging phase of the Special meter, the character’s attacks have a higher chance of dealing critical hits, which usually result in increased damage. This mechanic adds an element of strategy and timing to the gameplay, as players may want to time their attacks to coincide with the charging of their Special meter to maximize the benefit of the increased critical hit chance. It’s a way to enhance the depth of gameplay and encourage players to make tactical decisions during combat.

SakeGain 1% crit buff every second up to 10%. If taking damage by a target, lose half the buff. If eating food, +5% crit for 10 seconds.Unlocked Automatically.

Sake involves gaining a crit buff over time. When active, the player’s critical hit chance increases by 1% every second, up to a maximum of 10%. However, if the player takes damage from a target, half of the accumulated buff is lost. Additionally, consuming food grants a temporary boost of +5% crit chance for 10 seconds. This mechanic rewards players for maintaining their crit buff by avoiding damage and encourages strategic use of food items. It introduces an element of risk and reward, as taking damage carries the penalty of losing part of the crit buff while consuming food offers a short-term advantage for critical hits. Overall, this system adds complexity and strategy to the gameplay, requiring players to balance offensive opportunities with defensive choices.

Piki Piki PimanIncreases 15 Max HP. After receiving damage, increase the special gauge by 2%. There is a 0.2 chance cooldown.Unlocked Automatically.

Piki Piki Piman grants a permanent increase of 15 maximum hit points (HP) to the character. Moreover, whenever the character receives damage, their special gauge increases by 2%. However, there is a cooldown of 0.2 chance associated with this effect. This mechanic offers players enhanced survivability by raising their maximum HP and promoting the accumulation of the special gauge through combat engagement. The cooldown adds a strategic element, ensuring that the effect is not constantly triggered, thus requiring players to make tactical decisions about when to engage and how to manage the cooldown. Overall, this item serves to improve both defensive and offensive capabilities, encouraging a balance between staying resilient and effectively using special abilities.

Uber SheepEvery 10 seconds, food will drop from above. Also increases food drop chance from defeated targets by 10%.Unlocked Automatically.

Uber Sheep, this mechanic introduces a regular occurrence where food drops from above every 10 seconds, providing players with an opportunity to replenish their character’s health or other vital resources. Additionally, this effect enhances the chance of food dropping from defeated targets by 10%, offering players a higher likelihood of obtaining nourishment after battles. This gameplay feature adds an element of strategy and resource management, encouraging players to plan their engagements and movements to optimize the benefits of food drops. The combination of regular interval drops and increased drop chances from enemies provides a dynamic and engaging gameplay loop that players can strategically leverage to enhance their character’s performance and survivability.

MembershipConsume 3 HoloCoins per second. If HoloCoins is more than 0, increase damage by 30% and take 10% less damage.Beat Stage Mode using Super Chatto Time!

Membership involves the consumption of 3 HoloCoins per second. If the player’s HoloCoins count is greater than 0, their damage output is increased by 30%, enhancing their offensive capabilities. Furthermore, they benefit from a defensive advantage by taking 10% less damage from incoming attacks. This dynamic trade-off incentivizes players to manage their HoloCoins effectively, balancing offensive potential with damage mitigation. This strategic mechanic adds an extra layer of decision-making to the gameplay, requiring players to assess the situation and decide when to utilize the damage boost and damage reduction benefits provided by their HoloCoin count. As a result, players must strike a balance between offense and defense to optimize their performance in battles.

PlushieDelay damage taken. When you get hit by an enemy, take only 30% of the damage initially, then take the remaining damage gradually.Use Hakos Baelz and survive for 10 minutes in a run.

Plushie involves a delayed damage system. When the player character is hit by an enemy, they initially take only 30% of the damage from the attack. The remaining 70% of the damage is then inflicted gradually, introducing a unique dynamic to combat scenarios. This mechanism provides a buffer against sudden high damage spikes, allowing players to strategically respond to the incoming threat. By implementing a delay in the application of damage, the game offers players an opportunity to adjust their tactics and make decisions based on the gradual nature of the damage intake. This feature enhances gameplay depth by encouraging players to factor in the delayed damage while planning their actions and responses during battles.

Injection Type AsacocoLoses 5% HP every second (until 1 hp remains), but gain 40% ATK.Clear Stage mode using Breathe-In Type Asacoco or Plug Type Asacoco

Injection Type Asacoco involves a trade-off between health and damage output. The character experiences a continuous loss of 5% HP per second, eventually reaching 1 HP. However, in exchange for this health loss, they gain a significant increase of 40% to their Attack (ATK) stat. This mechanic introduces a strategic decision for players: whether to take advantage of the boosted ATK for offensive benefits or manage the HP loss to ensure survival. It provides a dynamic gameplay element where players must weigh the potential damage output against their survivability and make strategic choices based on the situation at hand. This feature adds depth to the gameplay by forcing players to consider risk and reward when utilizing this ability.

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