HoloCure Character Tier List: Unveiling the Ultimate Power Rankings

HoloCure Character Tier List: Unveiling the Ultimate Power Rankings

In the realm of HoloCure, where battles are waged with weapons, skills, and special attacks, the pursuit of excellence is paramount. We understand the nuances that contribute to character viability and overall gameplay strategy. Our comprehensive HoloCure Character Tier List delves into the intricacies of each character’s attributes, offering insights to assist you in making informed decisions that resonate with your gameplay style.

This webpage presents the compilation of the top-tier character rankings for Version 0.5 of HoloCure. Included are character names, their respective skills, initial weapons, and comprehensive details. Additionally, the page provides an in-depth analysis of each character’s exceptional abilities, along with an evaluation of their in-game performance.

Overall Holocure Character Tier List 

Tier SS IRyS, Yuzuki Choco, Nanashi Mumei
Tier SNakiri Ayame, Sakura Miko, Ceres Fauna, Tsukumo Sana, Takanashi Kiara
Tier AAki Rosenthal, Hoshimachi Suisei, Calliope Mori, Ninomae Ina’nis, Oozara Subaru, Roboco-san, Murasaki Shion, Akai Haato, Tokino Sora, Gawr Gura, Minato Aqua, Hakos Baelz
Tier BOuro Kronii, Yozora Mel, Amelia Watson, Shirakami Fubuki, Inugami Korone, Natsuiro Matsuri
Tier CNekomata Okayu, Ookami Mio, AZki

HoloCure Character Tier SS

CharacterSpecial SkillNormal Skills
IRySHope is descendingHalf AngelHalf DemonHope

With the advent of Version 0.5, her initial weapon underwent modifications, eliminating its previous limitation of firing exclusively in the horizontal direction. This enhancement significantly enhances the usability of her Nephilim Blast ability. Should you possess an abundance of defensive and HP recovery gear, you can engage adversaries even amidst frequent hits, enabling you to maintain proximity to enemies. In Version 0.5, this particular character streamlines the process of acquiring HoloCoins, exhibiting excellent synergy with the Greed Stamp and Super Chatto Time.

Commencing her journey with the Nephilim Blast (Multishot), this character’s arsenal ensures a dynamic start.

CharacterSpecial SkillNormal Skills
Yuzuki ChocoS. Dynamite BodyNurseChocotto CookingDemon Whisper

Undoubtedly the standout among the new characters introduced in Version 0.5, she boasts captivating skill sets coupled with impressive base stats. Notably, her distinctive skill, S. Dynamite Body, possesses the ability to sway enemies to her side, compelling them to battle alongside her while concurrently diminishing their Attack (ATK) and Defense (DEF). This strategic maneuver renders these adversaries notably more susceptible to defeat.

Among her skill repertoire, Nurse stands out as a paramount asset, given its potential to transform all healing actions into critical heals against foes.

Commencing her journey armed with the Love Needle (Multishot), her initial weapon choice ensures a dynamic and versatile start.

CharacterSpecial Skill Normal Skills
Nanashi MumeiTrue HorrorFriendCivilizationHistory

Version 0.5 witnessed a significant enhancement to her special skill, True Horror, wherein Mumei now bestows momentary invincibility upon activation of the jump scare. Undoubtedly, True Horror stands as one of the game’s most potent skills, resulting in the complete vanquishing of an entire wave of enemies.

Notably advantageous to Mumei, her friend skill dramatically extends the scope of experience (EXP) collection range while also delivering a strike to a randomly selected target.

Commencing her journey equipped with the Bird Feather (Multishot), her initial weapon selection ensures a dynamic and versatile outset.

HoloCure Character Tier S

CharacterSpecial SkillNormal Skills
Nakiri AyameSpirit of the OniNakiriumLady of OniAyame Defense Field

Yet another standout addition among the newly unveiled characters in Version 0.5, she commences her journey equipped with an effortlessly wielded starting weapon, complemented by a notably elevated base stat profile.

Her character boasts an impressive blend of agile movement and swift traversal, harmoniously aligning with the attributes of her initial weapon. This synergy permits her to effectively assail adversaries at a rapid pace, capitalizing on her mobility and high movement speed.

An inherent strength lies within her unique skill, the Ayame Defense Field, a highly valuable asset. This exceptional ability bestows a cloak of invincibility upon her whenever she sustains damage, enhancing her survivability.

Embarking on her adventure with the Dual Katana (Melee), her chosen starting weapon not only resonates with her combat style but also establishes an exhilarating and authentic beginning.

CharacterSpecial SkillNormal Skills
Sakura MikoDemon Lord’s DomainEliteBaby Language?Eroge Hero

Regarded as a character tailored for newcomers, she stands out due to her well-rounded skill set and the inherent potency of her initial weapon, which boasts an expansive area of effect for inflicting substantial damage bursts.

Furthermore, her Elite Skill exhibits formidable might, particularly when combined with specific armaments such as the Elite Lava Bucket, alongside the assortment of collaborative weapons including Elite Cooking, MiComet, and MiKorone.

Commencing her journey with the Sakura Gohei (Melee), her chosen starting weapon aptly encapsulates her combat prowess and sets the stage for an engaging initiation.

CharacterSpecial SkillNormal Skills
Ceres FaunaMother NatureSaplingGuardian TreeWhisperer

Version 0.5 brought about a notable enhancement to her Sapling skill, with the speed bonus receiving a substantial increase to 30%/50%/70%.

Her special skill, Mother Nature, proves to be an exceptional tool for crowd control, simultaneously granting healing to Fauna while affording her a valuable 10-second invincibility buff.

The synergy of her Whisperer and Sapling abilities ensures a consistent stream of health regeneration, effectively minimizing the impact of damage sustained, barring exceedingly unfavorable scenarios.

Kicking off her journey with the Nature Shield (Multishot), the chosen starting weapon seamlessly aligns with her character’s affinity for nature, providing a robust foundation for her endeavors.

CharacterSpecial SkillNormal Skills
Tsukumo SanaBecome BeegGravityAstrologySpeaker Of Space

Recognized for her approachability to novice players, she boasts a skill set that strikes a balance, coupled with a starting weapon that inflicts substantial damage and effectively propels enemies backward, inducing knockbacks.

Her special attack not only dispatches foes with a forceful blow but also envelops Sana in an invincible aura, offering a tactical escape from precarious circumstances.

The efficacy of her abilities is such that evasion becomes almost unnecessary due to their robustness, although occasional movement remains crucial for collecting experience points.

Commencing her journey with the Orbit (Melee), her chosen starting weapon underscores her combat style and sets the stage for an engaging and empowered beginning.

CharacterSpecial SkillNormal Skills
Takanashi KiaraPhoenix FirePhoenix ShieldTrailblazerDancer

During the initial stages of gameplay, she stands out as the prime choice, particularly because the HoloEN Council characters are available for free play. Sporting an adept collection of starter skills, she seamlessly accommodates first-time players, rendering her gameplay experience effortless. Even in Version 0.5, she continues to maintain her status as one of the most formidable character options.

Her Dancer skill’s buff effects accentuate the importance of perpetual movement. Notably, she lacks mechanisms for HP recovery, and her special attack bears an element of unpredictability.

Embarking on her journey armed with the Phoenix Sword (Melee), her selected starting weapon epitomizes her combat approach and paves the way for an impactful initiation.

HoloCure Character Tier A

CharacterSpecial SkillNormal Skills
Aki RosenthalShallysBelly DancingMukiroseAroma Therapy

Emerging as a standout among the fresh characters introduced in Version 0.5, she garners acclaim for her captivating skill repertoire and notably elevated base statistics.

Her agility is showcased by her commendable movement speed, effectively enhancing her combat finesse. Of particular note is her special skill, Shallys, which adeptly balances offense and defense by dealing damage while simultaneously replenishing Aki’s health.

Setting forth on her journey armed with the Aik (Multishot), her chosen starting weapon aptly encapsulates her prowess and establishes an engaging outset.

CharacterSpecial SkillNormal Skills
Hoshimachi SuiseiSummon BlocksSuicopathStellarBlocks Master

Version 0.5 saw a notable enhancement to her starting weapon, Axe Swing, as it gained an expanded size upon reaching level 6.

She stands as a character centered around inflicting critical attack damage, boasting the highest firepower among her peers.

Her skill, Stellar, takes on an interesting dimension, with its duration being reset whenever Suisei achieves another critical hit.

CharacterSpecial SkillNormal Skills
Calliope MoriThe ReaperThe RapperDeathWork-a-holic

Setting forth equipped with the Axe Swing (Melee), her chosen starting weapon perfectly complements her combat strategy, paving the way for a compelling journey.

With the advent of Version 0.5, her initial weapon, Scythe Swing, has been fortified with a close-range hitbox. Additionally, the effectiveness of her Reaper skill has undergone enhancements.

It’s important to note that her starting weapon demands meticulous positioning and won’t strike if the enemy is in extremely close proximity.

Her skills collectively present a potent arsenal, notably including the Work-a-holic skill that augments attack power and movement speed, along with Reaper that facilitates HP recovery.

Setting forth equipped with the Scythe Swing (Melee), her chosen starting weapon mandates precision in its usage, shaping an intricate and rewarding combat experience.

CharacterSpecial SkillNormal Skills
Ninomae Ina’nisTako SpinThe Ancient OneThe VoidThe Forbidden Wah

Her special attack, Tako Spin, serves as a valuable asset in situations where you find yourself surrounded or seek to secure an item, effectively pushing enemies away.

The Void skill presents an advantageous dynamic by slowing down the movement speed of all nearby adversaries, thus facilitating smoother navigation between or around them.

Commencing her journey equipped with the Summon Tentacle (Melee), her chosen starting weapon aptly complements her combat approach and sets the stage for an engaging commencement.

CharacterSpecial SkillNormal Skills
Oozara SubaruDuck ShoutDuck WhisperSunny OptimismOozora Police

Emerged as a prominent addition among the newly introduced characters in Version 0.5, she has garnered acclaim for her engaging skill sets and notably elevated base statistics.

Embarking on her journey armed with the Baseball Pitch (Ranged), her chosen starting weapon resonates with her combat style and promises an intriguing outset.

CharacterSpecial SkillNormal Skills
Roboco-sanHi-Spec ModeHi-LevelBattery ChargedRobo-Discharge

She shares both her starting weapon and certain skill traits with Amelia Watson. However, her gameplay might entail a slightly steeper learning curve due to the occasional requirement for evasive maneuvers.

Commencing her journey equipped with the Hi-Spec Pistol (Multishot), her selected starting weapon forms a distinctive foundation that aligns with her combat style and sets the stage for an intriguing adventure.

CharacterSpecial SkillNormal Skills
Murasaki ShionKusogaKickCheeky BratBlack MagicMagic Garlic

Yet another exceptional addition unveiled in Version 0.5, she quickly rises to the ranks of the best characters.

Her special attack stands as a formidable force, delivering substantial damage to adversaries while simultaneously enveloping Shion in an invincibility shield. This strategic advantage proves invaluable for extricating herself from critical situations unscathed.

Embarking on her journey armed with the Murasaki Bolt (Multishot), her chosen starting weapon mirrors her combat disposition and promises a thrilling initiation. As players explore her capabilities, they’ll uncover her potential to be a true force to reckon with in the ever-evolving realm of HoloCure.

Character Special SkillNormal Skills
Akai HaatoChange of HeartCoexistencePurity And InsanityWorldwide Strongest Idol

Yet another standout addition introduced in Version 0.5, she swiftly cements her status among the best characters available.

Her Special Attack, Change of Heart, boasts an impressively short cooldown of just 10 seconds. This versatile ability grants the option to either knock back enemies or inflict a substantial 300% damage.

Beginning her journey equipped with the Red Heart (Multishot), her chosen starting weapon seamlessly aligns with her combat approach, paving the way for an enthralling and impactful commencement. As players delve into her capabilities, her potential to dominate the evolving landscape of HoloCure becomes evident.

CharacterSpecial SkillNormal Skills
Tokino SoraIdol DreamAnkimoIdol HealingYou’re The Enemy, Then

Version 0.5 introduced a refinement to her special attack, Idol Dream, with its healing effect now featuring a 50% chance of activation.

Her starting weapon, Bright Star, offers a compelling blend of strength and user-friendliness.

Setting forth on her journey equipped with the Bright Star (Multishot), her selected starting weapon harmoniously aligns with her combat approach, ensuring a powerful and accessible outset. As players engage with her toolkit, her potential to shine within the realm of HoloCure becomes increasingly evident.

CharacterSpecial SkillNormal Skills
Gawr GuraShark CallShort HeightPower of AtlantisShark Bite

She excels across the board, boasting remarkable firepower, enduring capabilities, and impressive mobility.

Her survivability is a highlight, owing to the Shark Bite skill that facilitates HP recovery. Additionally, her Short Height skill adds to her resilience, offering a chance to attain invincibility and heightened movement speed upon being attacked.

Commencing her journey equipped with the Trident Thrust (Melee), her chosen starting weapon aptly complements her combat prowess and establishes a strong foundation for her endeavors. As players delve into her attributes, her potential for success within the realm of HoloCure becomes even more apparent.

CharacterSpecial SkillNormal Skills
Minato AquaNEKOKlutzSololiveCleaning Maid

Her special attack, NEKO, proves highly effective for crowd control, enabling Aqua to efficiently manage groups of enemies while maintaining freedom of movement.

Embarking on her journey with the Cleaning Broom (Melee), her chosen starting weapon seamlessly aligns with her combat style, offering both practicality and versatility. As players delve into her capabilities, they’ll uncover her potential to wield an impactful influence within the dynamic realm of HoloCure.

CharacterSpecial SkillNormal Skills
Hakos BaelzAbsolute ChaosDown UnderCRATical HitRatNG

A character specializing in critical attacks and boasting the highest firepower.

Her special attack significantly reduces the waiting time required to launch weapons, remaining active for a duration of up to 5 seconds. This empowers Baelz with a formidable firepower capable of swiftly vanquishing even formidable bosses.

Setting forth on her journey equipped with the Play Dice (Multishot), her chosen starting weapon perfectly aligns with her combat approach and sets the stage for an exhilarating and impactful commencement. As players explore her capabilities, they’ll realize her potential to decisively shape the dynamic landscape of HoloCure.

HoloCure Character Tier B

CharacterSpecial SkillNormal Skills
Ouro KroniiRulers of TimeKroniicopterTime BubblePerfection
CharacterSpecial SkillNormal Skills
Yozora MelBanpireAcerola JuiceGenius VampireMel Mel Cooking
CharacterSpecial SkillNormal Skills
Amelia WatsonSlow TimeFPS MasteryDetective EyeBubba
CharacterSpecial SkillNormal Skills
Shirakami FubukiFubuki StormFriendzoneFox KingKon Kon
CharacterSpecial SkillNormal Skills
Inugami KoroneEnding Making Time!Choco CoronetKorone BrainwashingEndurance
CharacterSpecial SkillNormal Skills
Natsuiro MatsuriWASSHOI!GODCheerleaderSeiso Representative

HoloCure Character Tier C

Character Special Skill Normal Skills
Nekomata OkayuMogu MoguFeastYummySensitive Voice
CharacterSpecial SkillNormal Skills
Ookami MioHatotaurusHatotaurusCheerful LaughMama
CharacterSpecial SkillNormal Skills
AZkiFull ConcertVirtual DivaEncore!Performance

While our tier list serves as a compass, guiding you toward characters with exceptional attributes, we recognize that individual playstyle and strategy are vital components of success. HoloCure is a dynamic battleground where creativity and adaptability are rewarded. Assemble your team with intention, considering character synergies, your preferred combat approach, and the ever-evolving metagame. Utilize the insights from our tier list as a foundation, crafting a strategy that aligns with your vision of victory.

In your pursuit of triumph within the HoloCure universe, let this tier list be your guiding light. Harness the potential of each character to forge a path that resonates with your aspirations. Remember, within the complexity of HoloCure lies a realm of possibilities waiting to be explored. Step into the fray with determination, equipped with the knowledge and insight to ascend to greatness.

Disclaimer: Character preferences and gameplay experiences may vary. The tier list provides a general overview and should be interpreted as a tool, not an absolute directive.

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