Dream About Losing Hair Spiritual & Biblical Meaning

Dream About Losing Hair Spiritual & Biblical Meaning

Ever had a dream about losing hair or going bald? Meanwhile, it’s a common dream yet a nightmare. You are definitely not alone, there are many different reasons for the same that soon you’ll know. The dream interpretation of losing hair depends on the thoughts and circumstances. I had this dream of losing hair when I was pregnant with my 6 months girl and the reason is insecurity because hair is a visible sign of not feeling confident enough; at least for me.

Most of us would say that they don’t mean anything, however, for others the meaning is crucial. When we sleep our brain is still working and sorting everything that happens around for a longer time. Dreams are a bridge between subconscious and conscious mind state. The things we say in dreams could be a part of our past or whatever is going to happen soon.

Like, if you are worried about your physical appearance especially hair, then emotions and anxieties can be the culprit for dreams about losing hair. Having the context and detailing for your dreams can really help to analyze the correct reason behind it.


Dreaming of Hair Loss

You are concerned about aging or attractive

Hair has always mystical meanings, just for information, French rulers considers hair as magical powers. Dreams about hair loss have hidden meanings that soon you’ll know. These dreams can be related to emotional trauma or insecurities about physical appearance. Or, maybe your body or mind is trying to convey some message about the upcoming events in life.

The most common reason for dreaming of hair loss is you are not feeling confident about yourself and it results in anxiety. Losing hair is one of the most visible signs of aging. See, aging is a natural process and it’s completely fine if it goes with age. Apparently, if you are young in age and having major hair fall then obviously it will terrify you.


Wrinkles and fine lines can be hidden with makeup or could be delayed with procedures but hair fall cannot be. Losing or thinning hair is a sign of aging and cannot be hidden easily. Either man or woman, this dream horrifies everyone. If you are entering a new phase of life like being pregnant or getting married then hair problems are pretty much common. Getting older in any form and age can cause dreams about losing hair.

If you dream about hair and want to know the meaning, you need to have every minute detailing about the dream and take into consideration. On one hand, the dream of long hair could be a sign of sexual satisfaction. Whereas, dreaming about short hair resembles physical and spiritual strength. White hair means knowledge as it comes with aging.

Loss in Sexual Satisfaction


The dream about losing hair may also mean sensuality and seduction as they are usually linked to beauty. It represents your present situation. The fear that you are becoming less attractive is a common dream. Losing hair means you are afraid to lose your sexual potency or positive traits of personality. Healthy hair is a sign of health and beauty but personally I don’t think these things actually exist. Every creature is beautiful in their own manner.

If you gained weight or have an illness or have gone through difficult times it’s quite possible that you don’t find yourself attractive enough. It could be because of any reason. But, the dream about losing hair is an indication to be stronger mentally as well as physically. Take care of yourself and the things you are consuming.

Poor health


Hair loss can be because of poor nutritional health and it’s advised to consult a doctor. Shiny and healthy hair is a symbol of good health. You may have some nutritional deficiency that you don’t know yet and dreams are indicating them.

Dream of hair loss means your body is not in good condition and hormonal imbalance is troubling. 

Remember, you are what you eat. So, eat protein-rich foods and surround yourself with positivity. Take this dream as a warning about the damage you are doing to your body and soul.


Low Self Esteem

There was a time when I was haunted by continuous dreams about losing hair and the reason is I was overthinking about a project that I could not get for some reason. If you are also battling low self-esteem issues, take some time and meditate or talk to someone you admire. Whatever we see in the dreams about hair is a reflection of what we think other people see us.

Maybe, you are concerned about any kind of loss, either personally or professionally. Point your attention to the loss and solve it as soon as possible. Be strong enough to tackle your issues.


Dreaming about being bald means positive personal transformation. You still need to show the world what you are and what good deeds you could be. Being bald is beautiful and could be a start of a new chapter in life.

What does it mean to lose your hair in your dream?

This dream symbolizes a sense of restriction. If you are dreaming of losing hair, your ideas are not getting completed and seriously you don’t need to hide the thoughts going on in your mind.

You may feel helplessness and loss of control over your life and decisions. Do you feel worried about some situation in life? If yes, then this could be the reason for this toxic dream of hair loss. The situation would roam around your job or relationship. It’s time to stop the stress in life so you don’t have to actually pull your hair. Keep toxicity and negativity away from you.


Maybe, your ideas never got completed and this result in feeling trapped. Abandoned ideas and concepts are meant to be done. Fear of rejection and failure is a part of human nature. Hair symbolizes creativity too. If you feel like your creativity is lost then start taking your thoughts seriously.

Another reason for your dream about losing hair could be you are trying to get the toxic people off your back and this is fantastic though. Sometimes, hair falling out means poisonous materials. Someone is trying to trigger you unnecessarily stress and by getting rid of them will give you a happy life.

Final Words


Dreams about losing hair is a sign of being out of control and feeling helpless. Every other person on this planet at least once may have this nightmare. These dreams can be totally related to your waking life and subconscious mind. They reveal many things like the lack of confidence in a person and the way he/she loves themselves. 

Hair loss is a fact that is really hard to accept by most of us because it’s visible and triggers our self-esteem. Healthy hair builds up confidence in a person and falling off does exactly the opposite. Dreaming of hair loss means you began losing confidence. It could also be fear of accepting your age. Losing hair during a dream could also be a sign of anxiousness. You should release the stress and pressure that you are living under.

Dream of hair falling out by pulling them means you are under extreme stress and experiencing some major issues in life. And, dreaming of someone losing hair might mean you are leading a boring life and you should improve it. If you dream of hair falling out in clumps, it could be an indication of self-transformation.


If you dream about changes in hair, it reflects some major changes are coming in your way. Either good or bad. Therefore, be ready to face these drastic changes.Remember that dream about losing hair has different meanings apparently. Hope you got your answer for your dream. Whatever coming your way, be ready to embrace it.

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