HoloCure – Stage 2: Holo Office Guide & Walkthrough

HoloCure – Stage 2: Holo Office Guide & Walkthrough

HoloCure Stage 2: Holo Office Walkthrough and Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to our in-depth guide for HoloCure Stage 2: Holo Office! In this guide, we’ll delve into the strategies, tactics, and tips you need to conquer this challenging stage and emerge victorious. From battling manipulated fans of an evil organization to facing unique bosses with specific timings, we’ve got you covered. Let’s jump right in and ensure your success in this exciting VTuber game.

Overview of Stage 2: Holo Office

HoloCure (Version 0.5) unveiled the captivating Stage 2, the Holo Office, in their VTuber game. Released on June 24, 2022, exclusively for PC via Microsoft Windows, this stage introduces players to an intense gameplay experience. The ongoing development of the game ensures a dynamic and evolving environment, keeping players engaged and intrigued.

Battling Manipulated Fans and Restoring Sanity

The core of Stage 2 involves battling manipulated fans who are under the influence of an evil organization. VTubers are on a mission to restore their sanity and thwart the organization’s sinister plans. Regular enemies predominantly include Holomen fans, each presenting unique challenges. As you progress, the bosses become more formidable, requiring adaptive strategies and quick thinking.


Mobs (Regular Enemies) of Stage 2: Holo Office

Enemy Appearance Time and Countermeasures

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the appearance times and recommended countermeasures for various enemies in HoloCure Stage 2: Holo Office.

  1. Sukonbu: Approaches from the very beginning. Clear obstacles to ensure a smooth encounter.
  2. Kurosukonbu: Appears at the bottom after 6 minutes.
  3. Fubu-chun: Appears around 6 minutes. Watch out for its speed and occasional attacks.
  4. Mio-fa: Appears in the first 30 seconds. Aim accurately before firepower upgrades to avoid being surrounded.
  5. Listener-san: Appears after 1 minute and 30 seconds.
  6. Angry Listener-san: Replaces Listener-san after 8 minutes.
  7. Onigiryaa: Appears after 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
  8. Fried Onigiryaa: Takes place of Onigiryaa after 7 minutes.
  9. 35P: Emerges after 8 minutes and 30 seconds.
  10. Kintoki: Joins a fan rush after 17 minutes. Prepare funds and tactics for the upcoming Atomic SSRB boss.
  11. Soratomo: Appears after 11 minutes. Exploit its weak defense.
  12. Nun-nun: Appears alongside Kintoki and Pioneer after 17 minutes.
  13. Pioneer: Arrives after 12 minutes. Watch for platoons passing from left and right, along with consecutive vertical drops every 45 seconds.
  14. Mikodanye: Running away for 10 minutes leads to a near-Game Over.
  15. Raving Pioneer: Appears in rushes after 17 minutes.
  16. Hoshiyomi: Appears after 13 minutes. Be quick due to restricted vertical movement.
  17. Robosa: Appears after 15 minutes. Beware of the dangerous Robosa formation from the right at 15 minutes and 30 seconds.
  18. HoloStaff: Arrives as a single rush around 19 to 20 minutes. Deal with their strength and numbers.
  19. SSRB: Set appearance time. Choose between defeating or escaping its airdrop pattern attack.
  20. SSRB Commando: Appears in formation after 6 minutes 45 seconds and 10 minutes 30 seconds. Airdrop pattern after around 17 minutes 30 seconds.
  21. Riot Mio-Fa: Appears in a time-lapse event. Beware of high-endurance formation at 7 minutes and 30 seconds, dodge or escape.
  22. Riot Mio-Fa (Large): Approaches slowly from the left. Move right and wait or eliminate them.
  23. Riot 35P: Appears in various patterns. Likely to have enough firepower, and dodge by moving up or down.

24. Mikodanye:

  • Fires Dragon Fire and Elite Lava Bucket at medium range in regular intervals.
  • Distinguish Elite Lava Bucket by its darker color compared to obtained weapons.
  • Fire from Mikodanye has poor tracking, making it effective to attack while moving around her in an area with few obstacles.
  • Avoid challenging the Elite Bucket attack to prevent death.

25. Atomic SSRB:

  • Known as a DPS check, appears after 18 minutes with a 30-second countdown.
  • A red sign appears on the screen when the countdown is below 10 seconds.
  • Explosion causes massive unavoidable fire damage.
  • Survive by using items that enhance durability, like Body Pillow.
  • Holozon Box drops even after self-destruction.

26. A-chan:

  • Generates shock waves with an oversized warning sign.
  • Flies around in danmaku style.
  • Attack pattern: move → fire red bullets → move → rapidly shoot blue bullets → move (repeat).
  • Concentrate firepower during A-chan’s red bullet cooldown.

Key Bosses, Strategies, Guide For Stage 2 Holo Office Clear

  1. Sukonbu, Kurosukonbu, Fubu-Chun, Mio-fa, Listener-san, and Others: Each of these key enemies operates on specific timings and demands strategic countermeasures. Learning these timings is crucial for effectively countering their attacks and gaining the upper hand.
  2. Kintoki’s Fan Rushes: Kintoki leads fan rushes that can catch players off guard. Swift responses and crowd control tactics are essential to handle these rushes efficiently.
  3. Soratomo’s Weak Defense: Soratomo’s vulnerability lies in her weak defense. Exploit this weakness to neutralize her quickly and minimize damage to your VTubers.
  4. Pioneer’s Perilous Appearance: Pioneer’s arrival triggers dangerous platoon maneuvers. Crafting strategies to mitigate these maneuvers is essential to prevent your VTubers from being overwhelmed.
  5. Hoshiyomi, Robosa, and HoloStaff: Swift decision-making is necessary when facing Hoshiyomi and Robosa. Prepare for HoloStaff’s strong rushes and adjust your tactics accordingly.
  6. SSRB and SSRB Commando: The introduction of SSRB and SSRB Commando brings timed attacks that demand precise execution. Mastering these timed attacks will significantly enhance your chances of success.
  7. Riot Mio-Fa and Riot Mio-Fa (Large): Navigating Riot Mio-Fa’s threats and challenges requires careful planning. Approach Riot Mio-Fa (Large) with caution, as its demands are even more intricate.
  8. Riot 35P’s Varied Patterns: Riot 35P arrives with diverse attack patterns. Adapting your strategies on the fly is essential to overcome this boss’s unpredictable moves.
  9. Mikodanye: Master of Dragon Fire and Elite Lava Buckets: Mikodanye, a unique boss, utilizes devastating Dragon Fire and Elite Lava Bucket attacks. Strategic positioning and cautious maneuvering are vital to survive this intense encounter.
  10. Atomic SSRB’s Countdown: The Atomic SSRB poses a DPS check and arrives after 18 minutes with a 30-second countdown. Prepare for its explosion, which inflicts unavoidable fire damage and leaves a Holozon Box in its wake. Utilize survival items such as the Body Pillow to endure this challenge.

Strategies for Success

  1. A-chan’s Danmaku Style: A-chan generates shockwaves in a danmaku style, featuring a distinct attack pattern. Timing your shots and focusing fire during her red bullet cooldown maximizes your damage output.
  2. Comprehensive Strategy Guides and Tips: Beyond the bosses, our guide encompasses a wealth of strategy guides and tips for HoloCure. From beginner guides to tier lists, rankings, weapon damage values, coin farming, collab weapon insights, stages, characters, enemies, gameplay modes, and more, we provide you with a comprehensive resource to enhance your gameplay experience.


Navigating HoloCure Stage 2: Holo Office requires a blend of strategic thinking, adaptability, and precise execution. By mastering the specific timings and tactics for each boss, and by utilizing the comprehensive strategy guides and tips we’ve provided, you’ll position yourself for success. Prepare to immerse yourself in the dynamic world of HoloCure, where your strategic prowess will shine.

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