Marian Queen of Pain Best Build | Team & Wiki Snowbreak Containment Zone

Marian Queen of Pain Best Build | Team & Wiki Snowbreak Containment Zone

In this in-depth evaluation of the character Marian, Queen of Pain, within the Snowbreak Containment Zone, we uncover more authentic information about her persona and role in the game.

Marian Queen of Pain Best Build

Marian, Queen of Pain – The Deadly Sniper

Marian’s reputation as a deadly threat to evil forces within the Snowbreak Containment Zone precedes her. With remarkable skill and precision as a sniper, she poses a formidable challenge to any adversaries who dare to cross her path. Her prowess with the sniper makes her a force to be reckoned with in the intense battles that unfold within the game.

A Skilled Sniper in the Battle Arena

Marian’s proficiency with the sniper rifle is unmatched, allowing her to inflict injuries upon her opponents from a distance with deadly accuracy. Her sharpshooting abilities make her a valuable asset in team battles, providing strategic support and cover for her allies. Players who ally themselves with Marian can rest assured that they have an expert marksman by their side.


Her Background and Family

Despite her fearsome reputation on the battlefield, Marian hails from a good family background. The reasons behind her choice to embark on a path filled with danger and combat remain a mystery. Her family’s influence may have played a role in shaping her character, though the extent of their involvement in her journey is yet to be revealed.

Her Appearance – A Striking Persona

Marian’s physical appearance is captivating, adding to her allure within the game. She sports short brown hair that complements her dynamic and adventurous nature. Her eyes, framed by fascinating eyelashes, reflect both determination and mystery, leaving players intrigued by the depths of her character.

The Iconic Black and White Outfit

Marian’s outfit is predominantly a combination of black and white colors, creating a striking contrast that accentuates her enigmatic aura. The monochromatic choice represents a blend of light and darkness, mirroring the complexities of her personality. This distinctive attire sets her apart from other characters, making her instantly recognizable to players and fans alike.


Her Unique Footwear – Symbolic and Practical

Marian’s choice of black footwear perfectly complements her costume and overall personality. Beyond its fashionable appeal, her footwear also serves practical purposes during intense battles, providing her with stability and agility as she maneuvers through the battlefield. Symbolically, it may represent her grounded nature and unwavering resolve to face the challenges that lie ahead.

A Warm Smile Amidst the Chaos

Despite her fearsome reputation and deadly skills, Marian is often seen with a warm and enigmatic smile. This enigmatic aspect of her personality only adds to her allure and intrigue, leaving players wondering about the emotions and thoughts concealed behind her captivating gaze.

To acquire Marian, Queen of Pain, within the Snowbreak Containment Zone game, follow the detailed equipping process outlined below:

  1. Progress Through the Game: As the game has not been published yet, obtaining Marian will require progressing through the game’s various stages and completing achievements.
  2. Unlock Achievements: Work towards unlocking specific achievements within the game, as some achievements may reward players with character unlocks, including Marian.
  3. Advance in Stages: Progress through the different stages of the Snowbreak Containment Zone, as character unlocks are often tied to reaching certain milestones in the game.

Once you have successfully acquired Marian, Queen of Pain, you can explore her unique set of skills and passive abilities:

Marian’s Skills and Passive Abilities

Smokescreen (Standard Skill | Enhance)

Marian enters a Stealth state, increasing her Movement SPD by 50%. During this state, she deploys behind a Dark Crow Phantom to taunt nearby enemies for 8 seconds. The Dark Crow Phantom will detonate upon expiration, dealing Chaos DMG to all targets in the blast area.

[Passive] Focus State (Scoping)


While scoping, Marian enters a Focus state, boosting the Ballistic DMG she inflicts.

Cooldown: 30 seconds S-Energy Consume: 40

Gae Bulg (Support Skill | Damage)

Marian launches a powerful shot, dealing Chaos DMG to the target. If the target is not shielded, the final DMG dealt is increased by 50%.


Cooldown: 15 seconds S-Energy Consume: 20

All’s Fair… (Ultimate Skill | Damage)

Hold Marian’s Ultimate Skill to snipe and lock onto the target’s weak spot. After a brief delay, she deals a huge amount of Chaos DMG to the locked target’s weak spot. The skill can deal critical damage or hit the weak spot.

All’s Fair DMG: 180% of Marian’s ATK + 81 Cooldown: 5 seconds U-Energy Consume: 40


Marian’s Manifestation

Marian’s Manifestation consists of several passive abilities that enhance her combat prowess:

  1. Horrible Shock: When Marian is in Stealth state, her next shot is enhanced, increasing the final DMG dealt by 100%.
  2. Cry out of the Dark: Under Scoped mode, Marian gains an extra 1 Focus state every 1 second, with a maximum of 9 extra stacks.
  3. Satellite Aim: While under Stealth state, Marian gains 1 stack of Focus every 0.5 seconds.
  4. Horrible Shock (Enhanced Smokescreen): Increases Smokescreen skill level by 1.
  5. Eye of the Storm: Increases Chaos DMG dealt to the target by 15% when Marian is within 15 meters of the Dark Crow Phantom.


In conclusion, obtaining Marian, Queen of Pain, in the Snowbreak Containment Zone involves progressing through the game, unlocking achievements, and advancing in stages. Once acquired, players can utilize her deadly skills and passive abilities to their advantage during intense battles within the game. The combination of her sniper expertise and unique set of abilities makes her a formidable and captivating character in the immersive world of the Snowbreak Containment Zone.

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The Marian build in Snowbreak Containment Zone indeed holds a prominent position as the top choice for the support class on the Snowbreak Containment Zone tier list. Its exceptional defensive capabilities and crowd control make it an invaluable asset in any team composition, and we are delighted to offer detailed insights into its strengths and strategies.

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