[Updated] HoloCure – Best Collab Weapon Tier List Unleash Ultimate Firepower

[Updated] HoloCure – Best Collab Weapon Tier List Unleash Ultimate Firepower

Welcome to our comprehensive HoloCure’s Collab Guide to conquering the captivating world of “HoloCure.” This unique shmup roguelite game offers players an exhilarating experience battling brainwashed fans, armed with an array of diverse weapons. In this guide, we will delve deep into the intricacies of the game’s Collab mechanics – a key strategy to elevate your firepower and dominate the challenges that lie ahead.

Within this page lies a compilation of the preeminent Collab Weapon Tier List, spanning from Version 0.5 to the latest iteration, Version 0.6 (Steam), for the immersive world of HoloCure. This comprehensive list encompasses tier rankings, collab weapon nomenclature, intricate collab intricacies, fundamental prerequisites for collaboration, as well as discerning assessments of the individual effects and in-game performance.

As players delve into the dynamic realm of HoloCure, this resource serves as a valuable guide, offering insights into the collaborative weaponry landscape. The evolving iterations of the game are meticulously cataloged, elucidating the tier standings attributed to each collab weapon. Names and nuances come alive as collab details are laid bare, revealing the intricacies of these partnerships between distinct elements within the game.


In addition to the collab weapon specifics, the foundational armaments requisite for each collaboration are outlined, shedding light on the strategic steps required to harness the collaborative potential. These elemental combinations are the heart of the game, lending both diversity and depth to the gameplay experience.

Collab Weapon Tier List

Tier SSDragon Fire, BL Fujoshi, Frozen Sea
Tier SMiKorone, Eldritch Horror,  Rap Dog, Bone Bros., MiComet
Tier A Elite Cooking, Broken Dreams, Stream Of Tears, Lightning Wiener, Ring Of Fitness
Tier B Flattening Board, Legendary Sausage, Absolute Wall, Idol Concert, Snow Flower Sake
Tier CCurse Ball, I’m Die, Thank You Forever, Breathe-In Type Asacoco, Light Beam

HoloCure – Best Collab Weapon Tier SS

Dragon FireThe power of a once LEGENDARY Dragon. The OG.
DetailsThis collab weapon stands out as the pinnacle choice, possessing remarkable efficacy in obliterating foes due to its exceptional rate of fire. A collaborative masterpiece that enables players to direct their aim in any orientation, resulting in an uninterrupted torrent of flames directed at adversaries. This attribute facilitates the swift elimination of incoming enemies, preempting their advance towards the protagonist. Furthermore, its effectiveness extends to unique bosses, affording a strategic edge in these encounters. Equipping this potent armament onto a primary DPS character confers a substantial advantage, culminating in expedited enemy vanquishment.
BL FujoshiEndless BL, how shameless!
DetailsAn exceptional collaborative weapon that inflicts unceasing damage within the character’s vicinity, manifested through the perpetual rotation of both the Book and Axe encircling the character. This configuration serves a dual purpose – not only creating a defensive perimeter of weapons around the character, but also meting out damage whenever an adversary ventures close. Furthermore, its efficacy is further heightened by the influence of the Knightly Milk item, widely regarded as the paramount asset to possess in Version 0.5.
Frozen SeaEndless waves of ice that slows targets.
DetailsA collaborative weapon tailored for characters centered around attack and critical damage attributes, its utility extends to the augmentation of character statuses and enhancements. This versatile collab weapon is attuned to characters aiming for heightened offensive prowess. Its unique capabilities encompass the capacity to decelerate adversaries, coupled with the capacity to unleash a rapid barrage of ice shards upon a randomized target, dealing consequential damage.

HoloCure – Best Collab Weapon Tier S

MiKoroneBurning hot potatoes fall, and targets hit by it leave lava pools as they move.
DetailsCrafted from the foundational Elite Lava Bucket basic weapon, this collab weapon emerges as a valuable asset particularly well-suited for scenarios characterized by dense crowds.
Eldritch HorrorSummons unknown horrors.
May life-steal up to 5% HP from targets defeated in the whirlpool.
DetailsWithin Version 0.6, a notable enhancement has been implemented, augmenting the damage output from 200% to an impressive 280%.
Rap DogDrop some HOT BEATS where targets hit take 20% more damage.
DetailsVersion 0.6 introduces a notable adjustment, whereby the damage output has been scaled down from 120% to a revised value of 100%. This collaborative weapon amalgamates the explosive potential of the bouncing X-Potato with the projectile capabilities of the Idol Song, culminating in a unique and synergistic combat tool.
Bone Bros.Don’t bite the hand that feeds you if it’s holding a knife.
DetailsThis collab weapon comprises a dual configuration, encompassing both a frontal slash attack and a rearward bullet assault. A slash attack is unleashed at a cadence of 5 frames, while a bullet attack follows suit every 3 frames. This strategic amalgamation renders it an invaluable addition to primary DPS characters. However, it’s noteworthy that in the most recent Version 0.6 update, the weapon’s damage has undergone reduction.
MiCometReal business partners.
DetailsThis collab weapon covers a huge area and it is great for crowd control as the lava pools deals a huge damage onto enemies stepping into the meteor.A huge boss can easily be defeated once they step into a meteor for a long period of time, and it can also clear a huge wave of enemies approaching the character.In the latest Version 0.6 update, this weapon’s damage was decreased.

HoloCure – Best Collab Weapon Tier A

WeaponDescriptionBasic Weapon Needed
Elite CookingMay have severe unknown side effects if consumed.Elite Lava BucketSpider Cooking
Crescent BardicheA large halberd that deals high critical damage and summons falling stars.Idol SongPsycho Axe
Broken DreamsThe dream is dead and there is no hope.
Bubble Shield also slows targets.
Spider CookingCEO’s Tears
Stream Of TearsNothing can stop the stream of tears.Fan BeamCEO’s Tears
Lightning Wiener Shoots Lightning charged weiners that home into targets, and summons lightning to strike down when hit.SausagePlug Type Asacoco
Ring Of FitnessContinuously throw a ring of fitness balls. Hope nobody walks in.Bounce BallCEO’s Tears

HoloCure – Best Collab Weapon Tier B

WeaponDescriptionBasic Weapon Needed
Flattening BoardFeel the anger of cutting boards…!?.Cutting BoardHolo Bomb
Legendary SausageA continuously spinning sausage. Spins faster as you move.SausageBL Book
Absolute WallSummon forth the Great Wall of Hololive.Cutting BoardBounce Ball
Idol ConcertThrow glowstick in all directions that explode into song!Idol SongGlowstick
Snow Flower SakeThrow a bottle that shatters into Snowflake.
Has a 30% chance to cause Frozen.
Wamy WaterGlowstick

HoloCure – Best Collab Weapon Tier C

WeaponDescriptionBasic Weapon Needed
Curse BallPlay ball! The more you play, the longer it stays.Bounce BallEN’s Curse
I’m Die, Thank You ForeverThrow a Bomb that attaches to a target.
When target is defeated, the bomb explodes.
X-PotatoHolo Bomb
Breathe-In Type AsacocoLimited time only for 5000 yen!!!Plug Type AsacocoHolo Bomb
Light BeamThrow glowsticks that explode into targeted beams!GlowstickFan Beam

HoloCure Tier Lists and Rankings

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Unveiling the Power of Collabs

Collabs, short for collaborations, are the heart and soul of mastering HoloCure’s combat dynamics. These engaging mechanics allow players to fuse compatible weapons, resulting in a synergistic blend of firepower that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Imagine the thrill of combining the mightiest weapons to create a devastating force against your foes.

The Dance of Collab

Picture this scenario: two max-ranked weapons, poised for a dance of destruction. To initiate a Collab, defeat regular enemies until a shimmering golden anvil materializes, granting you access to the Collab menu. Here, the magic happens. The Collab menu allows you to combine two max-ranked weapons, merging their strengths and attributes.


Synergy Beyond Imagination

The brilliance of Collabs lies in the synergy between weapons. Merged weapons inherit traits from their origins, creating a formidable force that excels in group enemy elimination. Strategically selecting weapons with complementary traits can turn the tide of battle in your favor, allowing you to face challenges head-on with confidence.

Unlocking New Horizons

As you delve deeper into the world of HoloCure, the power of Collabs opens up new opportunities. Successfully obtaining Collabs expands your weapon slots, providing room for more pickups. This not only diversifies your combat strategy but also ensures that you’re well-prepared for any scenario the game throws at you.

Unveiling Weapon Combinations

Let’s take a glimpse at some intriguing weapon combinations that have emerged as popular choices among players:

  • BL Fujoshi: A fusion of elegance and power, perfect for crowd control.
  • Breathe-In Type Asacoco: Harnessing the energy of the virtual world for devastating attacks.
  • Dragon Fire: Unleash fiery fury upon your enemies, leaving them in ashes.
  • Elite Cooking: Cook up a storm of destruction with this unique culinary weapon.
  • Flattening Board: Flatten foes and obstacles alike with this unconventional choice.
  • Frozen Sea: Freeze time itself, giving you a tactical advantage against your adversaries.
  • Idol Concert: Harness the power of music and rhythm to defeat your enemies.
  • Light Beam: Unleash a concentrated beam of light, obliterating anything in its path.
  • MiComet: Control celestial bodies and rain devastation upon your foes.
  • Rap Dog: Combine rhythm and canine ferocity for a unique combat experience.
  • Stream Of Tears: Master the art of emotion to manipulate and overwhelm your enemies.
  • Broken Dreams: Harness the shattered remnants of dreams to fuel your assaults.

A Glimpse into the Future

Our guide is currently up to HoloCure Version 0.5, but rest assured, we’re committed to updating our information as the game evolves. Stay tuned for more insights, strategies, and Collab combinations that will keep you ahead of the curve.

Remember, mastering Collabs in HoloCure is a journey of strategy, experimentation, and exhilarating battles. With our HoloCure’s Collab Guide as your companion, you’re poised to rise as a true Collab champion in the world of “HoloCure.” So, gear up, fuse those weapons, and let the Collab fireworks begin!

HoloCure's Collab Guide
Credit https://www.reddit.com/r/holocure/comments/111dyuk/collab_weapon_and_item_guide_for_05/

With our HoloCure’s Collab Guide and your determination, victory is just a Collab away. Let’s dive into the world of HoloCure and rewrite the course of battle history!


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