How to Unlock Nimbus, Murasame, and Vigilant Exosuits in Exoprimal

How to Unlock Nimbus, Murasame, and Vigilant Exosuits in Exoprimal

Exoprimal is an adrenaline-pumping third-person shooter fighting game that throws players into the midst of relentless dinosaur battles while facing off against other skilled opponents. To emerge victorious in this gripping warfare, players must strategically equip themselves with a diverse array of Exosuits, comprising tanks, support units, and Assault DPS suits. While the game offers a plethora of starting options, players can also unlock three additional, exclusive Exosuits that are initially unavailable. Unravel the secrets of acquiring these powerful Exoprimal Exosuits through two distinct methods: purchasing them with real money or levelling up a character and earning BikCoins.

How to Unlock the Nimbus Exosuit in Exoprimal

How to Unlock the Nimbus Exosuit in Exoprimal

Nimbus: The Support Suit Awaiting Your Mastery

Nimbus, a remarkable support suit in Exoprimal, holds the potential to enhance your gameplay significantly. As you embark on your journey to acquire this coveted Exosuit variation, two distinct paths await you. Whether you prefer to unlock Nimbus for free or opt for the convenience of actual money transactions, the power of this suit will undoubtedly be a valuable addition to your arsenal.

1. Free Unlock: The Journey to Nimbus

To attain Nimbus without spending any real money, players must first achieve player level 20. This accomplishment showcases your dedication and prowess in the game, paving the way to unlock this valuable suit. Once you’ve reached this milestone, you can obtain Nimbus by purchasing it with 5,000 BikCoin, the in-game currency utilized for upgrades, item purchases, and more. Engage in thrilling battles, complete missions, and earn BikCoin to make Nimbus your own without opening your wallet.

2. Real Money Purchase: Convenience at Your Fingertips

For players seeking immediate access to Nimbus, the option to unlock it through a microtransaction in Exoprimal’s store awaits. With just a simple click on the button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, players will be taken to the store menu. The enticing Head Start Kit will be presented there, encompassing Nimbus, along with Murasame and Vigilant unlock tickets, each accompanied by a unique skin. By choosing this method, players can swiftly enhance their gameplay experience with Nimbus and its accompanying perks.

3. Microtransactions: The Fine Print

It’s essential to be aware that this skin and accompanying suits are purchasable through microtransactions, which involve real money spending. At the time of writing, this DLC package ranges from $10 to $20 USD, depending on the player’s location. However, players who have Exoprimal through Xbox Game Pass can avail themselves of a slight discount on the DLC, making it an even more enticing prospect.

Nimbus, the exceptional support suit in Exoprimal, holds the key to bolstering your combat prowess. Whether you opt to embark on the journey to unlock it for free, showcasing your dedication and skills, or decide to invest in its immediate acquisition through microtransactions, the power it bestows is undeniable. Strategize, engage in battles and earn the coveted in-game currency, BikCoin, to claim Nimbus as your own. Alternatively, for those seeking convenience, the real money purchase option provides quick access to this formidable Exosuit. With Nimbus by your side, you’ll be better equipped to face the challenges that await in Exoprimal’s adrenaline-fueled world. So, take charge of your destiny and seize the opportunity to master Nimbus today!

How to Unlock the Murasame Exosuit in Exoprimal

How to Unlock the Murasame Exosuit in Exoprimal

Murasame: The Swift and Deadly Katana Assault Exosuit

Prepare to unleash the power of the katana-wielding Murasame, an Assault melee Exosuit that will strike fear into the hearts of your opponents. Embrace the path of the warrior and attain this formidable suit, either through dedicated progression or by opting for exclusive purchase options.

1. Free Unlock: Reaching Player Level 30

To wield the lethal Murasame without spending real money, players must prove their mettle and achieve player level 30. This commendable feat serves as a testament to your commitment and skill in Exoprimal. Upon reaching this milestone, players can unlock Murasame by exchanging 5,000 BikCoins, the in-game currency earned through victorious battles and challenges. Rise to the occasion and conquer the battlefield to claim this remarkable Assault melee Exosuit.

2. Deluxe Edition or Head Start DLC: Instant Access

For those seeking instant gratification, Murasame is readily available through exclusive purchase options. Players who have purchased the deluxe edition of the game gain immediate access to this deadly katana-wielding Exosuit. Additionally, the Head Start DLC, available in the Exoprimal store, provides swift access to Murasame, along with a bonus skin for this fierce suit. Embrace the allure of the deluxe edition or seize the opportunity with the Head Start DLC to dominate the battlefield with Murasame at your side.

3. Microtransactions: Enhancing Your Gameplay

It’s important to note that the availability of Murasame through the deluxe edition and Head Start DLC involves microtransactions, requiring real money expenditure. However, the advantage of immediate access to this powerful Exosuit adds a new dimension to your gameplay, allowing you to experience its deadly efficiency right away.

Murasame, the swift and deadly katana-wielding Assault Exosuit, holds the potential to be a game-changer on the battlefield. Prove your worth by advancing to player level 30, and unlock this exceptional suit for free, a testament to your dedication and combat prowess. Alternatively, seize the opportunity provided by the deluxe edition or the Head Start DLC, instantly arming yourself with Murasame’s lethal capabilities. Engage in thrilling battles, earn BikCoins, or indulge in microtransactions to make Murasame your own. Embrace the power of the katana and embark on a journey of domination in Exoprimal’s intense and action-packed world.

How to Unlock the Vigilant Exosuit in Exoprimal

How to Unlock the Vigilant Exosuit in Exoprimal

Vigilant: The Ultimate Heavy Tank Exosuit Awaits

Prepare for the pinnacle of power with Vigilant, the ultimate Exoprimal Exosuit, purpose-built for unwavering defence and relentless destruction. As you tread the path to attain this formidable heavy tank suit, both patience and swift action hold the key to wielding its might.

1. Unlock at Player Level 40: A Test of Tenacity

Vigilant stands as the final Exosuit that players can currently unlock in Exoprimal. To gain access to its awe-inspiring abilities, players must strive to reach player level 40. Embark on an epic journey through exhilarating in-game battles, honing your skills and proving your dedication. Expect the journey to be challenging, as it takes approximately 20 hours of intense gameplay to ascend to this coveted level.

2. Unlock for BikCoin: Accelerating the Process

For those who wish to expedite the acquisition of Vigilant, reaching player level 40 is not the only path to this Exosuit’s might. Once you’ve achieved the requisite level, you can unlock Vigilant by exchanging BikCoin, the in-game currency earned through your victories and endeavours. Empower yourself with the choice to claim Vigilant as your own without waiting for player level 40 to be attained.

3. Head Start DLC: Swift Access

For players who cannot contain their eagerness, the Head Start DLC offers an enticing proposition. This DLC grants instant access to three powerful Exosuits, including Vigilant, along with an additional skin for each suit. Embrace the convenience and dive headfirst into the action with the Head Start DLC, ensuring you are well-equipped for every battle that awaits.

Vigilant, the ultimate heavy tank Exosuit, stands as the pinnacle of power and defence in Exoprimal. Rise to the challenge and ascend to player level 40 through twenty hours of gripping in-game battles, earning the right to wield this formidable suit. Alternatively, harness the power of BikCoin to unlock Vigilant once you’ve attained the required level. For those seeking instant gratification, the Head Start DLC offers an expedited path to victory, along with two other mighty Exosuits. Embrace your destiny as a true warrior, and seize the power of Vigilant to defend and dominate the battlefield in Exoprimal’s action-packed world.

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